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746 Is it true that worshippers of phallus Lord Shiva will attain Shiva's abode, while the worshippers of idol Shiva will get only ordinary heavens?

This is in continuation of our blogpost No. 680 Click if you wish to study 680 . TV 9 Telugu Channel broadcast a mukhAmukhi (person-to-person) interview with Shri Chaganti Koteswara Rao, one of the top Telugu Religious-Discourse Speakers in Telugu language, at about 7.30 p.m., on 8th May 2016. He has, also recently, been appointed as a Consultant to Government of Andhra Pradesh. This interview lasts nearly 45 minutes. TV9 Interviewer was Shri Jaffer. I accidentally happened to view it. For the benefit of our Readers, I provide a Link for those who wish to see it: Click to go to youtube+tv9 . Shri Jaffer, though somewhat hesitantly, but discreetly, tried to obtain answers, for some of the controversial questions, for which he wanted to obtain clear answers from Shri Koteswara Rao garu.

At this moment, I can only say that Shri Chaganti Koteswara Rao garu, endeavoured to steer away from controversies, and fairly succeeded in it. But, we must keep in mind, the controversies remain as they are, or will aggravate, because everything in this world, India, Andhra Pradesh are directed by the invisible ghost of 'A MONETISED ECONOMY'. As Karl Marx had pointed out, all human activities are ' economic / monetary / pecuniary ' activities. All these activities are like 'forced steps' in a game of chess. There is no escape. History also shows that nobody could escape.

Scripture Discourse-speakers like Shri Chaganti Koteswara Rao, Shri Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma, Shri Garikapati Narasimha Rao, et al. they seem to follow one standard practice: Stick to scriptures. Quote that scripture, which is convenient for their argument. They do not question what is contained in the scriptures, even where deficiencies are CLEARLY VISIBLE, because, organisers of discourses, audiences of discourses, do not allow that. Hence, discourse speakers will always swim along the currents and enjoy adulation and prestige. Why incur the wrath of organisers and audiences , by searching for truth(s) and fact(s)?

Of course, for the sake of pluralism, and mutual tolerance, they need not unduly criticise scriptures and verses. They can express their personal view, tell that it is only a personal view, apologise to the organisers and audiences for differing with the standard view. But then, why should anybody experiment?

It is not clear, on what basis, the Government of Andhra Pradesh, has appointed Shri Chaganti Koteswara Rao as a Consultant, while there are many others who are equally eminent. Did they invite applications? Did they conduct interviews? Who has first drafted the Note initiating the procedure for the appointment of the Consultant? What reasons did heshe give, for CONSIDERING THAT THERE IS A NEED FOR A CONSULTANT AT ALL? What are the reasons for CONSIDERING THAT SHRI KOTESWARA RAO IS THE MOST APPROPRIATE PERSON TO BE APPOINTED AS CONSULTANT? It will be better, if somebody applies for this information under RTI Act and places it on Net.

Notes: I am not FOR or AGAINST Shri Koteswara Rao's appointment. He may be the best person for becoming a Consultant. But, has the Government of Andhra Pradesh clearly defined the role of a Consultant? Are there Consultants for Alien Religions also?

On 8th May 2016, before I went into my father's room, to help him watch TV Channels, I was breaking my head on how PHALLUS WORSHIP (also: phallic worship) has started and got popularised in India. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, might have adeptly reconstructed the mythological and historical origins and eventual sequences of phallic worship in India, vis-a-vis Vishnu worship in India. I was convincing myself that I am too incapable and incompetent to do it.

QUESTION: Say categorically and unambiguously, whether you support the practice of phallic worship actively prevalent even in the 21st Century India.

Ans: I do not want to criticise 'phallic-worship' in India, 21st Century, in its present form. Reasons:

1. The crucial question here is NOT " whether phallic worship is justified or not. ". The real question is, whether to believe in Gods(Goddesses) or not. This question, we have to explore truth, without hurting the current environment of PLURALISM, and RESPECTING THE FAITHS AND BELIEFS OF OTHERS. Not only that, we should not impose or try to impose our views on others, but also even try to present our views to others and convince them UNASKED. The main advantage of BLOGGING in this respect is, it fulfils both the requirements. Pressing back button is always available. Readers are free to press BACK-BUTTON at any moment, if they find that something which disturbs their beliefs and faiths, is being given UNASKED.

