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1032 Can our Hon. Prime Minister help in promotion of Mushroom Exports from Himachal Pradesh? Or will he promote their imports from Taiwan?

Now, that the Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 Fever is complete,and Election Results are likely to pour out at any moment, now that Exit Polls are already out with almost all the Psephological Surveys predicting an Outright Victory for BJP, though it may not be as landslide as 150 seats targeted by Shri Amit Shah, BJP's President, it is hightime for the country to be back on rails of solving its Day-to-day problems. First, I apologise to my Readers for my failure to write here regularly owing to my personal health, and personal family compulsions. We shall start with a Sanskrit Verse of Bhartruhari, approx. 8th Century CE Sanskrit Poet of Great Wisdom, and its Telugu Translation by Yenugu Lakshmana Kavi, approx. 17th Century CE.

Gujarat Assembly Election Results 2017:
My personal prediction based on, what I have seen on TV Screens

I am not a psephologist. Nor, have I gone to Gujarat, to study the People's pulse personally. Hence I am subject to errors. Now, my prediction: "Unless EVMs are tampered with in critical/some/many/all (Tampering is not compulsory for every Constituency. It can be done depending on needs), there should be a 55%:45% result in favor of BJP, or Vice Versa, i.e. 45%:55%. But, as has happened to the contrary in the Uttar Pradesh Elections, almost all the results may go in favor of BJP."

kvacit pruthvI SayyAh
kvacid api ca paryamka Sayanaha
kvacic chAkAhaarah
kvacid api ca SAlyOdana rucihi
kvacit kanthAdhArii
kvacid api ca divyAmbaradharO
manasvI kAryArthI na gaNayati
duhkham na ca sukham.

English Gist: An accomplisher of tasks enjoys comforts and endures hardships while making his efforts. He does not care, consider or count the happiness or the hurdles in the process. The poet gives some examples:
1. He sleeps on luxurious beds. Sleeps on floor.
2. Devors sweet and delicious savories. Survives on vegetables.
3. Wears superior garments. Wears rags.

Equivalent Telugu Verse by YEnugu lakshmaNa kavi

ఒకచో నేలను బవ్వళించు, నొకచో నొప్పారు పూసెజ్జ పై,
నొకచో శాకము లారగించు, నొకచో నుత్కృష్టశాల్యోదనం,
బొకచోఁ బొంత ధరించు, నొక్కొక్కతరిన్ యోగ్యాంబర శ్రేణి, లె
క్కకు రానీయఁడు కార్య సాధకుఁడు దుఖ్ఖంబున్ సుఖంబున్ మదిన్!.

The same Telugu verse in Roman Script:
okacO nElanu pavvaLincu, okacO oppAru pUsejja pai,
okacO SAkamul Aragimcu, okacO utkrishTa SAlyOdanam
bokacO bonta dharincu, okkokka tarin yOgyAmbara SrENi, le-
kkaku rAnIyaDu, kArya sAdhakuDu duhkhambun sukhambun madin.

When need arises, a person sleeps on floor. At a time a person will sleep on a floral bed. Once a person may survive on vegetables. At another time a person may enjoy delicious recipes. At a point of time a person may wear rags. At some other time, a person may wear lines of Great Dresses. Accomplishers of tasks will not care in their minds, about hardships and comforts. from: bhartrihari subhashitams yenugu lakshmana kavi

The Great Accomplisher of Tasks, our Hon. Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modiji; hence we can comfortably apply this verse to our beloved Prime Minister, notwithstanding what Mr. AlpEsh Thakore, the recently joined Congress Leader of Gujarat says.

What did Mr. Alpesh Thakore say?

Link kind courtesy: Click here to go to Indian Express and study the News Report
"...Modi ji eats mushrooms from Taiwan. One mushroom costs Rs 80,000 and he eats 5 mushrooms a day. He was dark like me but he became fair because of these imported mushrooms ..."

"...The poor cannot afford the food that Modi eats. ..."

