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This is in continuation of our blog posts about 747, 748, and 771 about self-love, both asexual and sexual, including masturbation, both male and female. I have also given a few links to Western Websites which enlist the benefits of male masturbation, most of which delve around physiological aspects such as secretion of dopamine in brain, as a part of perceived rewards system. They have also explained some other benefits, some of which are reasonable. In post NO. 771, I promised to examine the socio-economic issues of self-love versus loving others (includes all humans including homo, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and hetero). Whatever we analyse, will apply to all the three sexes male-female-trans-genders, spouses, lovers, prositutes, etc. irrespective of the genders of the pronouns we use.
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Whatever a person in his bed-room or in study will be limited only to him. It does not create any legal or pecuniary obligations. No need to fall at the feet of spouse, a la the mythical King Dasaratha, who fell at the feet of Queen Kaikeyi. See the image at the top.

For those, who are not familiar with Indian Epic Valmiki Ramayana: DaSaratha was king of Ayodha. He has 350 wives, with three principal Queens Kausalya, Sumitra, Kakeyi. Dasaratha wanted to coronate his eldest son Shri Rama, born out of Kausalya, as the new King. Hearing the news, Queen Kaikeyi was initially happy. Misdirected by her maid servant Manthara, Kaikeyi went to her Anger room in the gynesium. When Dasaratha went to see Kaikeyi, with an object of sexual pleasure (2-10-17), he was directed to the Anger Room, where she was found to be lying on floor. He tried to pacify her in various ways, but she didn't relent. Then King Dasaratha fell at her feet, and made many appeals. Some of such appeals is worth noting:

Book 2, Chapter 10, Verse 32.
मा रोदीर्मा च कार्षिस्त्वं देवि संपरिशोषणम्
mA rOdIrmA ca kArshistvam dEvi sampariSOshaNam
अवध्यो वध्यतां को वा को वा वध्यो विमुच्यताम् |
avadhyO vadhyatAM kO vA ko vA vadhyO vimucyatAm
दरिद्रः को भवेदाढ्यो द्रव्यवान्वाप्यकिञ्चनः ||
daridraha kO bhaved ADhyO dravyavAn vApyA kincanaha.

Approx. English
Don't weep, and get your body dehydrated and weakened. (You tell what you desire). I shall kill a person who deserves not to be killed. I shall release a person who deserves to be killed. I shall make a poor person a wealthy man. Or I shall make a wealthy person, a destitute.

Book 2 (Ayodhya Kanda), Chapter 12 (sarga 12), Verse 14.
तदलम् त्यज्यतामेष निश्चयः पापनिश्चये |
tadalam tyajya tAmESh niscayaha pApa niscayE |
अपि ते चरणौ मूर्ध्ना स्पृशाम्येष प्रसीद मे | |
api tE caraNau mUrdhna spriSAbhyEsh prasIda mE ||.

O sinner ! Enough is enough. Give up your wicked resolve. I shall even tough your feet with my head. Pl. be graceful to me.

पृथिव्याम् सागरान्तायाम् यत्किञ्चैदधिगम्यते |
prithivyAm sAgarAntAyam yat kingcit adhigamyatE
तत्सर्वम् तव दास्यामि मा च त्वाम् मन्युराविशेत् ||
tat sarvam tava dAsyAmi mA ca tvAm manyur AviSEt.

Approx. English
Entire earth upto the Seas, I shall give you. Let not anger overwhelm you.

Addiction to other sex has made the King to offer to kill an innocent person and release a guilty fellow. It made him to offer to reduce a rich person into penury, and to enrich a poor fellow, simply because, the other sex wants! In case of "SELF-LOVE", THIS SHAMEFUL COLLAPSE AND DESCENT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

Dasaratha's own son, Shri Rama, after leaving to forest exile of 14 years, expressed his unhappiness at his father and called him kAmAtma.(One who is overwhelmed by lust).
2-53-8, Ayodhya Kanda, Chapter 53
Anaathaha caiva vruddhaha ca
mayaa caiva vinaakrutaha
kim karishyati kaama aatmaa
Kaikeeyyaa vasham aagataha. CONTEXT The very second day of the first year in the forest, Rama revealed his mind to Lakshmana. ENGLISH GIST Orphaned, aged, deprived of help from me, fallen in the control and grip of Kaikeeyi, what the lustful soul (kaama aatma) will do (kim karishyati)? 2-53-10 Koo hi avidvaan api pumaan pramadaayaaha krutee tyajeet chanda anuvartinam putram taataha maam iva Lakshman`a!

Rama was opening out his heart to Lakshmana.

Oh Lakshmana! Howsoever deluded a person may be under the guile of a woman, which man will at his will and pleasure shed (or throw out or abandon) a son like me?

2-53-13, Ayodhya Kanda, Chapter 53
artha dharmau parityajya
yah kaamam anuvartate
eevam aapadyatee kshipram
raajaa Dasharatho yathaa.

ENGLISH GIST Whoever sheds his goals of duty and prosperity/wealth and follows the path of lust will fast fall in danger, like the king Dasaratha.

Won't SELF-LOVE, whether with masturbation or without masturbation, be better than begging spouses for sexual favours????

Subject to corrections and deletions. A lot more is to be added. To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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