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788 Ms. Theresa May is likely to be harder/harsher than Ms. Margaret Thatcher

Ms. Theresa May, is the new Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Welcome. While no generalisations or pre-judgements can be made, there is a somewhat hackneyed maxim, which seems to be sometimes valid: "First Impression, is the, Best Impression". But, even first impressions can many times deceive. For that we have the maxims "APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEPTIVE. ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD". In my mother tongue Telugu, we have another maxim: "tellani vanni pAlu, nallani vanni nILLU kAvu." Approx. English Gist: All those which appear white in color, may not be milk. All those which appear black in color, need not be water". This proverb was of those days, when there were no synthetic milks or chemical milks. The proverb "FACE IS THE INDEX OF MIND" may also not reflect, a person's true personality.

She is likely to try to repeat what Ms. Margaret Thatcher (A Legendary British Prime Minister, in the Second Half of the 20th Century, who left lasting impressions on the British psyche), had tried to plan and execute. has some of her quotes, which might have accumulated during her six year tenure as Home Secretary of Britain. Link for those who wish to study them: Click to go to

The very first quote at the above link, does not give much hope:--

"... I'd personally like to see the Human Rights Act go because I think we have had some problems with it. ..."

ybrao-a-donkey:- What problems she might have had with the British Human Rights Act, during her last six years as Home Secretary, need deeper study. Besides, what political leaders say, about anything need not be taken on their face value. They are intended for hoi polloi. Not for the consumption of leaders themselves.

Human Rights History or Record of Britain, was it ever clean? Only historians can tell. Even today, Britain has neither allowed freedom to all its colonial left over islands and territories, nor has it forgotten its ill-gotten colonial glories. Even Queen Elizabeth I seems to have encouraged British and European Pirates. Nor was she averse to slave trade. If everything was so pink and purple, why should there have been a struggle for American Independence culminating in its independence in 1776?


Everybody knows that British Industries and Exports are stagnating. New scientific inventions which can be converted into EXPORTABLE COMMERCE are not taking place in Britain. They wanted Asian Immigrants into Britain, as domestic servants, cooks, hoteliers, menials. The British Masters enjoyed the low-paid slave-like services of the immigrants for decades. Then the immigrants became British Citizens, got their voting rights, and they have started influencing the vote-politics. Now, intolerance has begun.

While joining EU earlier, British rulers might have expected that their exports will grow multifold. But it did not happen. They found that both white Immigrants from Continental Europe, and the non-white immigrants from Asia and Africa were pouring through the tunnel Railway between France and England. Besides, Britain throughout its Colonial History was accustomed to giving orders from London. After its entry into EU, it had to taste the ignominy of receiving orders from the EU bosses and policy-makers from Bruxelles. It could not digest the very idea of becoming one of 35 odd countries of Europe, on par with Turkey or Romania. Britain wanted to control the world, as a joint-puppeteer of the United States. It could never reconcile to the idea of accepting the precepts of French and German Rulers. All this, culminated in the "yes" for Brexit Referendum.

If Britain, through its BREXIT wants to escape from the pangs of entertaining migrants, sharing spoils of International Commerce with EU Nations, nobody will stop it. Ms. Theresa May will have great responsibilities, strategies, and tasks to carry out, to steer Britain, out of its post-colonial mess. It is not going to be easy, for her, though she appears to be pragmatic and steel like her pioneer PM, Ms. Margaret Thatcher. This is because, quantitatively and qualitatively, the rot of Britain of 1980s was LESS, when compared to the BRIT ROT 2016. In 1980s Britain was not at the mercies of the wolves of Central-London Real Estate Speculators.

Will Ms. Theresa May open more Tax Havens like the Cave Man's Islands, British Virgin Islands? Will she invite and give shelter more economic offenders from non-Europe?

(to continue).

Mr. Narendra Modi has completed his 2016 July tour of the African countries. Whatever may be his goals in taking up the tour of African countries, I greatly appreciate his gesture. I do not know India's long term goals in Africa. Though as an Indian, I am not expected to write it so openly, yet I am taking some liberties. Mr. Narendra Modi seems to be competing with his Chinese counterparts, in wooing the African Nations. May be, he is expecting some support from African Nations in UNO General Assembly, when it reintensifies its efforts to get a permanent membership of Security Council with Veto.

What causes me some anxiety?

Though India boasts of comfortable foreign exchange reserves position, accumulated from inward foreign investments, and deposits from Non-Resident Indians, and PIOs (Persons of Indian Origin), in my humble personal view they are all volatile. In the context of some Brexit, or some other seemingly irksome International Market Crises, the Reserves may stand as some sort of barricade. But, when a real crisis comes, the Reserves may not last beyond one year. Hence, what is the use of offering loans, grants and donations from the too-thin-a-self-defensive-tool?

Offering loans and grants, may not really buy true friendships and loyalties. True friendships and loyalties are never exchanged for money. They are to be built over some decades, with mutual care and understanding of the problems of one another, forgetting racial backgrounds, religious backgrounds, etc. The only common facilitative factor will be the POVERTY OF INDIA AND THE AFRICAN COUNTRIES. India cannot afford to pretend to be a rich country, which is going to reach the Zenith of this Global Economic World.