"...You cannot have what PM Modi eats because it is not a food for the poor. A source told me Modi ji has been eating it (imported mushrooms) since he was the CM of Gujarat. I have seen his earlier photos. He was dark like me, but now he has grown fairer ..."

"...If a PM consumed food worth Rs 4,00,000 a day, then his cadres must be spending a lot more. ..."

"...If a PM eats food worth Rs 4,00,000 in a day, can you imagine how much his party workers might be spending? ..."

Question: Mr. Alpesh Thakore may be mudslinging on Mr. Narendra Modi. Mr. Narendra Modi rose to top from being a Tea-seller, and it will be outrageous to say that he will squander People's Money.

I too had this doubt. I felt that Mr. Alpesh Thakore may be speaking out of Electoral compulsions. But, in 2016, it appears that Mr. Narendra Modi himself seems to have said that he is an aficionado of Mushrooms, of course of the Himachal Pradesh grown (Nationalist) Mushrooms.

Readers will please see this link: Click here to go to, and study this news.. Quotes from this 2016 News Report of

"... But very few people know that PM Modi eats mushrooms, found in Himachal, on a daily basis to keep himself active and lively. Interestingly, they cost nearly Rs 30,000 per kg. ..."

"... ...Modi himself had revealed this and he is eating these mushrooms since he was BJP national secretary for party activities in Himachal Pradesh. He had revealed this to reporters during an unofficial conversation after becoming Gujarat Chief Minister.

"... The secret of my good health is mushrooms of Himachal Pradesh. They have various health benefits,” he had reportedly said. ..."

Question: Mr. Narendra Modi may be helping the farmers of Himachal Pradesh by consuming Himachal mushrooms, paying Rs. 30,000/- per kg. He is a great Nationalist and Patriot. Why should he eat Taiwan imported mushrooms paying Rs. 80,000/-, and deprive the Himachal farmers their Rs. 30,000/-?

Ans: We do not know who manages the personal kitchen of Shri Narendra Modi, or the Official kitchen of the Prime Minister of India. We also do not know whether he has any personal kitchen or not. In case of PM's Official kitchen, the Officials in the PMO's Food Department might have found that Himachal mushrooms were of poor quality, and that they are to be replaced by Taiwan mushrooms, particularly because, banquets may be given by PM to very high level foreign guests. This substitution of Himachal mushrooms with the Taiwan mushrooms, might not have gone to the Notice of our Hon. Prime Minister. Mr. Alpesh Thakore may be trying to produce Mountains out of Molehills for Gujarat Election purposes.

Question: In the above 2016, linked to and quoted by you, Mr. Narendra Modi is reported to have said: "... ...Modi himself had revealed this and he is eating these mushrooms since he was BJP national secretary for party activities in Himachal Pradesh. He had revealed this to reporters during an unofficial conversation after becoming Gujarat Chief Minister. ..."

Ans: Pl. see the following paragraph from an Article by Shri Jay Dubashi, a Retired Senior General Secretary of BJP, who worked with Hon. Narendra Modi, when he was at that time functioning as BJP National Secretary:--

Link to read this detailed article from the Memory-lane of Shri Jay Dubashi: Click here to go to, and read the Article full length.

"... We used to drink lots of tea and coffee-- mostly tea and whenever we had guests or any visitors we would ask Modi to ask the canteen to send us the stuff. Although we drank gallons of tea and coffee every day, I don't recall Modi touching the stuff, for he was a very disciplined young man. He presented himself very well, in well-pressed clothes, (which apparently he washed himself), to a neat haircut, which left me wondering how he managed all that on his small allowance.

During lunch time, we would often go to nearby canteens for snacks-for that was all we could afford-and Modi often accompanied us. He was always tight-lipped about everything, and there was very little we could get out of him, though we knew he had just returned from Gujarat, there were also rumours that he had spent some time in the Himalayas.

