Thursday, November 17, 2016

835 Mr. Bill Gates would not have said that, had Government of India graduallyinducted Linux as O.S in all Govt. Offices & Public Sector Organisations

Mr. Bill Gates, the $82.3 billion said-tobe-self-made-tycoon, would not have said that, had Government of India, and State Governments taken steps to gradually introduce Linux OS in all Govt. Offices, and Public Sector Organisations. What did Mr. Bill Gates say: Click to go to to study what Mr. Bill Gates said at Niti Ayog's Meeting at New Delhi, on 16th Nov. 2016.. Had measures been taken to introduce Linux O.S., and OpenOffice/LibreOffice in the place of MS Office, he would have declared the measure as a "timid protective step". He might have gone to World Bank and W.T.O., to pull his levers. Of course, Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Arun Jaitley and Mr. Aravind Pangaria will not like to be 'marked' as 'timid, protective'.

We shall have some quotes from what MR. Bill Gates said:
"...Prime Minister's bold move to demonetize high-value denominations and replace with new notes with high security features is an important step to deflate India's shadow economy."

"... India has all the pieces in place for a compelling vision for digital financial inclusion. Aadhaar will convert a cumbersome, paper-based account opening process into a 30-second, all-digital system. ..."

"...Aadhaar will also create a centralised data repository. ..."

Impending roll-out of payment banks and the ubiquity of mobile phones can enable access for all Indians to digital accounts connected to a fraud-resistant inter-operable payment system.

1. Mr. Bill Gates wants a Microsoft monopoly on all the Digital Systems and Sub-Systems of India, so that he can become a Trillionnaire.

2. Linux OS, and its forks and flavors are free of cost. India need not pay even a single Dollar to anybody for using Linux. I also understand that India has developed a BharatOS based on Linux, but it seems to have been placed in some cold storage, in the vaults of the Government.

3. Linux is open source. That means, Government's software engineers can change the designs, interfaces, depending on the Security needs of India. Whenever there is a snag, there will be no need to beg the Software Engineers of Microsoft, to set them right.

4. The world knows that Windows OS, MS Office, and windows based software packages are susceptible to virus attacks and hackings. Though Linux is not absolutely safe, it is relatively safe, particularly as long as the Administrators of System do not compromise with their passwords by allowing themselves to be phished.

Why does Mr. Bill Gate visit India frequently, in the guise of Charity and funding Health Schemes? Why did he appoint Mr. Satyam Nadendla, a person of Indian Origin as his CEO?

Ans: Mr. Gates wants India to be in his grips, because INdia has good purchasing power and substantial foreign exchange reserves to buy the monopoly commercial products of Microsoft. Some States like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat are more vulnerable to the plans of Mr. Bill Gates.

5. Unfortunately, the designers and distributors of Linux Packages do not send their representatives to India, to curry favor INdian Presidents, Prime Ministers, Central Ministers, Chief Ministers of States because, by distributing Linux, much money cannot be earned. No Financial Imperial empires can be built by distributing Linux. It is supposed to be free. At the most, they may insist on terms of GNU Public License. Most Linux designers and distributors live on advertisement revenue, donations and probably crowd funding. Not enough incentive, to go on World Tours. Besides, as there will be no kickbacks, Heads of States and Heads of Governments will not welcome and embrace them.

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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