Monday, May 9, 2016

747 (Part 1/10) Self-love need not degenerate individuals into sologamy or narcissism.

Here is a link to a webpage titled which deals with some instances of culmination of self-love into self-marriages. Most of the examples covered in this report, relate to self-marriages by women, following all the religious ceremonies, but apparently without the consent or participation of the Church or the State. Anyway, we need not find fault with these (superficially) odd things which are happening in Developed Societies. Reason: When gay marriages are legalised, lesbian marriages are legalised, what will be wrong in legalising 'self-marriages' ?

This subject is worth writing a thousand pages about.

Self-love may not have anything to do with marriages with males, marriages with females, marriages with bisexuals and trans-genders, or self-marriages.

This effervescence, fizzy, bubbling vivacity and enthusiasm need not necessarily restrict itself only to feminine gender. Like the 'springs suppressed for long periods' when loosened, relax themselves and expand wildly, the centuries' suppressed feminine instincts may be expressing themselves with greater exuberance than may be justified. However, these expressions, instincts, exuberances etc. tend to be somewhat fluid and subjective, depending on the time and place, the environment.

Notwithstanding the prevalence of self-marriages more in feminine gender, Self-Love has become a subject worth experimenting about, by individuals, both males and females.

The above web-page dealing with SELF-LOVEs culminating into SELF-MARRIAGES has received 36 comments, which are also worth reading.

Self-love need not degenerate into sologamy or into narcissism. Self-wedding need not be compulsory for demonstrating self-love. There may not be any need to demonstrate to the world, one's own self-love. Actions speak better than speeches, written words, and demonstrations. Again actions need not be pre-contemplated and deliberate. Actions of self-love and love of others, are to be natural and spontaneous.

While narcissism and sologamies may sometimes lead to a sort of mental disorders and obsessions, self-love fuelled by circumstances and supported by a clear understanding of the concept among individuals, may not lead to psychological or psychiatric disorders. The one thousand pages necessity to write about has something to do with the need to overcome objections, and social taboos.

Self-love may not be repugnant with the broader goals of ATHEISM and TRUE SOCIALISM which I am trying to aspouse.

Self-love need not necessarily mean a degenerated mindset.

Subject to corrections and deletions. To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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