After so many years, my memory about these things is slowly fading, but I distinctly remember Modi coming into my room one day and asking me what was the GDP of India. That stumped me, for I had no idea that he was interested in such things. I asked him why he wanted to know. 'Just like that,' he said shyly, 'I am curious.'

I explained to him-he was thirty years my junior, more like a son-I taught him how GDP was calculated and what it meant. Then I shared with him the figure, and also the GDP of US for comparison. I told him that if we divided the figure by our population, it would tell us how poor we were as a country. I was sitting in my chair, and Modi was standing before me, with a piece of paper in his hand. He smiled, got up and walked away, as if stunned by what I had told him. ..."

ybrao-a-donkey's personal view, which is not intended to be imposed on others

From the above Memory line of Shri Jay Dubashi, it may be observed that they at that time working in Delhi Office of BJP, as Secretaries, could not afford to have things other than snacks. That means, Hon. Narendra Modi might have, as Secretary in-charge of Himachal Pradesh, might have enjoyed and relished eating of Himachal Mushrooms, when he was on a visit to Himachal, on Party work. Or also, whenever he visited Himachal to supervise Party work, the local Himachal Leaders might have presented him some packets of mushrooms, which might have contributed to his health. Anyway, we have a Healthy Prime Minister of 56" Chest.

Besides, Mr. Dubashi observed in the above quote that Mr. Modi "...He presented himself very well, in well-pressed clothes, (which apparently he washed himself), to a neat haircut, which left me wondering how he managed all that on his small allowance. ...".

I do not know answer for this. We know Hon. Narendra Modi of Gujarat CM fame, wearing high-value kurtas made by an Ahmedabad Dress-maker. We know our Hon. PMOI wearing coats costing hundreds of thousands of bucks, and later getting it auctioned for Charity, when there was criticism.

There are too many contradictions and enigmas.

In your Vivekanandayb blog you have mentioned about Swami Vivekananda craving for American Green Turtles, and comparing them to their poor Indian counterparts- the Black Turtles? Hon. Narendra Modi is the 'Ekalavya' disciple of Swami Vivekananda. So what is wrong if Hon. Modi prefers Taiwan Mushrooms to Himachal Mushrooms?

Ans: This question I cannot reply, because I have no experience of eating either turtles or mushrooms. Till 2015, I do not remember any mushrooms being sold in local markets. Only recently, I have seen some mushrooms being sold in Bazars. Anyway, they are less than Rs. 100 variety. And not Rs. 30,000/- or the Rs. 80,000/- variety. During my adolescence, we used to maintain a buffalo in the warandah of our palm-leaf-thatch-hut, and at some distance a dung+hay mound in a corner. From that mound, I used to pick some buffalo-dung and make some fuel-cakes by bowling dung + paddy-husk balls, to a nearby wall. In those four years, during rainy season, mushrooms (In Telugu, these are called kukka goDugulu) used to sprout. At that time my limited knowledge was that, Sprouting of mushrooms in premises can be inauspicious. My parents used to ask me to pluck them and throw away.

Leaving aside, the above trivials and trifles one important observation

There are two views. 1. One view: Every six years in lives, personalities of individuals change. Nobody will ever remain static. 2. Second view: Personalities get etched during childhood and adolescence. Once etched, these personalities will not change, though there may be occasional appearances of 'changing' or 'going back'.

Question: Mr. Narendra Modi, during his Gujarat 2017 Campaigning, said: "...I am ready to sell tea but will never sell the country..."

Ans: I do not think that NO , repeate NO Former/Present Prime Ministers of India, whichever Party they may belong to, had gone / will go to the extent of selling the Country, albeit there may be some instances of corruption of a few hundred/thousand millions, to mobilise funds for Electioneering purposes. The phrase "Selling the Country" seems to be a hyperbole, which has come up during Election Campaign. Such things may happen in countries other than India.

If not 2019, if not 2024, if not 2029, at some point in future, Mr. Narendra Modi may cease to be PM. He may either lose his Elections, or his own Party Members may depose him. This is, assuming that future Elections will take place to Indian Parliament. In such case, will the PM go and restart his Tea Stall?

