Monday, May 4, 2015

497 Not cat, but grimalkin! बिल्ली नहीं मार्जाल ! పిల్లి కాదు మార్జాలం !

In Telugu language, we have a maxim: "pilli kAdu mArjAlam!". Its approximate English gist is "Not cat, but grimalkin or pussy!" .

तॆलुगु भाषा में एक कहावत है कि: पिल्लि कादु मार्जालम। इस कहावत की मतलब यह है: बिल्ली नहीं., मार्जाल।

తెలుగు భాషలో ఒక లోకోక్తి ఉంది: పిల్లి కాదు మార్జాలం !

This proverb is used when persons persist with the same thing, in spite of criticisms, demors, and objections. They simply remove the word which faced a hurdle, replace it with another word which means the same thing, just to show that , they are making changes. But no change is made in reality. In the above proverb pilli and mArjAlam mean the same thing. Billi and mArjAl mean the same thing in Hindi. Cat and grimalkin mean the same things with minor variations.

Recently, the Congress of the Communist Party of India Marxist (CPIM or CPM) held its jamboree Congress in Visakhapatnam. They replaced their Party's General Secretary Mr. Prakash Karat with Mr. Seetharam Yechury. They tried to create an impression that they are going to rebuild the party afresh, changing everything.

But indications are, that nothing drastic will really take place.

Let us take for example: In Bihar, CPM may allow its State Unit to make seat adjustments with Laloo-Nitish Combine, along with Bihar's Congress Party. In West Bengal, since Ms. Mamata Banerjee has become formidable (दुर्जय), CPIM may allow its Bengal State Unit to have electoral seat adjustments with Congress.

CPIM top bosses should understand that playing second fiddle to Congress and Regional Parties, in the name or electoral alliances or seat adjustments, has ruined the Party, because by doing so, CPM will be indirectly asking its supporters to vote for the bourgeoisie parties. Even after elections, CPIM will have to, and will continue its soft pedalling with the bourgeoisie parties.

In Telugu language, there is another proverb: Aru nelalu sahavAsam cEstE, aTu vALLiTu, iTu vALLaTu avutAru. Approximate English gist: When two persons make friendship for six months, both the parties exchange their characters and characteristics, and barter their personalities. That means a left party like CPM will become a bourgeoisie party, and bourgeoisie parties like Lalu-Nitish combine, Congress will behave like Leftist Parties.

తెలుగులో ఒక సామెత ఉంది. ఆరు నెలలు సహవాసం చేస్తే అటు వాళ్ళిటు, ఇటు వాళ్ళటు అవుతారని. అంటే వామపక్షం అయిన సీపీఎమ్ బూర్జువా పార్టీగానూ, బూర్జువా పార్టీలైన లాలూ నితీన్ మసాలా, మమతా బెనర్జీ గారి తృణమూలం, వామపక్ష లక్షణాలు సంతరించుకుంటాయన్న మాట. ఇంకా ఉంది. To revise. सशेष.

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