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639 Article of Shri Borra Govardhan about Vaidika Marxism. श्री बॊर्रा गोवर्धन के , रंगनायकम्माजी की अंबेद्करिस्टुल भ्रमलु व्यास पर विमर्श రంగనాయకమ్మ గారి అంబేద్కరిస్టుల భ్రమలు వ్యాసంపై శ్రీ బొర్రా గోవర్ధన్ గారి వైదిక మార్క్సిజం అనే విమర్శ

In my post No. Click to go to 634 , we have taken note of the article titled "AmbedkarisTula bhramalu (The illusions of Ambedkarists" penned by renowned Telugu Author (Muppalla) Ranganayakamma. Link to her Article in, is available in that post. Some of the issues raised by her are worth discussing. Before we could discuss some of them, one Shri Borra Govardhan has written a critic of that article "AmbEdkarisTula bhramalu" , published in , dated 30th Dec. 2015. Here is the link to containing the article of Shri Govardhan. Title of the article: "Vaidika Marxism వైదిక మార్క్సిజమ్". Click to go to the article of Shri Borra Govardhan.

We have to wait till some more people write about Late Ambedkar, Ranganayakamma, the Illusions of Ambedkarists, the Vaidika Marxism. Shri Govardhan defined the Vaidika Marxism in one straight forward sentence. In Telugu: "mEmu ceppindE vEdam, naDicindE mArgam, mEm tappanTE tappE, oppanTE oppE. This is the primary characteristic of the Vedic ideas. ". English gist: "Whatever we say is Veda. Whatever path we tread is the (true) Path. If we say that something is wrong, then it is wrong. If we say that something is right, it is right only.

I do not wish to particularly point out at Ms. Ranganayakamma. It appears that most people who swear by or who are committed to some principles (including ybrao-a-donkey), be it Marxism or something else, seem to have this trait of trying to dictating terms to others. This problem of intolerance to criticism (immaterial whether the criticism is justified or not justified), seem to prevail even in Top Leaders of CPI and CPM. It is not exactly the type of authoritarianism which is conspicuous in bourgeoisie parties like Congress and BJP.

Lack of internal democracy in Bourgeoisie Parties like Congress and BJP is understandable. How can we explain the lack of internal democracy in CPI and CPM which are based in Theories?

While I am typing this review, I heard on the All India Radio News, about the passing away of CPI Former General Secretary Shri A.P. Bardhan. CPI and CPM seems to be losing all their aged leaders and Party Workers, while replenishments are NOT TAKING PLACE. This may lead to extinction of Communist Movement in India. Let us hope that it is not going to happen.

1. The issue of the miserable State of the Untouchable Classes in British India, is an internal issue of the Indian Nationals. The participants in the three Round Table Conferences which were held in London between 1931-1932 argued their sectoral cases, instead of arguing on behalf of India as a Nation. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was no exception. While the British chose to enslave us with DIVIDE AND RULE rool, we fell a victim to that.

2. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar seems to have thought that separate Constituencies for Dalits will bring them liberation. Now, of course a hind sight, History of Independent India 1947-2015, shows that in spite of Electoral reservations, Reservations in Educational Institutions, Reservations in Govt. Jobs, the Scheduled Castes did not progress much. Reservations were just like Amritanjan or Zandu Balm, whereas India suffered from a major malady.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar seems to have forgotten to take a serious note of the fact that bulk of the productive assets of India, in 1947 or in 2015 are not owned by Dalits or Scheduled Tribes or Backward Classes. In every village, town, City, they are controlled by few families. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, being the Chief Drafter of the Indian Constitution, ought to have drafted for
a) Removal of Private Property all types of rights, and inheritance.
b) Treating every Indian as a Government Employee, with equality.
c) Removal of Currency System, role of money
d) Removal of marriage and family system. Free women from care of off-springs. Society to raise children once they attain an age of 5 years.
e) Common Civil code irrespective of castes and religions. Close prayer houses, prayer assemblies.
f) Removal of kitchens in individual homes. Guaranteed Free Supply of food packets to living quarters to every citizens.
g) Guaranteed living quarters to all Indians, with no right of sale, gifting, inheritance.
h) All needs of citizens such as food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, everything free and provided by the Society (State).
i) Automatic care of aged persons by State.
j) Free citizens from the risks of farming, trade, industry, and businesses. All risks are borne by the State.
k) Ban on private cars. Any gadget which the Western Society invents and introduces in its Consumerist markets, Socialist India will provide to all Socialist Citizens FREE OF COST. Upgradation from one paradigm to another paradigm should take place only after lower level needs of all the citizens are met by the State. Example: Only after State provides Two wheelers to all the Citizens, the question of making cars will have to be taken up. Till then, all the Citizens have to be stopped at the level of Public Transport or at the level of Two wheelers.

Dr. Ambedkar, probably might not have thought of COMPLETE SOCIALISM + DEMOCRACY AS A SOLUTION FOR the Untouchables of INDIA, if not for 100% of Citizens of India.

The above are only some examples. More can be added.

(Incomplete. to continue). सशेष. సశేషం.

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