Monday, June 20, 2016

775 (Part 1/10) of "Is yOga necessary for Indians or for the World?

World Yoga Day is being celebrated with great fanfare in India on June 21 (today is June 21, 2016), under the leadership of our Great Prime Minister, Hon. Narendra Modi, who is reported to have participated in a Group Yoga Demonstration in Chandigarh today. As a donkey, this ybrao-a-donkey, feels it his duty to record some of his views (these may sound absurd and wierd to this country, and this world), with no malice towards anybody. This presentation is in a simple, question-answer form.

Question: Make yoga a part of your life, just as mobile phone is now a part of your life. Make yoga too a part of your life. Thus, our beloved PM says. Are you doing yoga?

During the years 1970-73 when I was working in a Bank during day time, studying B.Com., at Viveka Vardhini Evening College, Jambagh-Putli Bowli, Hyderabad, after returning home at 9 pm from College, as a bachelor, I used to do cook my food, wash my clothes. While keeping a watch on the boiling rice, I used to practise some yoga, on the advice of my some very active R.S.S. friends. During the period I had some tummy from excess food. My RSS friends suggested that yoga was a solution for tummies. By that time, I was already an agnostic, and about 80% atheist, on the peripheries. My RSS friends thought that I could be brought back to Bhakti yOga (Path of Devotion) if I join the RSS, understand its philosophies, participate in their morning SAkhAs (morning assemblies of the RSS branches for exercises with sticks, caps, knickers, and patriotic singing). I attended some SAkhAs in Sudha Talkies Area of Old City. My RSS friends, also used to inquire from me whether I was practising yoga, advised by them. In order not to lie with them, and inasmuch as I had no time with my office work + evening college + travel to and from work place, I used to do some night yoga work between 9 pm and 11 pm. I did not learn anything from that half-hearted practice.

India does not need yoga. It is not clear why India wants to induce the world to accept Yoga for Universal demonstration.

QUESTION 2: Why doesn't INdia need yoga?

Answer: Indian Proletariat (Working Class) of the Centuries prior to the 21st Century, used to have sufficient physical exercise, as a part of "earning their livelihood". After working for eight to 14 hours in the agricultural field / factories / master's house / master's shop / plying rented autos for livelihood / jogging through the city to sell goods on one's own head-load vending basket / one's own vending-cart / one's own dungeon-like home where livelihood-work is carried on at home, etc. they do have little energy left to perform yoga or meditation. Yoga and Meditation will be only for filthy-rich fatty guys, who over-eat, then feel uneasy, and then want for a temporary change, a deviation from gyms , pubs etc.

This situation has started changing in the 21st Century India, when Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler Companies have started dumping their stocks, with the help of Hire-purchase-financiers. Today, people use mobile phones, instead of going to various places. They use two wheelers, three wheelers, and four wheelers even for as short a distance as 500 meters. They use motor cycles and cars to go to sport clubs and gyms, and spend their time there with or without physical exercise.

Question 3: When the whole world is embracing yoga with open arms, why are you sceptical about it?

Answer: The whole world is not accepting. It is pretending to be accepting. Reason: India is sitting on foreign exchange reserves of about $370 billion, with substantial power to purchase aircraft, aircraft carriers, bombs, cars, drones, euranium, electronics, guns, iphones-condemned, liquors, nuclear reactors-condemned variety, operating systems and proprietary software, petroleum, radars, submarines and what not? All these things can be palmed off to India. Just by saluting to Gita, and pretending to perform some yogic postures, all these things can be sold to India and Indians.

Question 4: And, how did India accumulate all these exchange reserves?

By allowing foreign institutional investors to invest in Indian Companies which own massive pieces of land suitable for commercial development. Both the Central and State Governments in India have been very very liberal in granting land to Corporates both Indian and foreign, at throwaway prices of as little as Rs. 1/- per acre, in the name of Special Economic Zones and Industrial Parks. Once India, exhausts all its land to Foreign Investors, and once India exhausts all its foreign exchange reserves, no foreign Head of State, or Head of Government will look at Bhagavad Gita or at Yoga.

Things would have been different had India gathered its foreign exchange reserves by exporting manufacturing goods. Real strength of a country whether Capitalist or Socialist, lies in its export capabilities.

Question 5: Do you mean to say that the glories of Indian Yoga, and Bhagavad Gita, being received well by the World, are all illusions.

Ans: If they are not illusions, they are delusions. It will be a Himalayan blunder to get hallucinations, about mirages becoming perennial rivers. Reason: Every country thinks of , and tries to safeguard its own interests. Prima facie, everything may seem rosy, when Mr. Narendra Modi and Mr. Xi Jinping (President of China), sit comfortably on a swing-cradle in Ahmedabad. But when the test of allowing India to become a permanent member of Security Council, or a member of NSG, Chinese President will show his real 'avtAr' (incarnation). It will place every obstacle in the path of India, notwithstanding the fact, that India helped the Communist China become the member of Security Council, replacing the traditional member Taiwan China. China forgets its own history.

There are about 10 further questions to be answered. I shall answer shortly.

To continue. सशेष. సశేషం. Subject to further corrections.

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