Ans. Definitely not. This going back to Old Professions happens only in case of top High Court, Supreme Court Lawyers, Retd. Judges, Doctors, film stars probably some Industrialists, because there is a temptation of regaining some lucrative practice or lucre-moola. It does not happen for tea-sellers. We can only consider such announcements as "I shall sell tea", to be some platitudes and rhetoric.

I am also of the same as Mr. Modi. In my adolescence,when I was studying X Class, I ran a tea stall for about six months, somewhat independently, and of course unsuccessfully. Now, I am a Retired Banker, and a person of rotten-bones whom Telugu Poet Late ShriShri called "Emukalu kuLLina vayasulu maLLina sOmarulAra cAvanDI", English: Oh lazy old-age fellows of rotten bones, Die!. We have to wait our death. Instead, will I ever think of going back to my tea-stall days, or buffalo-maintenance days, or leafplate-making days? Shri Shri also said: "raktam manDE Saktulu ninDE sainikulAra rA ranDi" (English: Oh soldiers with raging bloods, and Flowing Energies, Come! Come!). This also does not happen. Shri Shri himself passed away leaving his wives and offsprings, and nothing happened. So what is the lesson? Poetry is different. Platitudes and Rhetorics are different. Time and Tide waits for none. We are like bubbles, or circles of waves in a cesspool.

Of course, one will always to be tempted to say "Aging is for body, and not for mind/spirit". This also, I feel is a hackneyed-banal-trite statement.

I could do only 25%. I have to write another 75%. To come back, and continue adding / deleting / modifying.

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1031 Does not appear to be reasonable for Mr. Rahul Gandhi, to be so harsh on Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar. Reasons for Aiyar's Suspension from Party appear to be extraneous

Does not appear to be reasonable for Mr. Rahul Gandhi, to be so harsh on Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar. Reasons for Aiyar's Suspension from Party appear to be extraneous. Indian News Papers are more than agog, that the Fortunes of Congress in Gujarat have got reversed 100%, just by utterance of one word 'nIch' referred to Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, by Mani Shankar Aiyar, Former Rajya Sabha MP, and reported to be a friend of Late Rajiv Gandhi, father of Shri Rahul Gandhi, the present President Elect of a-somewhat-Dynasty-generated-decadent Party 'Indian National Congress'. The problem with Hindi language (may be probably because of its Sanskrit and Indo-European-Prototype origin) is every word comes with numerous meanings. If the speaker/writer intends one meaning, the listeners/readers may take another meaning. Then, ceaseless quarrels start among Indians, who are by their very nature fissiparous, This fissiparousness coupled with 'indifference' are the main reasons for the >1000 years bondage of Indians in the hands of numerous invading races and religions.

Vocabulary help for the word 'fissiparous' an important attribute of Indians

fissiparous fɪˈsɪp(ə)rəs/ adjective: fissiparous .inclined to cause or undergo division into separate parts or groups. "the fissiparous tendencies innate in tribalism". Biology. (of an organism) reproducing by fission. "small fissiparous worms"
Origin: mid 19th century: from Latin fissus, past participle of findere ‘split’, on the pattern of viviparous .
kind courtesy: Internet.

Last time we wrote about Shri Mani Shankar Aiyar and Shri Subrahmaniyam Swami was on 19th Feb. 2014, vide our Blog Post No. Click here to go to Post NO. 145 at this blog,

In that post 145, we called him 'vikaTakavi' (Approx. English Equivalent: A Perverted Poet). The word 'vikaTakavi' is a palindrome, a great Title or nickname given to the 16th Century CE Great Telugu Poet Tenali Ramakrishna. According to legends, and also the Telugu film Tenali Ramakrishna, this Title-nickname, Tenali Ramakrishna got by incurring the wrath of Goddess Kali (=Durga), while he was proceeding from his Native place Tenali, to Hampi Vijayanagaram, the Capital of Vijayanagara King (Emperor?) Shri Krishna Deva RAyalu.

