Wednesday, January 6, 2016

641 Indian Voters prefer to sell their votes for Rs. 1500 + liquor bottle + biriyani packet because there are not truly reliable Left Parties!

If a person does not change his words often, how can he become a politician? A politician should change his words like the Bhagavad Gita fame soul changes its torn clothes. Mr. Prakash Karat, former top boss of CPIM wants us not to forget this muddy and murky theory of politics which ordinarily bourgeoisie parties excel in, and he wants to prove that Left Parties can defeat the bourgeosie parties in Opportunism!

When workers whether agriculture, industrial or service sector, whatever hue they may belong to, who are more than 90% of Indian Electorate are misled by the bourgeoisie parties, it becomes the duty of the Left Parties to get voters back home ("ghar vApsi"). Instead of doing that, if left parties become opportunistic, they will be digging their own graves.

What the CPI and CPIM leaders forget so often, is that people have Great Expectations from the Left Parties. People expect a very very higher level of ethical behaviors and standards from the Left Leaders. Since these ethical behaviors and standards, are not forthcoming, and inasmuch as in the name of tactics Left Leaders are imitating the bourgeoisie leaders, voters are feeling a preference to sell their votes for Rs. 1,500/- plus a liquor packet and a biriyani packet.

Today, Indian voters are unable to find a truly reliable Leftist Party to vote for.

Question: Do you want Indian Left Parties to perish, by adopting rigid stances and strategies? CPI and CPIM are already in a State of Decay. Do you want them to become defunct and extinct?

Answer: A Party which makes it an infallible rigid philosophy (compare this with basic structure of Indian Constitution which can never be amended by Indian Parliament) to adhere to its basic goals and principles will never perish. It may temporarily become inactive. Goals, ideals, principles and theories are passed on from one generation of workers to another generation of workers like hereditary characteristics which are passed on across generations through mutations.

Just as one lamp can before becoming extinct, can light another lamp and keep on the light glowing eternally, goals, ideals, principles and theories are passed on through exchange of views and enlightenment between the youth and the aged. They are never lost. CPI and CPIM leaders ought not to have been panicked by temporary failures.

Real problem with the CPI and CPIM is, they have become stooges of the Congress, and Regional Parties, in the name of fighting BJP, calling it communal-force. Truth is: If BJP is a majority Communal Force, Congress and Regional Parties are Minority Communal Forces.

Though globally, Communism lost its supporters, and though in India Communist leaders and workers are languishing and dying due to aging, still there is an underlying latent positive outlook towards Communism, Marxism and Socialism.

The most vocal and high-profile among the Indian Classes i.e. the Rich and Upper Middle Class do not appreciate Communism-Marxism-Socialism-Equalism because they thrive on exploitation and special rights they claim on the grounds of their (non-existing) superior skills and talents, polished and refined appearances, they do not want to allow Equal Rights to the Workers, who are coarse and rugged.

This does not mean that the Worker Class and the Lower Middle Classes are averse to Communism-Marxism-Socialism. They are only apprehensive about the dictatorships which result from induction of Fake Communism, through the so-called barrel of Gun Revolutions. They do not want to fall from penam (pan) to poyyi (fire-stove).

To continue. सशेष्. సశేషం.

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