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640 Extremeties can be dangerous. Middlepath should not be Cat-on-the-wall type. अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत । मध्यम मार्ग अभिलषणीय, परन्तु यह दीवार पर बिल्ली के तरह नहीं होना । हमारे राय स्पष्ट ही रहना। అతి సర్వత్ర వర్జయేత్. మధ్యమ మార్గము ఎల్లపుడూ అభిలషణీయమే. కానీ అది గోడమీద పిల్లి లాగా ఉండవలదు. మన భావాలు స్పష్టంగానే ఉండాలి.

Important trigger for this post. Context: New Year Day Joys. An Article by James Bartholomew in, U.K. Here is the link for those who wish to study it: This article is somewhat nostalgic. Gist: Britishers traditionally enjoyed fun, wine, women, joviality etc. etc. Now, everything is gone. There is some artificial grimness everywhere.

इस पोस्ट के लिये ट्रिग्गर। पठने के लिये क्लिक.

ఈ పోస్టుకు ట్రిగ్గర్ స్పెక్టేటర్.కామ్ లో జేమ్స్ బార్తలోమ్యు అను వారు వ్రాసిన బ్రిటీష్ లు ఇంక ఫన్ ను ఎందుకు ఎంజాయ్ చేయలేరు. ఆనందమంతా ఎక్కడికి వెళ్ళింది. గతంలో బ్రిటీష్ వారికి ఎక్కడ చూసినా ఫన్, ఆనందం, వైన్, విమెన్, మొ. ఇపుడు ఎక్కడ చూసినా ఏడుపు ముఖాలే. అందరూ సీరియసే. ఎందుకు ఇలా జరగింది, అని రచయిత గారు వాపోయారు.చదవాలనుకున్నవారికి లింకు.

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We shall have a look a Indians. In the Western eyes, Indians are supposed to be Spiritualistic, always thinking of death, next birth, striving for relief from the cycles of births and deaths, popularly called liberation (mOksha or mukti).

But for the English New Year Day 2016, how much did Indians spend on Fun and Frolic, Liquor and Women? No authentic figures are available about women, because Prostitution is not legal in India, though it is ubiquitous. Amount spent on New Year Parties and Liquors, the amount can be at least $ 1 billion (100 crore dollars or Rs. 65,000 approx.). This is only an Estimate.

Liquors are of two types. 1. Licenced Liquors, on which State Governments extract their Shylock's premium. 2. Unlicenced spurious liquors, where the adulterers can blend liquors with poisonous substances like methyle alcohol, or exotic substances like soap-nut fruit juice. Thus the official Liquor Sales data from the State Governments do not reflect the facts which should include the sale volumes of spurious liquors.

Indians are really spiritual , pun intended, full of alcoholic spirits. If Britishers lacked an environment of fun and joy in their native land, they can visit India, stay at Indian Hotels, have as much fun as possible. No questions will be asked as long as Sterling Pounds, US Dollars and Rupees are thrown away.

Question: Do you mean to say that all INdians are enjoying the fun, and frolic?

Ans: Difficult to answer this question. For example, if a man earns Rs. 500/- and if he goes to a Bar-cum-Restaurant, throws away the 500 bucks, buys wine, enjoy some dances, goes home at 12 night and thrashes his wife and children, can we say that he really is enjoying the fun and frolic? We can say with confidence that at least 40% of Indians consisting of women, children, mothers and fathers are not enjoying. How can they enjoy beatings by their family-heads?

Do you want Pure Marxism to dominate India and become a Cult of the Nation?

Ans: We can never allow anything to become Cults. For this reason only, I always argue that Workers should get sufficiently enlightened to THINK INDEPENDENTLY, ACT INDEPENDENTLY, without depending on CULT BOSSES, CULT PHILOSOPHERS.

In my post No. Click to go to problemsoftelugus post 638 , I referred to the article of Borra Govardhan in Andhra Jyothi datd 30.12.2015, about the "vaidik Marxism" -dictatorship type approach he attributed to Ranganayakamma gAru. With due credit to Ranganayakammaji, we have to concede that she didn't appreciate vyakti pUja or vIra pUja (hero worship).

Marx or Angels never got an opportunity to become Cult Leaders. It was Lenin, Stalin, et al in Russia, and Mao ze Dong, Chow En Lai, Deng et al in China, Castro in Cuba, Kim in North Korea, who have become Cult figures in the guise of inducting or implementing Communism in their countries. For this reason only, I always say that Workers and Citizens should be vigilant. Click to go to to read about the CULT STOLE CHILDHOOD. SHE GREW AT OUTWARDLY NORMAL SUBURBAN HOME. BUT CLOSED DOORS LAURA'S LIFE WAS RULED BY A TYRANNICAL GURU.

For those who wish to read about Leon MacLaren, a British Barrister, who was influenced by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi's teachings, and started a Cult of his own, known as CENTRAL SCHOOL OF ECONOMIC SCIENCES. Link: Click to go to

To continue. सशेष. సశేషం.

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