Vocabulary help for the word 'palindrome'

palindrome ˈpalɪndrəʊm/ noun noun: palindrome; plural noun: palindromes. a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards, e.g. madam or nurses run. This vocabulary help, kind courtesy: Google Search internet.

The Copy Right of this beautiful, truly absorbing semi-historic semi-fictional Telugu film, I believe has expired. It is available for free download on, and other sites on Net. Link to download: Click here to go to youtube and view/download the Telugu film Tenali Ramakrishna.

This Great Telugu film is probably very long (2 hours 48 minutes) by 2017 Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood standards. Yet, it gives us several insights, both into Political History of South India (though all of what the Picture depics may not stand to the Test of History), and Literary History of Telugu Language. For example, according to the film, Emperor Babar (circa 1526 CE) was about to lead an invasion on the Vijayanagara Empire ruled by Krishna Deva Rayalu (1515-1531 CE circa), at the instance of Bahamany Rulers. Poet Tenali Ramakrishna was entrusted with the Task of visiting Delhi and the Court of Babar, for convincing him not to take up an Adventure into the Vijayanagar Kingdom, which task Poet Ramakrishna accomplished with good Wisdom. This feat of Tenali Ramakrishna, though does not stand the test of Historical-exactitude, enhances the dignity and image of Ramakrishna, who was in fact, not a Perverted Poet (cursed by Goddess Kali?), at all.

Telugu's Literary History

Some Historians opined that Tenali Ramakrishna was too young to be in the Court of Sri Krishna Deva RAya. The Poet might have been in the Court of Later-day Vijaanagara KIngs, or their feudates/vassals/fiefs.

Back to our main topic of 'Rudeness' in words

We shall first start with the Editorial of the, which is very timely. Its title: " Aiyar was wrong, and got what he deserved". Link for those Readers who wish to study this Editorial: Click here to go to

The first paragraph, itself is very important, about the meaning of the word 'nIch or neech' which Mr. Aiyar used in reference to Modi, is not in reference to his caste, but in respect of which Hon. Narendra Modi, made a hue and cry, probably as a tool, to attract/extract sympathies from Gujarat voters:

Former Congress MP (and one-time minister) Mani Shankar Aiyar’s use of the Hindi word “neech” to describe Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday is downright “neech”, to give it back to him. It doesn’t behove people in responsible positions to use such language, especially in the public sphere. In common parlance, the expression just means “low grade”, and is the equivalent of the more common Hindi word “ghatiya”. There is no caste or class connotation implied, though an angry Mr Modi has tried to spin it that way, presumably to get backward castes worked up in his favour on the eve of the crucial Assembly elections in Gujarat.

Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar may be an influential person, who may easily escape for his utterances with just an admonition or a temporary suspension from the Primary Membership of his Party. In the 2017 India, it will be extremely dangerous for ordinary mortal hoi polloi Indians to use rude words such as Hindi 'neech' , even if that word may reflect a correct situations, facts, truths, contexts. This harsh truth, many Indian Media Corporates, both Electronic and Print Media seem to have correctly understood, and started keeping mum, instead of playing with fire, or becoming Telugu proverb 'mEkunu perikina kOti' or 'Ondra peTTina gADida'.

'mEkunu perikina kOti' = A monkey which plucked out for fun, a wedge driven into a wooden log by a carpenter, and met with instantaneous death.

This story can be read at Click here to go to .

'OnDra peTTina gADida' = This story refers to 'a donkey which brayed loudly to alert its master, of the danger of a 'thief' met with death, when its master killed it, for disturbing his sleep. Alerting masters about 'thieves' is the job of a dog. If dogs sleep, donkeys cannot bray to alert masters.

