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554 Will the State Govt. drive out the residents of the three vilages by neck now? क्या अभी आंध्र प्रदेश राज्य सर्कार, उन तीन गाँवओं के निवासियों, को गर्दन से फौरान हटा देते ? ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వం, ఇపుడు ఆ మూడు గ్రామాల ప్రజలను మెడ బట్టి గెంటి వేయబోతున్నదా ?

Will the Andhra Pradesh Government drive away the Residents of Uddandarayapalem, Tallayapalem, and Velagapudi villages, which have to be erased for building the Capital for the new State of Residual Andhra Pradesh? Can the Government do it without bloodshed? Can AP Chief Minister do it, before he gets arrested in the Cash for Vote Scam by the Telangana Govt.? Can the AP CM get the Telangana CM arrested in the Phone Tapping case, before KCr does the same thing to Mr. CBN? We need a thousand Sherlock Holmes and Watsons to break this cruel game of mutual acrimony.

As per the plan for Seed Capital prepared by the Singapore Government, and if the A.P. Government wants to get the Foundation Stone for A.P. State Capital laid by the Hon. Prime Minister of India in Oct. 2015, the A.P. Government will have to evict the Residents of the three villages and raze the houses to ground, for laying roads etc. Of course, for facilitating this, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, will have to make another garland of promises to the Residents of these villages, such as alloting them high value luxury 3BR flats in the Capital City! They have to show some rainbow like dreams for the unfortunate villagers.

One of the earlier promises made by Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu and his Committee members is that villages, streets, and dwelling houses, in the Capital Area will not be disturbed.

These three villages may be tiny in size. But they are all historical villages of the Kakatiya and Vijayanagara heritage.

Assuming that Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, and his successors continue this orgy upto the year 2050, (may be Jagan, may be Congress, may be BJP, may be some Pavan's Jana Sena, may be some other coalition Govt.), what will be the fate of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, and the People ruled by it?

Let us assume that the farmers who have surrendered their agricultural farms and the dwelling villages to the Capital, get their Commercial plots, Residential plots, Apartments, on a golden plate (this may not happen because the Private Developers who take up mega projects have knack cheating, and demand international arbitration, if any dispute arises. So, await, some global commercial disputes and arbitration, intervention of Governments.). We must learn from the demands made by the European lenders and lending countries on the Government of Greece in the recent bailout negotiations?

Let us dream that Japanese or Singapore or some XYZ foreign developers spend billions of Rupees and Dollars from their kitty (this also may not really happen. Remember the Dhabol Power Project Disaster! Foreign Developers will also borrow from Indian Banks for meeting their Project costs. Hence, all risks, in essence will be borne by the lending Indian Banks, may be Public Sector Banks, even if Private Sector Banks- depositors for the Indian Private Banks are also Indian public.).

Then, what will be the fate of the A.P. Government? Most of the Residents of Apartments in Andhra Pradesh and India know paying what are known as Monthly Maintenance charges. Even for a small apartment of 600 sqft., our apartment-residents pay about Rs. 2,000 per maintenance charges. If the foreign private Developers allot some floors in their skyscrapers to A.P. Government, what will be the Monthly Maintenance Charges the Developers levy on the A.P. Government? After all, the Foreign Developers run their businesses for profit, they are not philanthropic organisations.

QUESTION: You are pointing out the problems. Don't highlight the problems, we know them. Suggest solutions. आप समस्याओं के लिख रहे हैं। वे सब हमें मालूम हैं। परिष्कार और समाधान बताइये। మీరు సమస్యలను ఏకరువు పెట్తున్నారు. అవి మాకు తెలుసు. సమస్యలకు పరిష్కారాలు, జవాబులు చెప్పండి.

జవాబు Answer जवाब:

Government of Andhra Pradesh wasted nearly Rs. 20 billion (2,000 crore) on conducting the Godavari Pushkaras bathing festival in East and West Godavari Districts. Instead of that, had the Government made it a simpler Rs. 5 billion (500 crore) affair, the remaining Rs. 15 billion (1,500 crore) could have been used to build a small, vanilla Administrative Building Complex of 1 + 2 floors on Government lands wherever they are available READILY and DISPUTE FREE, without a need to DISLOCATE PEOPLE. If the Central Government gives another Rs. 5,000 crore (@ Rs. 1,000 crore every year), over a period of five years, we could have had a reasonably decent Capital (Not the Singapore type!).

Even now, it is not too late! The A.P. Government is going to spend another Rs. 2,000 crore on the Krishna Pushkaras (Krishna River bathing festival) in 2016. The A.P. Government can limit the festival to just Rs. 500 crore, use the remaining Rs. 1,500 crore for raising 1+2 (Ground Flour + two stairs) complexes.

