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447 Poor, but Optimistic fellow Hindusthan Shipyard Limited Chairman! Kudos to CPM for opposing closure.

४४७ दीन, अभाग्यशाली हुये तो भी आशावान, हिंदूस्थान षिपयार्ड लिमिटॆड के छैर्मन, वे प्रशंसार्ह है।  षिप यार्ड देहांत करने के केंद्रीय सरकारी निर्णय को विरुध्ध करने, खडे रहने के साहसी सीपीऎम को अभिनंदन।

౪౪౭ దీనుడు, అభాగ్యశాలి అయినప్పటికి ఆశాజీవి కదా హిందూస్థాన్ షిప్ యార్డ్ ఛెయిర్మన్.  షిప్ యార్డ్ మూసివేతను వ్యతిరేకించినందుకు సీపీఎమ్ కి అభినందనలు.

I reproduce below first few paragraphs of  the Hindusthan Shipyard's Chairman's speech , available on their website as .  षिपयार्ड् छॆयिरमन के पूर्ण भाषण देखने के लिये आप उपरोक्त लिंक क्लिक कर सकते है।  హిందూస్థాన్ షిప్ యార్డ్ ఛెర్మన్ గారి పూర్తి ప్రసంగాన్ని చూడటానికి, షిప్ యార్డ్ వెబ్ సైట్ కి వెళ్ళటానికి క్లిక్

1. I have the great pleasure in welcoming you to this 62nd Annual General Meeting of your company and share some of significant achievements during the year under review. The Directors Report, &Audited Financial Statements have already been circulated to you, with your permission, I take them as read.
2. Before I move to performance of our company, I would like to highlight the some of the issues of Global Shipbuilding vis-a-vis Indian Shipbuilding Industry.
World Shipbuilding Scenario
3. Global Shipbuilding Industry continues to be dominated by China, Korea and Japan. In the interim, other countries such as Vietnam, Brazil and Philippines and Turkey have made impressive inroads. The global recession ,that severely hit the Industry in beginning 2009, is now showing signs of improvement. By end of 2014, it is hoped  that the Industry will recover and this heralds good fortunes for HSL.
Shipbuilding Scenario in India
4. India has an extensive coastline of more than 7,515 km and has a pool of trained man-power that best suits shipbuilding Industry. However, Indian shipbuilding industry has not been able to capitalize its strengths and remains far behind in the international stage.
5. As per an analysis conducted by ASSOCHAM, Indian Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Industry is likely to witness
opportunities worth Rs 25,000 Cr in coming years as over 41% of Indian ships have crossed 20 years of operations.India has a total of 1,122 ships in its fleet and 41 per cent of this fall in the age group of 20 years and more.Considering that the average life of a shipping vessel is about 26 years,  most of the existing vessels need to be replaced. An average cost of constructing a large vessel is about $100 million. Therefore, the size of this opportunity would be $3.3 billion.
 6. Commercial ship construction at Indian shipyards is dwindling and all private shipyards are now looking for share in the Defence Shipbuilding which is commercially  very attractive. There is also a trend to encourage participation of private yards in defence shipbuilding. This will throw major challenges to HSL in the coming years.
 7. Now I move ahead to the major highlights of your Company and its performance during the period under review.
Major Highlights
 8. The Major highlights of the year 2013-14 are as under
      (a) Despite severe financial crisis, the yard has delivered five vessels during the year under  review.
      (b) Some of the noteworthy achievements are as follows: 
            (i) Delivery of Second of 05 nos Inshore Patrol Vessels for Indian Coast Guard.
            (ii) Delivery of M V Good Day,fourth of 05 nos (53000 DWT) Bulk Carriers to M/s GML Chennai
            (iii) Launching & Delivery of 03 nos. 50 Ton Bollard Pull Tugs to Indian Navy
            (iv) Repair of 20 Vessels of different types for Indian Navy, DCI, ONGC and VPT etc..
            (v) The refit of INS Sindhukirti and Project VC 11184 has been put back on track.

ybrao-a-donkey's humble views वैबीराव गधे के विनम्र राय వైబీరావ గాడిద వినమ్ర వ్యాఖ్య, అభిప్రాయం

      See the praiseworthy work done by Hindusthan Shipyard Ltd.  It is foolish for the Government to say that HSL will be closed down because it is incurring losses.   Thousands of Private Sector Units and Corporate Businesses are sick incurring millions of Rupees of losses, in turn forcing the Public Sector Banks sick.  Why doesn't the Government take coercive steps to close down such non-performing Private Sector robbers?

As can be seen above, HSL did great work for the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, Dredging Corporation of India, ONGC, Visakhapatnam Port Trust.  It has also delivered four bulk carriers.  Not a small thing.

If HSL is closed down Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, Dredging Corporation of India, ONGC, VPT will suffer.  They will be at the mercy of the Private Sector buffoons and MNC vultures.

What is the meaning of Make in India, if we close a performing Unit?  If a performing Unit incurs losses, efforts should be made to plug the loopholes.  Closing down is never a solution.  Government of India every year runs in deficit.  Should we close down the Government of India, and ask Obama or Xi Jinping to take over the ownership of India?
photos courtesy wikipedia

Blindly closing or privatising public sector units serves no purpose.  We cannot kill a sick person, simply because he-she is sick.  This is an era of organ transplantation.  If human livers, hearts, kidneys can be replaced with healthier ones, can't we find solutions for Organisations?

Problem with bourgeoisie parties is, even before coming to power, they are predetermined to close the public sector and hand them over on golden plates to private fellows and MNCs, along with the precious thousands of acres of land owned by the PSUs.

Kudos to CPIM for opposing the shut down of Hindusthan Shipyard.

Hindi and Telugu versions will be added later.

(1000 pages can be written on this topic).
To continue.  सशेष.  ఇంకా ఉంది.

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