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773 White-red-yellow-black conundrum and syndrome

This is a Thai Fair & Lovely Advertisement for a face cream: "...Just being white is enough to make you win. ..." . Though this advertisement might have been intended for Thai audience, a similar environment prevails in India too, where 'white' body color commands premium, and black body color is discounted. This applies to both sexes, although "money" is more important than the body color. In other words, we can say- other things being equal अन्य बातों के समान Ceteris Paribus, white body color is preferred.

From the body color point of view, India is "a hybrid grey or wheat complexion". Being a country of hot climate, Indians have lot of melanin in their skins, though may not be in the same magnitude as in the Equatorial Central Africa. When compared to Kashmir which is on the extreme North, the melanin content in skins of people who reside in Kerala and South Tamil Nadu may tend to be more, and consequently people may become dark complexioned. Thus, everything connected to body color has got to do with climate, rather than raciality. When people migrate from y hotte regions to colder regions or vice versa, the changes in melanin content in their bodies may also take a few generations, and a few Centuries to undergo the adaptation to the new environment. In the meantime, those who have migrated from a colder environment, and with a whiter body color may feel that they have descended from heaven or sky, and act with condescension towards natives of the migrated land. Sometimes, the natives may also feel or suffer from an inferiority complex for their darker body colors.

Recently, there was a heated argument on TV Channels between one Dr. Kancha Ilaiah, a Professor of Political Science, at Maulana Azad University, and local 21st Century Brahmins. It appears that Mr. Ilaiah has called Brahmins 'lazy' or work-shy. In one letter to Editor, I found that he added a suffix "shepherd" to his name, to indicate that he is from a shepherd community. Whatever may be the reason for the deep-rooted hatred of Dr. Ilaiah towards Brahmin Community, he ought not to have made a generalised-sweeping comment against a whole Community of 21st Century which is different from the Vedic or Puranic Brahmin Community of some 2000 years B.C.

In that T.V. discussion, the self-appointed defendent of the Brahmin Community argued that there was no discrimination in India, on the basis of color. As a proof he said that Rama and Krishna, though of black body color are worshipped as Gods.

I have earlier covered a part of this body color topic, by quoting from Sanskrit Vyasa Mahabharat, as an additional piece of evidence that Aryans migrated to India from North Europe. In the particular set of Mahabharata verses, Brahmins were said to have a white body color, kshatriyas (warriors) a red body color, Vysyas (traders, partly cultivators) an yellow body color, SUdrAs (servants) a black body color. More interested readers can have a look at our blogpost 081 click here, to go to 081 if interested

వ్యాస భారతం, సంస్కృతం, శాంతి పర్వం, 181వ ఆధ్యాయం (ప్రతిని బట్టి స్వల్పంగా నంబర్ మారచ్చు), 5వ శ్లోకం. vyAsa mahAbhArata, Sanskrit language, Volume 12 Santi Parva, Chapter 181 AdhyAyam, Verse 005. This verse No. and chapter No. may vary depending on the edition and version of the book.

--Santi Parva 181 005 (bhrigu explained to bharadvAja):

brahmaNAnAm sito varNah
kshatriyANAm tu lohitah-
vaiSyAnAm pItako varNah
SUdrANAm asitas tathA

brahmins white color. kshatriyas red color. vaisyas yellow color. sUdras black color.

బ్రాహ్మణానాం సితో వర్ణః ब्राह्मणानां सितो वर्णः
క్షత్రియాణాం లోహితః क्षत्रियाणां लोहितः
వైశ్యానాం పీతకో वैश्यानां पीतको
శూద్రానాం అసితస్ తథా. शूद्रानां असितस तथा.

శ్లోకసారం: బ్రాహ్మణులది తెలుపు రంగు. క్షత్రియులది ఎరుపు రంగు. వైశ్యులది పసుపు రంగు. శూద్రులది నలుపు రంగు. श्लोक सारः - ब्राह्मणों के देह वर्ण सफेद। क्षत्रियों के शरीर वर्ण अरुण। वैश्यों के शरीर वर्ण हरा (पीतल) । शूद्रों के शरीर वर्ण श्याम (काला) ।

It is necessary to resolve this conflict or paradox, how white Aryan Scriptures Valmiki Ramayan, Vyasa Mahabharata, Vyasa Mahabhagavata, deify and eulogise black kings and warriors as Supreme Gods.

About color of stone idols in Indian Temples, "availability of suitable stone for carving" decides the color of the stone deities installed in temples. For this reason only, South Indian Temples of black granite idols. Temples in Rajasthan, U.P., and Bihar use more white marble. Some red sand stone idols can also be found. Anyway, the composition of the stone available for sculpting has influenced the color of the temple deities. We cannot read much more into these.

I request my readers not to misunderstand me. This is only a guesswork, or a semi-acceptable approximation. This is an intermediate state of our exploration of truth. Later, we may have to go back from our analyses, when new evidence is found.

The legendary and mythological Epic Hero Arjuna, took pride in his white body color.

Volume 4, Chapter 43, Verse 33. VyAsa mahAbhArata Sanskrit, virATa parva, AdhyAya 43, SlOka 33.
పృథివ్యాం సాగరాంతాయాం पृथ्वियां सागरांतां
వర్ణో మే దుర్లభః సమః वर्णो मे दुर्लभः समः
శుద్ధత్వాద్రూపవత్త్వాచ్చ తేన शुध्धत्वाद द्रूपवत्तात च तेन
మామార్జునం విదుః माम अर्जुनं विदुः ॥ 4-43-33

Roman Script: prithivyAm sAgarAmtAyAm
varNO mE durlabhaha samaha
SudhdhatvA drUpavat tvAcatEna mAm arjunam viduhu.