India cannot absolve itself from its primary responsibility of promoting its exports, particularly VISIBLE EXPORTS, and HALVING its VISIBLE IMPORTS. Controlling India's population explosion ought to have been unquestionable the No. 1 Task, because a population under control can yield EXPORTABLE SURPLUSES and MITIGATE DOMESTIC SHORTAGES.

We know that African countries do not have the hard currencies like US Dollars, Euros to buy INdian goods. The aid, grants, loans offered by India helps the poor African countries to buy Indian goods, provided the rulers of those countries do not misuse them. If they misappropriate the funds, everything becomes "bUDidalO pOsina pannIru" (English: Floral perfume poured into ash). The timely Indian loans will work like a 'balm' or a 'pain killer', but lending per se, is not a real long term solution. The real solution is India should sit with every African country separately for several months, and work out lists of goods and services which can be bartered between India and Africa. For promoting India-African countries Counter-Trade, we can think of an Indo-African Counter-Trade Settlement and Clearing Bank.

(To continue, some other day).

Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, Chief Minister of Residual Andhra Pradesh State, India, visited Russia, to mobilise foreign investments, and seek assistance for building the new Capital for the State of Andhra Pradesh, at Amaravathi-Vijayavada-Guntur. Of course, the Commerce Minister Ms. Nirmal Sitaraman, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis were also present, at the inaugural ceremony of an International Industrial Exhibition named "INNOPROM- 2016" held in Russia. He seems to have invited Mr. Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister, to visit Amaravati. The invitation seems to have been accepted by Mr. Medvedev. So far, so good.

I greatly appreciate the never-say-die spirit of Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu. Like a bee which collects nectar from a zillion flowers from thousands of trees, Mr. Naidu is visiting all the countries of the world with a focussed zeal.

But the problem is, the people of Residual Andhra Pradesh, though were poor in the past, are poor now, they were never beggars. Mr. Naidu, by his persistent and vehement begging all the 190+ countries of the world for investments and assistance to build capital, is making the People of Residual Andhra Pradesh a laughing stock. The people of Residual Andhra Pradesh were already irreparably hurt by both the top National Parties - the BJP and the Congress, who have quite unilaterally bifurcated the United Andhra Pradesh State in a cruel manner, closing the doors of Lok Sabha (Lower House of Indian Parliament), and making false impractical assurances in Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament) without the Members of the House reading the contents of the Bill in depth. People of A.P. have not forgotten these insults. Now, these begging sessions and tours, by Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu all over the World, is adding more insults to the injuries of the People of A.P. The true feelings of the people of A.P., Mr. Naidu may not know, because he is surrounded by psychofants. Before being defeated by Late Mr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy in 2004 A.P. Assembly Elections too, Mr. Naidu committed this type of mistakes, during his nine years tenure.

Mr. Naidu is neglecting the grassroots, while spending all his time abroad. When Residual A.P. State was formed in 2014, he could have immediately got a Cabinet Resolution passed for construction of Temporary Secretariat Building and a set of associate buildings for HODs at any place in the State. As it was only temporary, and nobody would have objected to it. To the same complex, he could have added construction of quarters for Officers and employees. Had he done this two years back, he could have saved millions of Rupees paid as rent for location of HODs in Vijayawada. Now, the State Govt. is paying Rs.30 per sq.ft rent per month for HOD buildings in Vijayawada. The State Govt. has also issued an order to arrange accommodation for residences of I.A.S. / I.P.S. Officers at rents as high as Rs. 40,000 per month! All this wasteful squandering of public funds could have been avoided, had Mr. Naidu acted with foresight. There is no alternative except to deduce that the real reason for the procrastination and undue haste-chase in shifting from Hyderabad to Vijayawada seems to be only Mr. KCR's threat to arrest Mr. Naidu in Hyderabad.

Who asked Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu for World Class Capitals? Did he conduct any Referendum? People want food, clothing to protect bodies from hot and cold climates, a dwelling to keep one's head under some roof, a little of education and health care, a little of old age security. None of these can be got by World Class Capital ! Above all, people want Peace of Mind ! Is peace of mind available in heaps in Singapore or Central London?

Today, all the villages, towns, and cities of Residual Andhra Pradesh are under the grip of "Telugu drunkurds", beating wives, children, and mothers at their homes. All the food prices having gone up, people are surviving on idlis and attus (flat pan cakes) cooked and served on wayside-carts. Even these idlis and attus are not genuine, because we cannot find blackgram lentils or greengram lentils in them. People are drinking adulterate tea, because most tea stals buy cheap tea powders to sell tea at affordable rates. We can't blame them also. People are wearing torn clothes. People cannot buy or take on rent houses with some water and clean toilets, because they are beyond their means. Only happy persons left in this State are TDP Ministers, MLAs, and the corrupt Govt. Officials.

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.


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