Even now, I suggest that Residual Andhra Pradesh should initially build a small vanilla 1+2 or 1+5 floor Administrative Capital at small places like Nagarjuna Sagar, Nandikotkur, Atmakur, Donakonda, Jangareddigudem (where enough Govt. land is available, with nearby rivers for drinking water). Note: I do not own any plots at these places.. As a medium-term plan for 2050, we can have three Capitals one each in North Andhra, South Andhra and Rayala Seema. Cost of each can be within an upper limit of Rs. 5,000 crore each, @ Rs. 1,000 crore per annum to be collected from the Central Government.

People of Andhra Pradesh should know the reasons for Singapore's apparent prosperity. Singapore like other World Commercial Centres and Tax Havens of the World thrives on secret funds circulating in the Global Financial World. Everybody knows that these Funds are not clean! Though the people of such Global Financial Cities look wealthy and leading luxurious life, they will be undergoing great mental stress and agony, in their day-to-day manoeures to survive in the Shark-eats-man Financial Seas. Though the people of Andhra Pradesh suffered a thousand years of turmoil under Muslim invasions, colonial European rulers, attacks from Pindaris and Thugs, all those sufferings will be miniscule when compared to the stress of living in Global Financial Havens. It will be worse than the nuclear radiation emitted by leaks from CHERNOBYL or FUKUSHIMA reactors.

People of Residual Andhra Pradesh should work hard, to identify new independent Candidates, and probably some candidates from parties like CPI and CPM, for the 2019 elections. A promise should also be obtained from them that they will decentralise administration to all the three Regions, and that they will concentrate more on reviving our villages which are rotting due to Governmental and public neglect.

Context of the photo of Respectable Shri Pavan Kalyan, Telugu Film star, and Shri Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, Former Congress and present TDP Member of Parliament, Narasaraopet Constituency. పైన ఉంచిన గౌరవనీయ పవన్ కల్యాణ్ మరియు శ్రీరాయపాటి సాంబశివరావు గార్ల ఫొటోల గురించిన సందర్భం.

Shri Rayapati Sambasiva Rao is a seasoned and veteran Senior Parliament Member. Unfortunately, in Sept. 2014, he demoted himself to a level of celebrating and cutting cakes for a youthful film star like Pavan Kalyan. This is like "kunjara yUdhambu dOma kuttuka jocchen" (Elephant entering into the throat of a mosquito).

Shri Dokka Manikya Vara Prasad, a former Minister in the United A.P. Govt. is a disciple of Shri Rayapati. When Mr. Rayapati deserted Congress before 2014 Elections, Shri Dokka could not jump. He might have been regretting his decision now. His guru Shri Rayapati might have convinced him saying "Better late than, never.". Mr. Prasad used to cut cakes for his guru's birthday. We can hope that he will now continue his custom.

Shri Rayapati Sambasiva Rao was reported to have said at Vijayawada, on August 2015. శ్రీ రాయపాటి సాంబశివరావు గారు చెప్పినట్లుగా మీడియాలో వచ్చిన విషయాలు (ఇవి ఆంధ్ర జ్యోతిలో వచ్చినట్లుగా లేదు):

...ప్రత్యేక హోదాపై ఇంకేమి చేయాలి ? బట్టలు విప్పి తిరగాలా ?...

ఏపీ కి ప్రత్యేక హోదా ఇవ్వటం బీజేపీకి ఇష్టం లేదు. ... బిజేపీ సర్కార్ తప్పు పనిచేస్తుంది. ... మొదట, యూపీఏ ప్రభుత్వం ప్రాథమికంగా తప్పు చేసింది. ... ప్రస్తుతం, ప్రత్యేక హోదా విషయంలో మొండిగా ఉంది. ... ఈ విషయంలో బీజేపీ , టీడీపీ పార్టీలకు రెండిటికీ నష్టం జరుగుతుంది.

... అసలు ప్రధాని నరేంద్ర మోడీ దేశంలో ఎప్పుడు ఉన్నారు ? ఆయనది విజిటింగ్ వీసా ...

జనసేన అధినేత పవన్ కల్యాణ్ ముందుండి నడిపిస్తే, మేము కూడ ఆయన వెనుక మేము నడుస్తాము.

Approx. English Gist: ... What further should be done for the Special Status? ... Should we parade ourselves naked? ...BJP has no will to accord Special Status to A.P. ... BJP Govt. is doing wrong. ... First, UPA Government primarily made a mistake. ... At present, about the Special Status, it is adament. ... In this matter, both BJP and TDP will suffer loss.