This story can be read at : Click here to go to:

The real reason for Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar's incurring the displeasure of Shri Rahul Gandhi appears to be, his outspokenness about Election of Mr. Rahul Gandhi as Congress President:

"...When Shah Jahan came in the place of Jahangir did any election happen? And when Aurangzeb came in place of Shah Jahan did any election happen? It was known to everyone that the throne of the king will automatically go to the heir," Aiyar said, retorting to the "dynasty" jibes of the BJP on Rahul Gandhi's election. File image of Mani Shankar Aiyar. Reuters.

"But in a democracy elections are held. I openly invite Poonawala to file the nomination and contest," Aiyar said, adding has anyone heard of Shehzad Poonawala.

He was replying to a question about BJP's criticism following Maharashtra Congress leader Poonawala calling Rahul Gandhi's election as party chief rigged.

ybrao-a-donkey's personal view which is not intended to be imposed on others

I have strongly wished that, if not that Poonawala of Maharashtra (who was said to be a relative to Ms. Priyanka Wadhra) who might have been shied away to file his nomination against Mr. Rahul Gandhi, somebody else ought to have his Nomination for the Presidency of Congress, in spite of knowing that the Prince will win. Unanimous Elections do not really save democracy. Howsoever, fiercely contested, only Secret-ballot voted elections will help in preserving Democratic practices.

This Post is only 33% incomplete. To come back, and continue adding / deleting / modifying.

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1030 (Part 1/of 5 parts) GST (Goods & Services Tax) implemented in India, does not appear to have been adequately designed

Though I have a Degree in Commerce, and a few Diplomas in Banking and Finance, and in spite of spending about 30 years in the field of Finance, Commercial & Institutional Banking, International Banking, and Rural Banking, ever since the introduction of GST in India from July 2017, I could resist an inner itch within me to write some perceptions which I felt about the likely benefits, drawbaacks, impact, of GST, I hesitated to do so, only because, I considered myself as too small-a-fry to analyse or comment about Great Acts like GST. But now, the trigger has come, in the form of DeccanChronicle.Com, first page headline: "Traders hit upon '0GST' scam". For the Readers who wish to study this Report, here is the link: Click here to go to

Before we go deeper, we shall have some quotes:-

Views in the quotes ybrao-a-donkey's views which are not intended to be imposed on others
"...The decision to implement the reform was not of Prime Minister Modi alone." He said there were nearly 30 parties that were consulted and involved with the new tax, of whom he singled out one. "The Congress is an equal partner in GST decisions. They should not spread lies on GST Normally, for all successes, politicians, particularly Ruling Party politicians, try to take credit for themselves, leaving nothing to Opposition. When there is some blame to be borne, they may try to apportion the blame, to Opposition Parties also.
"A handful of pessimists" are playing fast and loose with facts to misrepresent a blip in the economy. Every critic of Hon. Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley, need not be a pessimist. True that, short term teething troubles need not be taken as some monumental blunder or as total failure. At the same time, we should not forget that it will be easy to kick down a boulder from a hill-top, and that it will be extremely difficult to lift it back to its original position, or to a still higher position. When compared to 'demonetisation', GST seems to have been more carefully planned, and implemented after a consensus. There is also a sort of Review Mechanism, through GST Council, to solve short term problems, and stabilise the Reform. So far, so good.

Some questions ybrao-a-donkey's views which are not intended to be imposed on others
Would Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram Batch have implemented the GST Reforms better? Ans: I do not think so. Even Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram would have botched and goofed up the GST Reforms either with similar or worse shortcomings. Both BJP and Congress, are basically bourgeoisie parties. All their Actual Aims and Actions revolve around catering to the needs of their benefactors, i.e. the Corporate Donors. Proof: Defective design of Adhar Card System, making false promises to Supreme Court, and imposing the Adhar Cards on 1250 million Indians, surreptitiously.
Question: Do you think that Left Parties like CPI, CPM would have implemented the GST better? Ans: The existing Left Parties in India, especially, the CPI and CPIM are only Centrist Parties, with the same bourgeoisie strengths and pitfalls of the Other Parties in India.

