Tuesday, June 14, 2016

774 Islamic Terrorism or Christian Terrorism or Dreams and Illusions of Hinduism as Universal Religion

Here is a Telugu e-mail from a friend who wants us to write something about Islamic Terrorism.

ఇస్లాం సామ్రాజ్యవాదమును గురించి, ఇప్పడు మన దేశానికి పట్టిన ఇప్పటి ఉగ్రవాదపీడని గురించి మీ సమగ్రమైన విశ్లేషణ, వివరణ ఆశించవచ్చా?

Approx. English Gist: Sir: Can we expect from you a comprehensive analyses and explanation about the pest of terrorism which has affected our country, and about the Islamic Imperialism?


Islamic Imperialism is nearly 1500 years old. Invading and conquering India was also a part of that madness. Of course, India might not have been a part of the Byzantine Empire. But, India too suffered heavily in the hands of the Arabic, Iranian, Turkish, Mongolian invaders who were all religiously mad.

In Europe, Byzantine Empire spread upto Gibralter. It culminated in 1453, when Constantinople (Istanbul) fell to Muhammad II. It continued upto the end of the First World War.

When we write of Islamic Imperialism, we cannot overlook Christian Imperialism. In its brazen form, it included Colonialism, slave trade, economic imperialism in the name of World Bank, IMF, WTO.

Back in India, we have thousands of people who believed that India taught the world everything under the sky, and that India is destined to rule the world. This type of day-dreams can be dangerous to a Nation in which at least 75% of people slog their everyday to earn just two square meals. If we do not learn lessons from the > 4000+years of our slavery from our Northwest, it will be no time within which we are again going to lose our hard-earned freedom.

The best example of this type of misplaced impractical and dangerous illusions can be seen in the statement attributed to one VHP Leader by name Sadhvi Prachi, on 8.6.2016, at Roorkee. Here is a quote, said to have been hers:

"...Now that we have achieved the mission of making a Congress-free India, it is time to make India, Muslim-free. We are working on that. ..."

Question: When your friend has asked you to write about Islamic Imperialism, you are writing about Indian illusions of Hindu Imperialism.

Ans: Okay. The root of people supporting imperialism(s) and terrorism(s) lies in their illiteracy and blind faith in their own religions. They believe whatever their clerics, mullas, pastors, priests say. Proletariat (Working Classes) have to change their ways. They cannot afford to remain passive. They have to educate themselves independently, without depending much on path-showers. Once, proletariat becomes enlightened, if an Enlightened Proletarian Democracy could be established, they will convert the Prayer Houses into Potato Warehouses, or schools or hospitals, or anything else truly useful to the society.


As far as India is concerned, the practitioners of West-Asian/European religions in India, will have to severe their umbellical cords with their (religions') foreign controllers. Indian Religions imported from abroad through invaders, will have to start and live their Indian lives, without depending for support from abroad. They should not expect Mr. Barak Obama or Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince to telephone India's PM, if there is a minor skirmish in a remote part of India.

It appears that, my friend wants me to recognise and highlight only on Islamic Terrorism and Islamic Imperialism. We can't deal with only Christian Terrorism or Islamic Terrorism in an isolated manner. There are two cliches and jargons, yet partial facts: "Terrorism has no religion", "Imperialism has no religion". An integrated perspective will be necessary. For that an enlightened Working Class is a pre-requisite. Unfortunately, Left Parties in India are failing to recognise this dire need.

Even retired Senior Police Officials too- seem to enjoy this type of dreams and illusions of establishing Hinduism as a Universal Religion. For proof, my Telugu leaders can see an article in Editorial Page of Andhra Jyothy dated 14th June 2016. Just as my donkey's delusions, his illusions have even quoted Swami Vivekananda, and claimed "satyamEva jayatE" (Truth alone triumphs"). If my Telugu readers happen to read this article, and if they have any questions, they are welcome to raise them. Translating the whole article into English, and presenting it here, by me without injuring its original intent, is difficult for me. I hope that the author cum Retired Police Officer of that article will translate it into English and publish it on net, so that our non-Telugu readers can also benefit.

In United States

It will be apt for Mr. Bernie Sanders, the loser for the Democratic Presidential Nomination 2016, to start a new Socialist Party in U.S.A., and take up the Enlightenment of Working Classes there.

Subject to corrections and deletions. A lot more is to be added. To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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