... When Prime Minister Narendra Modi is present in India? His is a visiting visa.

If Jana Sena leader Mr. Pavan Kalyan leads from front, we shall walk behind him (accompany him).

ybrao-a-donkey's humble views वैबीराव एक गधे के विनम्र राय వైబీరావ్ గాడిద వినమ్ర వ్యక్తిగత అభిప్రాయాలు. Pl. take it lightly. You need not agree with me.

One should stand in front, while claiming contracts, posts, temple darsanas, tickets, bank loans. One should stand behind in case of Peoples' Movements.

I read Ramayana Visha Vriksham of Ranganayakamma about 30 years back. I recollect at one place, she pointed out Shri Rama, may be for joke and irony, that Shri Rama always preferred to walk behind Lakshmana , Sita and himself at the tail, in a single filament. Her view might have been Shri Rama was more conscious about his own safety than the safety of Lakshmana in the forefront. Context: Lakshmana, Sita and Rama entered the forest as a part of their 14 year exile and they were walking towards ChitrakUTa Hills. In forests, of those days, or even now, when people walk on single-line paths with trees on both sides, there is a danger of wild animals, demons, robbers attacking the first person in the forefront. As far as I can remember, she seems to have expressed a view, may be for generating laughter, that Rama wanted to flee if there was such real danger to life. That perspective may not be correct, because Rama fought courageously with the demon Ravana in Yuddha kAnDa.

Similarly our Respectable Rayapati Sambasiva Rao may be keen on standing behind.

Neither Mr. Pavan Kalyan nor Mr. Sambasiva Rao may not take up an adventure of leading from forefront, prima facie, they are in activities of making some millions of Rupees, may be through acting in films, contracts such as Polavaram, tobacco and cotton spinning, so on, so forth.

For those who want proof about Shri Rama walking at the tail end, here is the relevant quote from Valmiki Ramayana.
Valmiki Ramayan 2-52-98 and 2-52-99

English script:
praNashta jana sambandham kshetrarama vivarjitam
vishamam cha prapAtam ca vana madhya pravEkshyati.

SritvA rAmasya vacanam pratisthE lakshmaNO agrataha
anantaram ca SItAyA rAghavO raghu nandanaha.

प्रणष्टजनसम्बंधम् क्षेत्रारामविवर्जितम् |
विषमम् च प्रपातम् च वनमद्य प्रवेक्ष्यति||

श्रुत्वा रामस्य वचनम् प्रतिस्थे लक्ष्मणोऽग्रतः |
अनन्तरम् च सीताया राघवो रघुनन्दनः ||

ప్రనష్ట జన సంబంధం క్షేత్రారామ వివర్జితం
విషమం చ ప్రపాతమ్ చ వన మధ్య ప్రవేక్ష్యతి.

శృత్వా రామస్య వచనమ్ ప్రతిస్థే లక్ష్మణో అగ్రతః
అనంతరమ్ చ సీతాయా రాఘవో రఘునందనః.

English gist: Sita will enter forest, where population density will be thin, and devoid of houses and fields. Terrain will be difficult. We shall enter a rough forest.

Hearing Rama's words, LakshmaNa stood in the forefront. Sita followed him. Then Raghava followed.

Hindi Gist: शीता अबी दुर्गम अरण्य प्रवेश कर रही है, जिस में जन संचार कम होती, व्यवसाय क्शेत्र और मकान कम रहते, और रास्ता दुष्कर रहेगा।

श्रीराम के वचन सुनकर, लक्ष्मण अग्र भाग में चलना शुरू किया। उसके पीछे सीता चली। उसकी पीछे श्रीराम निकल गया।

Telugu gist: ఇపుడు సీత ఇళ్ళు, పొలాలు, జన సంచారం లేని దుర్గమారణ్యం లోకి ప్రవేశిస్తున్నది.

శ్రీరాముడి మాటలు విన్న లక్ష్మణుడు అగ్రభాగంలో నడవటం ప్రారంభించాడు. అతడి వెనకాల సీత నడవటం మొదలు పెట్టింది. ఆ వెనకాల శ్రీరాముడు నడిచాడు.

Will Shri Pavan Kalyan walk in forefront or not? अभी श्री पवन कल्याण आगे चलेगा या नहीँ ? ఇపుడు శ్రీ పవన్ కల్యాణుడు ముందు నడుస్తాడా నడవడా ?
(To continue. और लिखने का है। ఇంకా వ్రాయాల్సింది ఉంది.

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