In a Truly Totally Socialist Set up, all the wealth and income will be in the hands of the Government. Hence, there will be no need of imposing either Direct or Indirect Taxes on Citizens. Our Communist Parties are not interested in spreading the messages of True Total Socialism. Like Congress or BJP, they too do not have Inner Party Democracy. Hence, we should not expect much from them.
Ques: Is one country, one tax System, not practicable? Ans: If properly designed, and implemented, One country, One Tax System can succeed. It is 'ideal' and 'desirable'. But it needs, lot of home work and sincerity. Such Decisions and Systems should not be propelled by political opportunism. Right now, in 2017, what we see is: The States have enormous duties and responsibilities to fulfil to the people. GST has taken away the Rights of States to tax and collect locally. Of course, there is a promise to compensate for loss of income 5 years. But after that, what? Today, States have become beggars at the gates of Delhi. This goes against Federalism. Of course, BJP ruled States may not mind it.

We shall, now, review the situation in the light of what Deccan Chronicle said in the above linked News

News from Deccan Chronicle's Grass Root Field Report ybrao-a-donkey's views which are not intended to be imposed on others
Hyderabad: Post-GST, “zero business”, the practice of conducting sales without issuing bills to customers, has gained ground in the city's markets. In raids recently conducted by officers of the commercial taxes, civil supplies and legal metrology departments, cases were booked against 300 traders indulging in this malpractice, and Rs 5.14 lakh was extracted from them in the form of penalties.Thanks to Deccan Chronicle, for this important News Report.

If Hyderabad Traders can do it, will the traders in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, and above all Ahmedabad lag behind? They might have already perfected better methods!
The raids revealed that traders were charging customers the GST amount, but not issuing bills, thus denying the Centre and the state the tax due to them.Raids used to be done by Sales Tax Departments of State Governments, during when the Sale Tax, and VAT were in vogue. In the past, it bred corruption. Now, the Corruption will continue.
Large-scale violations were uncovered in the markets in Begum Bazaar, Koti, Mehdipatnam, Siddi-amber Bazaar, Ranigunj, Nampally, Malakpet and Dilsukhnagar.Where is the Fool-proof system designed by Central Government to make sure that every transaction is accounted for, irrespective of whether Bills are issued or not? There should be no link between bills for goods sold, and GST paid. The link should be between Bills for Goods received from Suppliers, and the GST Paid, after leaving unsold goods. Even on the unsold goods, the GST for the 'Supply Prices' might have already been paid by the Suppliers.
Traders in Charminar, Goshamahal, Uppal, Dilsukhnagar and Borabanda were found procuring commodities without bills. They procured palm oil and gutka from the Kakinada and Krishnapatnam ports in Andhra Pradesh and electronic, electrical, steel and construction material from the Chennai port.GST cannot check this because, Government of India does not seem to have any mechanism for it.
Traders were also found procuring gutka, on which 28 per cent GST is applicable, from other states, without bills and invoices, and selling it to customers with the GST charges added, but without formal bills.I have read in Newspapers that Inter State Check Posts, and Inter District Check Posts will be removed.
The zero business practice is also prevalent in the textile sector in the state. Cloth merchants were found procuring fabrics from Gujarat and charging the mandatory GST while selling them, without issuing bills.Recovering GST from customers, and not remitting to Govt. can be treated as Day Light Robbery, and punishment for it should be incarceration. Here both the Customers and the Government are being robbed. One solution for preventing this type of robberies: In the bygone era we used to have pre-paid Excise labels, affixed to the lids of match boxes, individually, to prove that Excise was paid. This System of prepaid labels, for sealing 'packages' can be reintroduced, at least on an experimental basis.

If, owing to cut-throat competition, if GST is not recovered from customers, and remitted to Govt., though Government suffers revenue loss, at least Customers benefit. Though this is also an omission, some lenience can probably be shown, when compared to the crime of "Recovering and not Remitting".

To re-visit and continue adding, deleting modifying.