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931 Third Ayodhya too will have to be taken into reckoning

Triggers for this particular blogpost: 1. Advice of Supreme Court of India, to the litigants of Ayodhya, about the Babri Masjid and Rama Janma Bhumi land, to opt for mediation and consultation based settlement. Supreme Court's offer to help in Intermediation. 2. Observations of Shri Garikapati Narasimha Rao, Telugu discourser, on Telugu TV Channel, titled 'Raghuvamsam', about Sita performing obsequies/oblations (pinda pradanam) to her father-in-law Dasaratha, on the banks of River Phalguni, at Gaya Vishnu pada tIrtham. This in continuation of my 194 posts made by me at my blog Click to go to my blog

Pl. see the following study material:
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Where was Ayodhya ?

Without piling up anymore glaring discrepancies, we now address ourselves to the crucial problem i.e. where could that Ayodhya be where the Sakas, the alleged progenitors of Jats, had a dig in against king Sagar and consequently met their Waterloo?

The Jats:Their Origin, Antiquity and Migrations: End of p.191

In fact, there was an ancient city named Ayodhya or Ayodhin Ajudhan in the Sapta Saindhava country, the original home of the Jats or that of the Rigvedic Aryans, but unluckily it was not given the attention by historians it eminently deserved. It was first of all brought to light by Nearchus111, one of the generals of Alexandar, when he undertook the return journey to Greece along the Satluj river. The name is mentioned next by Waddell112, but neither Nearchus nor Waddell gives any information about the founders of the city. Bhargaval13 merely shows this city on the map in his famous book 'Geography of the Rigvedic India'. It is, as far as we know, the Imperial Gazetteer of India 114 and also Khalid Ahmad Nizami115, the biographer of Sheikh Farid-ud-din, that inform us that the Yaudheyas (Johiyas) were,the probable builders of the city. Precisely speaking modern Pakpattan in Pakistan is Ayodhin on river Sutlej, not far from Kasur, below Ferozepur; more or less opposite Harappa116. The foundations of Lahor and Kasur are traditionally attributed respectively to Lava and Kush sons of Rama Dasharathi.These cities still exist in the neighborhood Ayodhin. Kekayi's ancestors, the Kaikayas, who derived their name from their eponymous ancestor Kaikeya, son of Sivi-Ausinar, had their capital at Girivraj,identified by Cunningham with Virjak or Jalalpur on the river Jhelum (Pakistan)116a. As is well-known Kaithal near Kurukshetra was Kapisthala, the birth-place of Hanuman, the monkey god. All this geographical evidence goes to prove conclusively that Ayodhin was the original Ayodhya.

However, diving deeper into the ocean of history we are rewarded with invaluable light, the effulgence of which dispels the fog shrouding the mystery of Ayodhya or Ayodhin just as the rising sun makes the darkness of night disappear "with its heels on its head". As the name suggests, Ayodhin must be original Ayodhya, "the invincible city", founded by the invincible Yaudheyas of yore, who remained a paramount power in (hat region for a very long time in the past before their migration to the eastern parts of the Sapta Sindhu. Alexander the Great, who stormed the Panjab like a whirlwind, is said to have meekly retraced his steps back to Greece and Mahmud Gazanavi had to flee the field of Multan incognito and returned empty-handed to his country for fear of those warriors. Just as the Sakas, so are the Yaudheyas identified with the Jats. Anyway, the pertinent question we are now confronted with is, who were the Yaudheyas?

yb-donkey's views, not intended to be imposed on others

Right now I am not able to take Lahore-pakpaTTan as 3rd Ayodhya, although possibilities cannot be ruled out. More investigations may be needed.

For the information of my Readers:
Ayodhya-1 : Phaizabad Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, which contains the disputed Babri Masjid site. This is accepted by Tourist circuits as the original Ayodhya ruled by King Dasaratha.

Ayodhya-2: In my personal view this is in Bihar State, Kursela Town, at the confluence of the Kosi and Ganga Rivers. In Kursela, we have a place, which is popularly known as 'Ayodhya Ganj', because of its popularity as Mandi Centre between Delhi and Kolkata. About this place, I have already covered partly at my blog In my personal humble view, the Lichchavi Ikshvakus who ruled Vaishali in Bihar are apparently the Ikshvakus of Valmiki Ramayana Fame.

I shall add some more material here shortly.

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930 The 4200 km. strain-stress full walkathlon (pAda yAtra) of Shri Tammineni Veerabhadram,CPIM General Secretary, Telangana, may get a few seats for CPIM, but it will not bring Communism/Marxism/Socialism to India

On the occasion of completion of the 4200 kms. of Walkathlon of Shri Tammineni Veerabhadram, General Secretary, Telangana State, of Communist Party of India Marxist, a jumboree like flood-lit mass meeting has been organised in Hyderabad, which has been addressed by Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister, Kerala State. The Mass Meeting resembled the jumborees organised by bourgeoisie parties like TRS, BJP, TDP and Congress. It is not clear, who has provided funds to them for organising the jumboree. Ordinarily, bourgeoisie parties, when they organise jumborees, collect their funds from Corporates, Forest, Liquor, and Mining Contractors. It may not be possible for Proletarian Parties to collect such type of huge donations from Corporates and Contractors, because they have very few prospects of coming to power. A few years back, CPI Khammam arranged a grand jumboree in Khammam. Later, it emerged that Communist Parties in Khammam got their funds from Liquor Contractors. That issue was under police investigation,along with some other liquor cases which included some belt shops said to be benami-owned by Shri Botsa Satyanarayana, for sometime. Finally, everything was swept into/under the carpet.