2. Most of those in India, who pray before a stone phallus, do not VIEW it or CONSDIER it as a male sexual organ of Lord Shiva, and pAnavaTTam as female sexual organ of Goddess Parvati. For their eyes, the phallus represents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

3. A study done by me on Internet about the criticism against Indians, about their practice of phallus worship, has revealed that most of such criticism is from FANATICS AND PREACHERS of alien religions. Their intention apparently is, either to belittle Indian Culture, or to convert people, by highlighting one several thousand year old inherited practice as something totally abominable, and despicable. What they are doing is without GOOD FAITH. Critics should criticise with a clean mind. As long as the idea is to insult other religions, convert people of other religions into one's own religion, the GOOD FAITH will be missing.

4. As a part of my studies, on human sexual behaviors, I have seen thousands of pornographic videos and read pornographic stories, both Indian, and the Global. What I have found in most of them, is the OMNIPRESENCE OF ORAL SEX in bulk of the videos, and the stories. The size of PORNO INTERNET is three times the size of ALL OTHER INTERNET PAGES COMBINED TOGETHER. The entire world, including the so called Developed World and the Great-Civilised World of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, is enamoured with LICKING and SUCKING SEXUAL ORGANS.

I do not wish to say oral sex is abominable or honorable or daily repeatable. This is because such criticism goes against the very idea of human-rights, human-freedoms. Human Sexual Behaviors are bound to be DIVERGENT, and it is also part of SEXUAL PLURALISM, just as we have RELIGIOUS PLURALISM, in the arena of GODs(Goddesses)..

What I wish to highlight is: If the so-called enlightened Great Citizens of the Developed Alien Religious World can day-in and day-out indulge in LICKING AND SUCKING, what is wrong if some culture, which follows ancient traditions inherited and evolved over Centuries, and that too imported from the same Europe continues a custom of STONE PHALLUS WORSHIP without KNOWING OR CONSIDERING THAT IT REPRESENTS A SEXUAL ORGAN?

5. Now, the same Developed World and the Great-Civilised World of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, which is ENAMOURED with LICKING and SUCKING, FINDING fault with Indians worshipping stone phalluses goes against the Bible maxim Luke 6:42:

New Living Translation
How can you think of saying, 'Friend, let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,' when you can't see past the log in your own eye? Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend's eye.

Everybody in the RICH and DEVELOPED WORLD knows that, both male and female sexual organs are also associated with urine. Owing to this, they appear somewhat dirty. Simultaneously, humans may also recognise that they perform a sacred duty of cleansing human bodies, and also help humans to produce their off-springs. This might have led to phallus-worship during the process of human evolution.

6. One significant thing, which most Euro-American-ANZ great developed citizens who denigrate Indians as phallus worshippers, do not know that phallus worship spread from Europe to India. In our previous blog posts, readers may find a view that Aryans migrated from Scandinavia and Baltics to India through Iran, Iraq, and Bactria. But, there is not enough evidence to believe that phallus worship existed in Baltics. On the other hand phallus worship seems to have existed in Italy and Greece. Though Christianity tried to eradicate the pre-Christian Culture and erase the pre-Christian History of Europe, Universities there can try to reconstruct their past, instead of just hanging around the Medieval Christian practices.

7. The migrants from South Europe to India, can also be considered as Aryans, and they have brought the phallic worship into India. Histories of Europe and United States show that migrants from Europe to United States, fought among themselves in USA, while at the same time despising the American Indians and pushing them to Northwest States like Indiana. In the same manner, North European Aryans (Vishnu worshippers) and the South European Aryans (Phallus worshippers) fought among themselves in India, while at the same time despising Native Asian Indians and pushing them deep South into the peninsula and also to the South East Asia.

8. It may be found that most of the demons in Indian Mythology happen to be devotees of Lord Shiva and were dedicated phallus worshippers. Examples: Ravana. All the three important scriptures of Indian Mythology happen to be in praise of Lord Vishnu.

9. We shall, now, see the Vyasa Mahabharata verse (Book 12 , Book of PEACE, shAnti parva). Chapter 185. Verse No. 105. This is an important verse, for Indian Mythology and Indian History, for discussing their evolutions. I am also giving the verse in Telugu script and Telugu language for the benefit of the Telugu Land Readers.

