Friday, October 21, 2016

821 Mr. Donald Trump ought to have taken the assistance of Mr. KCR for his Campaigning and Debating

I am unable to determine whether to write in a lighter vein or in a serious tone about this. I write in a way as it comes, whether it is really worth it, or not worth it. At the end of the high-falutin and bloviating campaign talks of Mr. Donald Trump and Ms. Hillary Clinton, and the three high voltage TV debates between them which indicate that Ms. Clinton has won (at least in lashing the tongue), suddenly a feeling crept in me that Mr. Trump has not obtained the right type of assistance to secure a victory in the billion dollar each campaigns.

The fierce fight for Presidency, between two Multi Billionnaires is nothing new in United States. The Presidential canddidates are only proxies, for the business empires who were pumping them with Campaign Funds, with a view to collect their investments back later. We must also not forget that some Business Empires may be backing both the candidates covertly, so that they can reap a win-win sitution.

Question: Do you mean to say that American voters are fools, or will be fooled?

Ans: Voter foolishness, in a clearer perspective, is to be taken as global foolishness. We cannot have a narrow view that it is American Foolishness. The American voters, were fooled in the past, are being fooled, and will be fooled in future also. Just as in OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in Information Technology there are inheritances of objects, in the Technologies of Democracies are there are inheritances, Voter Foolishness is one among them.

Question: You seem to be biased against American Democracy?

Ans: My bias is not against American Democracy. My bias is against the monster of Capitalism. Otherwise how will you explain this situation? There are news reports that, in his last American Presidential Campaign, Mr. Barrack Obama has spent US$ 1 billion, which is not by an means a mean amount. There were jubilations that a "Blackman" was for the first time elected as American President. American Blacks were supposed to be poor. It must have been a dream for an ordinary American Black to mobilise a Billion bucks for spending in elections. Then, was Obama an extra-ordinary American Black, that American Business Empires condescended to pour in a billion greenbacks for Election Campaigns? Now, that gush and verve of electing a Black President is gone, this time there is going to be a euphoria of electing a first American Woman President. In this euphoria, reasoning will be lost.

What Reasoning?

Whether first American Black President, or the first American Woman President, or some other President, as long as they continue to be proxy and puppet Presidents in the hands of business empires, there is not going to be much change in the trials and tribulations of the American Havenots and American Unemployed/under-employed.

Question: Do you support or sympathise with Donald Trump and his misdemeanours and transgressions?

There is not much difference between Donald Trump and Ms. Hillar Clinton. Ms. Clinton looks more polished, and talks in a more refined manner. Whatever be his utterances on stage in his last talk during third Debate on TV, Mr. Trump has not only grossly mismanaged his campaigns, but also, in the process, spoiled the opportunities of his other Republican Rivals.


There are news reports that the Telugu film Hero Akhil s/o Nagarjuna will be participating in Donald Trump's fund raising campaigns. Mr. Akhil may be in Cloud 9s for getting the unique opportunity, which no other Telugu Hero seems to have got. It is not clear, how much he is being paid for his appearance, but definitely it may not be FREE, even if free flight tickets both sides, free accommodation etc. are given. We shall have a 'no comment' about this.

Mr. Trump's principal hope for success appears to rest on the 'dissatisfaction' of the American White Unemployed and UnderEmpoloyed Persons whose jobs have been knocked away/ ARE BEING KNOCKED AWAY (as per their perceptions) by Chinese, Indians, Mexicans, and other coloreds. But, I believe that Trump might have failed to build a solid voter support base from this most important segment of American Democracy. It is not my intent to say that Mr. Trump is a novice or that he is naive. He ought to have taken the assistance of stalvarts in this field of proven expertise, the Emperor among whom is Mr. Kaluvakunta Chandrasekhara Rao, popularly called KCR, and KCR & Co. inclusive of his kith and kin KTR, Harish Rao, Ms. Kavita etc. He is at present the Chief Minister of Telangana State in India, which has a population of about 40 million.

People of Telangana have nursed a grievance that, emigrants from the Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh were knocking away their jobs. Mr. KCR who might have been a shepherd in Karimnagar (as per the comments of his enemy politicians) was encouraged by Late N.T. Rama Rao, and Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, by making him an M.L.A., and a Minister. Subsequently, there were dissensions between KCR and Mr. Naidu, the then Chief Minister of the erstwhile United Andhra Pradesh State , presumably over the sharing of spoils of corruption and pelf.

Mr. Naidu did not, in his Cabinet, give a place to KCR. That infuriated KCR. He ignited the dormant Telangana dis-satisfaction of the people of Telangana, that Coastal Andhra Emigrants were knocking away their jobs, and stealing River Waters. In the process of running his movement, KCR specialised in his art of enflaming the hurt sentiments of Telangana People, and perfecting the art of throwing invectives and pouring profanities on the Emigrants from Coastal Andhra. Consequently, they have become aliens in their own country. KCR in his abuses and insults did not leave even the then Prime Minister of India, Mr. Manmohan Singh, whom KCR called a chaprasi. KCR's ENFLAMING CAMPAIGNS became so successful that All India Party Bosses of all Parties, wanted to satisfy his vanities. He spoke as though he wanted to create a Mini Pakisthan in INdia, by supporting the Nizam Navab. People of Telangana were not allowing the Telangana Leaders of other parties, Other State Leaders of other parties to enter Telangana. So much so, the MPs of all Parties of Telangana blocked the functioning of Indian Parliament for several days. Finally, both BJP-NDA, and the Congress-UPA surrendered to his dictums and wills. In 2014 elections, KCR's Party swept the polls and came to power. We need not say, KCR ditched both BJP and Congress.

So, what is the lesson?

Had Mr. Donald Trump invited KCR to design and address his Campaigns, KCR could have scaled new heights in throwing abuses, invectives, profanities, and created the right climate of HATRED required for capturing the votes of Unemployed and UnderEmployed of all Hues. True, that Trump was quite outspoken. But that may not be sufficient to create and garner HATE-BASED votes. After his success in American Presidential Elections 2014, KCR would have expanded his strategies to all Elections in Europe, Canada, and ANZ.

After all, what for- life is, except to lose opportunities?

Question: What will you say about the allegations of groping, philandering, and serenading attempts of Mr. Trump?


Ans:- These things of expectations of personal character and family behaviors / behaviors towards women, from the aspiring Presidential candidates, may be of some special interest to the American voters. But in India nobody cares about the character or characteristics of politicians, particularly the top bosses. Sexual Relationships were never election issues in India.

The issue of extra-marital relationships of Members of Legislative Assembly, as far as I could remember, once came for discussion in the Assembly of United Andhra Pradesh State. At that time, the then Speaker of A.P. Assembly Mr. Suresh Reddy, constituted a House-Committee to study the seriousness of the problem. What happened? Nothing happened.

In India, more concubines and more paramours for a wealthy person, means more masculinity. The concubines and paramours of wealthy persons, are not looked down upon.

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.


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