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440 Highly paid brain workers may have to think twice before they leap into Marxism (I call Equalism)

४४० अधिक वेतन कमाने वाले मस्तिष्क कर्मचारी, मार्क्सिजम में कूदने के पहले, दो बार सोचना अवश्य होगा।
౪౪౦ అధిక వేతన జీవులైన బ్రెయిన్ వర్కర్లు, మార్క్సిజం లోకి దూకబోయే ముందు ఒకటికి రెండు సార్లు ఆలోచించుకోవాలి.

Why क्यों ఎందుకు

I have nothing but appreciation, against my CPM friends, about whom I mentioned having talked to (Pl. see post No. 439  ).

This is only a word of caution from a candid and frank writer.

In ybrao-a-donkey's humble view, Marxism aims at and should entail absolute Equalism , or at least near absolute Equalism.  Familiar argument we hear against Marxism (or Equalism) is, a person's five fingers are not equal.  How can humans be equal?  Inequality of human fingers is a very bad simile, when it is compared to inequalities of income and wealth, social inequalities prevailing in Capitalist and Market Economies.

The CPM canvassers whom I met at my friend's house are good boys, working with great objectives.   Both of them said that they are Asst. Professors in Private Colleges.  They also get good salaries like Rs. 75,000 per month and Rs. 90,000/- per month.

One strong criticism against Communism or Marxism, which many persons with whom I had an opportunity to interact in the past, had used to cross examine me with, was lack of incentives for creative intellectuals, geniuses, inventors, discoverers, etc. etc.  In my view, a true Marxist cannot, will not and shall not seek incentives.   He-she should not think that they are ---one, or some layers above the others in the country or in the society.   Marxism is supposed to meet the needs of  all the individuals in the country or society in an equitable manner.   Since resources available in countries and societies are few, size of the cake will be small, and millions of people, including the so-called brain workers will have to share the meagre bits, with delight.

Assumption: One Marxist country will not exploit another Marxist country, just as One Capitalist country exploits another Capitalist country), size of the cake is small which is to be shared by millions.   Brain workers should not expect special treatment.   They also should not think that they are sacrificing something for the country, by living in a Communist country, by not migrating to Capitalist countries though opportunities are available there aplenty, or in other words they should not expect rewards (in my opinion, not even non-monetary rewards like awards, medals, prizes).

That implies, an Asst. Professor should be prepared to accept the same facilities and need-fulfilments, as a sweeper in his-er College.  Both will have equal dignity of labor.  It is nothing but division of labor in the sense that a sweeper does a task which a Professor cannot perform, and vice versa.   He-she should never think, "if I and the sweeper are equal, why I should I work."   And this philosophic courage of conviction has to stay throughout life, not just for few years.

Here it is worthwhile to recall one or two things which happened in erstwhile Soviet Union, and as far as I can recollect, in Romania.

1.  Brain workers in Soviet Union could not resist their temptation to consumer goods, consumerist style of living flamboyantly masqueraded in their neighborhood West Europe, U.S.A., Canada, ANZ.    (These small temptations were of the years 1980-1991, which have now become multifold in 2015) and they were quite eager to migrate to Europe, U.S.A., Canada and ANZ.  Gorbachev used the opportunity to break up Soviety Union, with tacit support from the West.

2.  When the dictatorial regime in Romania collapsed (we can't call it Communist Regime, though it made a facade of being a Communist country), news reports came that its Presidential Palace had gold toilet seats etc.  In other words, the so-called Communist dictatorial Governments in different countries had encouraged hierarchial luxuries, in the name of protocols, etc.  This type of pitfalls Indian Communism should not fall in it.

3.  For this reason only, the importance of decentralisation and internal democracy in Indian Communist Parties becomes a top-priority need.

4.  About this lack of democracy in Indian Communist Parties (similar to the lack of internal democracy prevailing in bourgeoisie parties, with a minor degree of variance), we may have to discuss in a separate blog post.


WHEN a Communist or Marxist country progresses,  fruits will be available to millions to share, not to just some few individuals, though the progress of that country may be from the efforts made by those few individuals.  Then, that country/society can go for an upward paradigm-shift or paradigm-lift.  Example: A Communist country which may start with only bicycles for all its share holders may promote itself to bikes for all, then small cars for all, then probably bigger cars like SUVs for all.  This may look like a distant dream.   But visualise today's miserable condition of one Bolly-wood film-star or Team India Cricketer owning ten big cars!!

Hindi and Telugu translations will be added shortly.

(To continue.  सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.)

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