--Santi Parva 181 005 (bhrigu explained to bharadvAja):

brahmaNAnAm sito varNah
kshatriyANAm tu lohitah-
vaiSyAnAm pItako varNah
SUdrANAm asitas tathA

brahmins white color. kshatriyas red color. vaisyas yellow color. sUdras black color.

బ్రాహ్మణానాం సితో వర్ణః
క్షత్రియాణాం లోహితః
వైశ్యానాం పీతకో
శూద్రానాం అసితస్ తథా.

శ్లోకసారం: బ్రాహ్మణులది తెలుపు రంగు. క్షత్రియులది ఎరుపు రంగు. వైశ్యులది పసుపు రంగు. శూద్రులది నలుపు రంగు.

From Tikkana Telugu Mahabharatam :

శాంతిపర్వం, చతుర్ధాశ్వాసం, 97వ పద్యం. సీసపద్యం.

ఆగమ సత్య ధర్మాచార తపముల
కునికిపట్టుకాగ వనజభవుడు
కలిగించె మును బ్రాహ్మణుల మఱి కల్పించె
నృప వైశ్య శూద్రుల నిర్మలాత్మ
బ్రాహ్మణాదికముగఁ బరగు నన్నాలుగు
జాతుల యుజ్జ్వల ఛాయ లోలి
సొంపారు తెలుపునుఁ గెంపును బసపుచా
యయుఁ గప్పునయ్యు నండ్రార్య వర్యు

ఆటవెలది పద్యం.
లాత్మ కర్మ మెడలి యనులోమ వృత్తి నె
జ్జాతి సొచ్చు నన్యజాతి పనికి
దానికట్టి భంగి దలకొనుఁ బెక్కులు
పనులఁ జేసి జారతనము వచ్చు.

English essence of the tikkana's Telugu verse, as far as colors of castes, and body colors are concerned, is same as Vyasa's original.

In post No. 680, I have used the verse to indicate that because Aryans were white, they allocated the WHITE color to their bodies, treating themselves as BRAHMINS (general meaning priest class or priest class. Literal meaning: Those who know the Supreme Spirit), and making themselves the TOPMOST caste, in the four caste hierarchy (cAtur varNyam). If Aryans were natives of India, black/fair/wheat colored Indians, the Black-fair Indians ought to have been given Top 1 status. White persons must have been given No. 4. Red persons= 2nd rank. Yellow persons= 3rd rank. Because the Aryans were white, they allocated No. 1 rank to "white" bodies persons. This sufficiently substantiates the idea that Aryans migrated into India from the White World, and not vice versa. Some black-fair-wheat Indians might have migrated to Europe in Ancient/Medieval times. But Black-fair-wheat persons never got first rank in the European hierarchies. The few Black-fair-wheat Indians who migrated to Europe might have got in Europe only a menial treatment.

In post No. 680, I could not sufficiently explain why Kshatriyas (Warriors) were given 'red' bodies, Vysyas (Merchants) were given 'yellow bodies'. Sudras (servants, small farmers, laborers) getting 'black' bodies is understandable.

I can give one explanation now: Those early batches of White Aryans who migrated into India, declared themselves as Brahmins, No. 1 rank, white color. Being No. 1 caste, they exempted themselves from physical labor, low-level soldier jobs. Higher level military jobs such as (Commissioned Officers in modern Armies such as Generals, Lieutenant Generals, Major Generals, etc.), they did not mind to take up. E.g.: drONa, aSvaththAma, kripAcArya in Mahabharata. They also reserved and restricted for themselves the astra-vidya (perceived art of empowering ordinary arrows and darts with magic chants such as brahmAstra, nArAyaNAstra, pASupata, etc.). For this reason only ParaSurama refused to take Karna as a disciple. Valmiki Ramayana proved the Brahmin VasishTha's superiority over King VisvAmitra.

The North Indians were relatively RED-der in complexion, when compared to Eastern Indians (yellow) and Southern Indians (fair-black). Hence, the North Indians were admitted into Aryanism, accorded RED colored bodies, made warriors (with or without astra-vidya) , and were called kshatriyas.

Yellow castes and tribes of Central and East India were given 'yellow' color. They were made merchants and medium farmers.

Fair-black colored Indians were made Sudras (servants, laborers and marginal farmers).

These classifications might have evolved during any time between or throughout 1000 BC to 500 A.D.