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929 What are these birth days at 2 a.m., and when do our Media Houses learn lessons? Will these bourgeoisie habits end only with Total Socialism?

What are these birth-days which are celebrated at 2 a.m., the time at which all the creatures except nocturnal wild animals, are supposed to be in deep slumber! Ms. Alia Bhat, Bollywood Star was said to be celebrating her birthday, at Juhu, Mumbai. As if day time and evenings are not sufficient for parties, this diva arranged a birth day party at 2 a.m. And Media Houses drive their poor photographers to star-homes, to capture photos, as if daytime is not sufficient to hound both the photographers and the stars. And a said-to-be newbie photographer, named Mr. Deepak Hooda rushes in the crowd of other running photographers along and across the car of Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, and gets his foot trampled by the star's car. The star might have remembered the travails of Mr. Salman Khan who was involved in a car accident case stretching into several years, might have promptly woken up to the consequences, and to mollify/pacify/smoothen the severity of the incident, sent the injured photographer along with the star's body guard to Nanavati Hospital, and get him treated by his personal doctor.

Here is a news report which narrates the gentleness and kindness of Mr. Shah Rukh Khan:

Click here to go to Mr. Shah Rukh Khan is also reported to have rendered some advice on surgeries, and the need to undergo frequent checks-up.

“I am not a surgery junkie. I have had nine or ten. I have just had one. I still have to take my stitches off.” “...You spend as much time on the road as I do. Do regular checkups. All of you are running around…day before yesterday one boy…please be careful in front of cars. ...”

ybdonkey's views with no malice to anyone

So, let'us all be careful in front of cars. Stars need not be careful, while driving the cars. Mr. Khan might have adequately compensated not only the injured photographer, but also other photographers in the crowd to dilute the incident. Sehbas, Media, and the photographers.

Who these Media owners, and Media Editors, are driving the photographers and scribes to fall under the front wheels of star cars? That too at 2 a.m.? Can't this news item be collected next morning and reported with reasonable promptness?

We cannot strictly blame photographers in these episodes. This is because, photographers may lose their jobs and their livelihood, if they refuse to chase star cars. It is hightime, Media scribes and photographers form proper Trade Unions, work out a Code of Conduct and Ethics, and voluntarily abide by it. It is not that they do not have Trade Unions today, but somehow, they seem to be ineffective, where their role is direly needed.

It is also a punishment for Shah Rukh Khan's body guard, named Ravi, who had to work at night 2 a.m., and whose working hours might have been prolonged, as he has had to wait on the injured photographer in the hospital.

Is the gesture of Shri Shah Rukh Khan, a NOBLE GESTURE?

Ans: Difficult to say. A reader wrote in Letters to Editor of DeccanChronicle.Com, Vijayavada Edition, print edition dated 20.3.2017:

"...Shah Rukh Khan's gesture towards a photographer who was injured by his car was remarkable. Nowadays hit and run is common. But SRK got down, and asked the man to sit in his car..."
Shri S.A. Nabi, Giddalur (letter writer).

ybrao-a-donkey's view:

Film stars may be experts in hit and run. But, the point at which accident took place is not suitable for a hit-and-run feat. Reasons: Ahead of Shah Rukh's car is the venue of Ms. Alia Bhat's Party. There may be some portico. There may be cars parked in front of the portico. Going ahead with top speed for an 'escape' is not possible. Reversing the car may also not be so easy, because there may be a compound wall, some garden plants, behind. There may be cars of more invitees behind on the pathway, who might have come with equal speed and halted behind his car.

Salman Khan, and Ambani instances

As far as I can remember, Mr. Salman Khan's two decade old hit-and-run accident case is different from that Shah Rukh Khan, in that, Salman's accident took place in a Mumbai Street at midnight when traffic was not much, and escape was possible. Readers can also remember a few years' old, one hit and run case of Ambani Son. In both the cases, drivers came out later, taking out the responsibility for the accident, and trying to relieve their masters from criminal liabilities.

Had the star not shown some empathy and compassion at that moment,

and left the place recklessly, there might have been a police complaint, and he would have been forced to go around police stations, advocates' offices, and courts, and even those things might have cost him a million bucks, apart from his missing some shootings. Thus, some common sense, some sixth sense, some prudence gained from experience, may have forced Shri Shah Rukh Khan to show some small mercies.

However, I do not wish to throw the entire blame on Shah Rukh Khan, as he is being chased.

My only feeling is he should have slowed down and applied his brakes, to prevent mishaps. By stopping a few minutes exposing himself to photographers, he would not have lost much. What he would have done inside the birthday pary? Eating and boozing? The blame should fall on the Media Houses and Media Bureau Chiefs who must have been exerting undue pressure on the photographers and scribes.

Ordinarily, we should not expect our bourgeoisie to show compassion and empathy.

It is against their very character. There is a Telugu verse of Vemana:

goDDu TAvu pituka kunDa kompOyina
panDla nUDa tannu pAla niDadu
lObhi vAni naDuga lAbhambu lEdayA
viSvadAbhi rAma vinura vEma

English gist, approx.: If we take a pot to a barren cow to milk it, it will not yield any milk. Instead, it will kick our teeth out. There is no use of asking misers.

How to prevent these unnecessary disdainful chores during nights in True Total Socialism?

Anyway, we can hope, in a totally and truly Socialist State, these bourgeoisie behaviors can be eliminated. Proletariat (Working Class) may have to decide what type of Film Industry they should have in a Truly Socialist country.

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