English gist: Till the horizon, till the end of the boundaries of oceans, nobody exists who is equal in 'color' to me; in purity (of body color, obviously) or in handsomeness. Hence, I am known as Arjuna.

Question: When Arjuna is so white, how is it that his brother-in-law, Krishna was black in color?

We may have to make some temporary (provisional) reasonable approximations (guesswork) till better evidence is traced.

Here, we should make a distinction between the Nordic (North European, Baltic) Aryan migrants of about 6000 B.C. and the Post Vascodigama European White invaders of the 16th Century C.E. The 6000 B.C. Aryan migrants to India did not have fire weapons such as guns and mortars. They were fireworshippers, and they depended on firegod for their rescue. They used to send all offering to their Supreme God Visn through the fire Gods. They expected their protection and victories through Sacred Chants. Though maces, swords were not taboo, they depended more for their defence and offence on arrows and darts. With simple arrows and darts, they were not sure of their victories.

They self-convinced themselves that their arrows and darts, sent out while uttering the sacred chants had special powers, bolstered by the supernatural powers of the Gods they were inviting to travel along with the arrows and darts. Brahma (creator), VaishNava or nArAyana (Visn), pASupata (Shiva), vAruNa (Rain God), AgnEya (Fire God) etc. were all such magic chanted. They also proclaimed loudly the magical powers of their enchanted arrows, to intimidate their enemies. When white Aryans said these things, native Indians gradually developed a habit of believing in them. These beliefs seemed to have continued till the 14th Century CE, i.e. till the defeat of Kakatiya King Pratapa Rudra II, in the hands of Delhi Sultan invaders.

This dependence of Indians on arrows and darts supported by magic chants, has underwent some examination in the hands of Sir Arthur Connon Doyle in his Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. As far as I can recollect, the villain in that Sherlock Holmes episode depended on use of darts, in a boat squirmish. I shall try to give here, a link to that Sherlock Holmes adventure, which is interesting to read.

All the original migrants of the 6000 BC from Nordics, might have classified themselves as Brahmins, with Supreme sacred chant enchanted arrows and darts (these are called astras in Sanskrit). They were few in numbers. Had they come to India with guns, Indian history might have been totally different. White servants of the White Brahmins were white kshatriyas, and were regarded as warriors, to defend their white masters, white Brahmins. The white Kshatriyas were given limited access to vEdas and magic chants of arrows and darts.

They did not want to inter-breed with Indian natives who were wheatish and black. In the internecine battles between Nordics and South European migrants through Egypt-Ethiopian-Arabian Sea route (these were phallus worshippers), gradually white warriors died. Some white Brahmins too died.

Gradually white migrants both Nordics and South European whites, realised that there was a need to admit red, yellow and black Indians into the Aryan Society. Thus, we have got the red kshatriyas (soldiers), yellow vysyas, black SUdras, described in the Vyasa Mahabharata verse quoted above.


Krishna has demonstrated (made people to believe) that he has some super-human super-natural powers. White Arjuna wanted to derive benefits from these superhumans powers of Krishna, and became his brother-in-law, by marrying his sister Subhadra. Krishna was aware though he has his weapon special-boomarang (Sanskrit: cakra), he did not have the arrows-darts with magical chants such as pAsupata, brahmAstra. Krishna wanted to become a relative of white rulers, to which Arjuna belongs. Thus, their interdependence started. It ended with the Mixed Breed Prince (White Arjuna+ Black Subhadra = mixed breed Abhimanyu, and his son parIkshit) becoming the ultimate successor to the throne. King Parikshit had an early death, owing to a snake bite. Mahabhagavata is the gist of preachings by Sage Suka to King Parikshit. Son of Parikshit, Janamejaya had a deep-rooted hatred towards snakes. The Epic Mahabharata is a narration by Vyasa's disciple VaiSampAyana to JanamEjaya. Naturally, it sings the paeans of their principal ancestors Arjuna and Krishna.

Krishna knew that becoming a brother-in-law of white Arjuna, was to their mutual advantage, because alone he could not get rid of his bete noir Jarasantha. By giving his sister Subhadra to Arjuna, Krishna could not only get rid of Jarasantha with the help of Arjuna's brother Bhima, but also ultimately he could make his nephew Abhimanyu's son Parikshit, succeed to the Kuru Dynasty.


With not much further migrations from Nordics and South Europe, white warriors gradually died out, while the While white Brahmins survived without participating in battles. With their self-claims and self-glories magic chants, they strengthened themselves as agents between Gods and Humans, conducting sacrifices, sending prayers to Gods in Sanskrit langauge, in exchange for gold, cows, houses, and cash.

The place of the White Warriors has been occupied by Red-yellow-black warriors. When Yadava Kings have started dominating the Malva Region (present day Rajasthan, Gujarat, Western MP, Hariyana), Krishna's role in Mahabharata and Maha Bhagavata has been raised multi-fold and Arjuna was partially reduced to servility to Krishna.

About Arjuna's racial and body-color-consciousness, we have to write more. To continue.

Subject to corrections and deletions. A lot more is to be added. To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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