We must always remember that 21st Century castes Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vysyas, Sudras, Yadavs, Kayasthas, etc. etc. are all mixed persons. We cannot call them Aryans or Dravidians or some body else , in a pure sense.


We have already seen that it is imported from South Europe. North European Aryans (Vishnu worshippers) and the South European Aryans (phallus worshippers), though fought with one another, have also exchanged their practices of worship, and started tolerating one another. For this reason only, Vyasa Mahabharata, is only a Vishnu scripture, in its DroNa Parva (Volume 7), in its fag end, has sufficient number of verses, which glorify the merits of worshipping Lord Shiva in a PHALLUS FORM. I am quoting just one verse as a sample:

Book 7, Chapter 203, Verse 140. 7-203-140 పూజయేద్విగ్రహం యస్తు లింగం చాపి మహాత్మనః।
లింగం పూజయితా నిత్యం మహతీం శ్రియమశ్నుతే॥


pUjayEt vigraham yastu
lingam ca api mahAtmanaha
lingam pUjayitA nityam
mahatIm Sriyam aSnutE.

Idol or symbol (phallus) can be worshipped. The word mahAtma (Great soul) applies to Arjuna. Sage Vyasa was telling Arjuna.
But, worshipping phallus will do great(er) good.

Context in Mahabharata. The Commander of Kaurava forces, Dronacharya was killed by DhrishTadyumna. Arjuna found one strange person walking before him and his chariot.

When Sage Vyasa visited Pandavas, Arjuna sought a clarification from Sage Vyasa about the strange person who was leading him everywhere. Sage Vyasa told him that the strange person was Lord Shiva (also known as mahAdEva, Shankara et al). All the time Lord Shiva, while though surrounding him invisibly, was protecting Arjuna.

Sage Vyasa preached a set of hymns called SATA RUDRIYAM (Hymn to 100 Lord Shivas) to Arjuna. Vyasa explained in detailed the importance of worshipping Shiva in a phallic form.

The other verses in drONa parva, which stress the greatness of phallus-worship, I shall add here later.

TAIL PIECE धूमकेतु తోక చుక్క

Every Friday, morning at 9.30 a.m. All India Radio, Vijayavada Station, in a program called 'sAhitya sravanti', broadcasts a series of scholarly lectures on Mahabharata.

In one of such lectures, broad cast at 9.30 a.m., on 6th May 2016 Friday, the Discourse Orator explained the last part of DrONa parva (Book 7 of Mahabharata). After narrating the episode of Sage vyAsa explaining to Arjuna, the reason for the strange person preceding and leading Prince Arjuna, the Orator concluded by saying (as per my listening and perception. I may be wrong. Readers may correct me) :

Those who worship Lord Shiva in his phallic form, will go to Shiva's abode i.e. kailAsa, also called rudra lOka. Those who worship Lord Shiva in his ordinary form (human like form ? River Ganga on hairlocks, Crescent moon in hair locks, Third eye and ash on forehead, Snake King vAsuki as garland, tiger skin as waist garment etc. etc.) will go to other heavens such as svarga (ordinary heaven ruled by Indra).

He also added that drONa, being a Brahmin went to Brahma's abode (Creator's world, also called satya lOka).

I am unable to trace the relative verses in Book 7 drONa Parva, which specifically mention that phallic worship will give superior Shiva's abode rudralOka-kailAs, and that idol worshippers will get ONLY ordinary Indra's heavens.

I have already clarified to my friend Race Gurram that our blog is not a devotional blog. Yet, somehow, I am spending lot of my resources and time on these devotional things. We have to shift to Socio-Economic Problems of India.

One clarification: Idol worship, phallic worship have their AUDIO-VISUAL value, though they may not have any real value, as the very existence of a God itself needs deeper investigation. Hence, there should be no need for fanatics and preachers of alien religions to insult Indian Culture. Instead, the preachers and fanatics of alien religions should feel ashamed that they are doing their religious propaganda on a very very narrow philosophic or investigative base. While it will be better for Indians to become irreligious, if not atheistic, as that will save lot of resources, labor, expenditure, space, they need not get much agitated. They can also continue their existing cultural practices, without taking them to their extremities. Path of Reformation i.e. we can call "sanskaraNa yOga" will be better.

Subject to corrections and deletions. To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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