Thursday, November 17, 2016

834 Only two Choices: Leaders have to spend less on security arrangements, if they represent poor. Else, be happy and secure without speaking about their past poverty or the poverty of the people.

Mr. Narendra Modi does not literally mean whatever he says rhetorically, to impress people. Recently, he is reported to have said, Won't stop, even if burnt alive. There are always wide wild differences between speeches of politicians, and their actions. Late Ms. Indira Gandhi, too used to say similar things. Readers will be surprised to know, that Mr. Narendra Modi, when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat, spent approx. Rs. 150 crore (Rupees 1.5 billion or approx. $25 million) to build a bullet-proof Office for himself and his Cabinet. Here is a Times of India Link which reports the expense: Click to see TimesofIndia dated 23rd December 2012.. Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu also occasionally speaks of sacrificing his life, as if people were eager to kill him. But, to be on safe-side, he has spent Rs. 10 crore (Rs. 100 million) for bullet-proofing his office in Hyderabad; which he will have to vacate eventually, by shifting to Amaravati, the New Capital. We need not say, CM's Office in Amaravati will also be bullet-proofed.

Whether something is wrong or right for Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers, spending millions and billions on their security, is a separate question. The real question is, why should they often speak of their being ready to get killed, and also speak of poverty. Only one of the two things can be correct.
A poor PM / CM, if he-she is really sincere, will hesitated to spend huge amounts on bullet-proofing of Chambers, and air-lifting of bullet-proof cars to wherever they go. Let them be happy and secure, by having bullet-proof arrangements which are perfectly legal. Only thing is, they ought not to speak about their poverty, or their readiness to shed their lives.

Here is a Times of india.INdiatoday.Com Click to read the Times of India.Indiatimes dated 13th NOv. 2016, which reports Mr. Modi's emotional speech at Goa, wherein he says "I will not stop doing these things, even if someone were to set me on fire alive."

"... I know the forces up against me, they may not let me live. ..."

'... I am here to serve for the nation. ...'

"... I have seen poverty and understand people's problems. ...."

"I was not born to sit on a chair of high office, ..."

"... Whatever I had, my family, my home... I left all of it for the nation, ..."

"They think they can stop Modi by creating hurdles and harrowing him. I will not be cowed down. I will not stop doing these things, even if someone were to set me on fire alive.".

"I know the forces up against me. They may not let me live. They may ruin me, because their loot of 70 years is in trouble. But I am prepared," he declared in forceful tones.

yb-donkey's finding: Mr. Narendra Modi's intent may be to fight against those who looted India during the last 70 years. His intent may also be sincere to shed his life. We need not doubt the sincerity of Prime Ministers, Presidents, Governors and Chief Ministers. But actions should be proportionate to speeches.

By the demonetization drive of Mr. Narendra Modi, it is not the 70 year looters who are suffering. It is the poor agricultural laborers, other petty laborers, street vendors, who are not paid wages by their employers, because they do not have Rs. 100 notes to pay. How long should they starve. It is already one week.

Why Rs. 500 notes held by commonman on the streets are viewed with suspicion? Why they are not allowed to draw more than Rs. 2,000 per day from ATMS, and Rs. 10,000 from their accounts, as if they are criminals?

Here is an ND TV Report about the declaration of assets made by our gallant Finance Minister to the Election Commission, in 2014 Elections, contesting from Amritsar. Link to read it from NDTV website: Click to view NDTV Report(

"... Seemingly fond of luxury cars, Mr Jaitley has declared four wheelers including the high-end Porsche worth Rs 1.02 crore, Mercedes Benz (Rs 78.89 lakh), BMW (Rs 85.57 lakh), Honda Accord (Rs 20.44 lakh), and Toyota Fortuner (Rs 23.28 lakh) with a combined value of Rs 3.10 crore.

...Among movable assets, Mr Jaitley declared cash in hand worth Rs 1.35 crore while his spouse has cash worth Rs 7.5 lakh. 61-year-old Mr Jaitley has bank balance of Rs 18.01 crore while he has investments in bonds and PPF amounting to Rs 2 crore and Rs 15 lakh respectively.

... In his affidavit, he has shown personal loans and advances worth Rs 10.37 crore which also includes advances to his wife Sangeeta Jaitley of Rs 8.20 crore.

... Mr Jaitley, who studied LLB from Delhi University in 1973-77, has gold jewellery worth Rs 1.88 crore which includes 5,630 grams (5.6 kilos) of gold jewellery,15 kg of silver and diamonds. His wife has gold jewelry, silver, diamonds worth Rs 23.44 lakh.

Among his immovable assets worth Rs 75.70 crore, Mr Jaitley owns a plot in Faridabad (Haryana), commercial property at Cyber Park in Gurgaon, five residential properties at Delhi, Gurgaon and Gandhinagar in Gujarat.

Mr. Arun Jaitley might have submitted his PERFECTLY COMPILED INCOME TAX RETURNS, and everything may be MILKY WHITE. He might have paid so much of income tax. Great sacrificer. But, one question arises: Why should anybody earn so much? Mr. Jaitley, can satisfy himself with fcsoshe (Food, Clothing, Shelter, Old-age Security, Health and Education), which are minimum and maximum needs for 1.2 billion Indians? Why he could not allow other High Court / Supreme Court lawyers to earn something? Why couldn't he show some self-restraint in earning? There is no law for such self-restraints? Mr. Jaitley may have been a great competent Lawyer. Others may not be as competent as he is. Yet, they deserve some basic right to live. Why should one person corner away all the earnings?

yb-donkey: It will be extremely dangerous to criticize a Finance Minister or a Prime Minister. I am just reporting. Mr. Narendra Modi has only a day back spoken about Media freedom. I hope his speech about Media's freedom, applies to Bloggers also.

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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