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686 (Part 2 of Kanhaiya-JNU)-- Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar has a long way to go, and change a lot!

I have today downloaded a Hindi video of AzAdi speech of Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar, a Student Leader of JNU, Delhi. On going through the video, it appeared that his speech contains as much RHETORIC as the speeches of Ms. Smriti Irani, Union HRD Minister, in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, when she made Statements, and answered questions about Kanhaiya Kumar and Rohit Vemula. Like Ms. Smriti Irani, Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar also seems to have prepared and rehearsed his speech. Both Ms. Irani, and Mr. Kumar have great talent of Expressions, bewitching body language, voice modulation, abilities to stop and interact with the audience to extract favourable reactions etc. etc.

NOTE: This particular blog post is in a semi-finished state. It requires drastic revision, including change of view. Pl. bear with me.

In the video, people who were behind Mr. Kumar, seemed to be his supporters smiling and clapping , definitely not a neutral audience, just as we can see in the Parliament Videos, Ms. Smriti Irani behind her BJP MPs smiling and clapping.

For those who wish to read the salient points in English, of Kanhaiya Kumar's Speech, popular on Net as "AzAdi" speech. Link: Click to go to ndTV.com for important points of the speech

Subsequent to this Azadi Speech, Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar has given an Interview to theWire.com. Here is a link to theWire.com: Link: Click to go to theWire.Com for the interview.

For those who wish to download /view the 46 minutes Hindi video of the above speech from Youtube.Com, which runs about 28 mb. Link: Click to go to

We shall take one question from the interview as a sample:-

"...You mentioned in your speech a lot of the informal discussions you had with the police, how you were able to put forth you side of things to them. But what was it like in the ‘interrogations’? What kind of questions did they ask you?

They would give me questionnaires, say one would have about 20 questions. For me, about 19 of those 20 would be answered by ‘I don’t know’. Their questions were of the type, ‘who were the organisers of the programme?’, I said ‘I don’t know’, ‘Who were present there?’, I would say ‘I don’t know’, and so forth. There were no particularly complicated questions. But this is also a part of the investigation, I am not allowed to talk about it much. We respect the legal system. But I can say that altogether, the last 22 days were definitely a good experience. Now I understand the difference between studying a system and bearing it’s burden. ..."

ybrao-a-donkey's humble comments. वैबीराव एक गधे के विनम्र राय . వైబీరావ్ గాడిద వినమ్ర వాణి. You have every right to differ with me. I respect your right. आपको मेरे मत से भिन्न राय रखने के संपूर्ण हक है। मै उस अधिकार को परिपूर्ण रूप से गौरव देता हुँ. మీకు, మీ భిన్నమైన అభిప్రాయాన్ని కలిగిఉండే సంపూర్ణ హక్కు ఉంది. దానిని ఎంతో నేను గౌరవిస్తాను. However, pl. examine this donkey's views also. परन्तु एस गधे के दृष्टिकोण को भी अनुशीलन कीजिये. కానీ ఈ గాడిద దృష్టికోణాన్ని కూడ ఓర చూపుతో కంటజూడుమీ, క్రీగంట జూడమీ.

Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar is not an innocent villager. He is highly educated and intelligent Ph.D. Student. When somebody requests him to speak in a meeting , that too when he intends to talk for a considerable time, how is it that he didn't know or how he did n't inquire from the inviting persons, who the organisers of the Meeting were, the purpose of the Meeting, who the other speakers were, agenda, how many people and who will be attending as audience etc. ?

Out of ten questions, for nine questions, how could he say that he didn't know? If the questions asked by the Police were totally unendurable, he should make public the questions he faced, and the answers he had given. The people will try to gauge, how fair were the Police in directing their questions to him. People of India, are aware of torturous methods of Police Questioning for extracting confessions from accused, but such methods are intended for those who do not have "celebrity status". Now, that Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar has a "celebrity status", the High Court and the Supreme Court are watching, there is a Media glare, it is highly unlikely that the Police would have put to him such coercive questions.

An English Version of the First Speech given by Mr. Kumar, which led to an imposition of Sedition Charges against him, is available at Link: Click to go to English Version of the First Speech at dbsjeyaraj.com . I could not get the text of his Hindi Speech at the JNU, instead of an English translation.

This speech is deeply political. This speech reflects the deep-rooted animosities which were rampant between the followers of Veer Savarkar and Late Golwalkar (2nd Head of RSS) represented by A.B.V.P. on one side, and the followers of Baba Saheb Ambedkar on the other side. For nursing that type of animosities, Universities cannot become Centers, whatever be the reasons for those animosities.

Whether it is Savarkar/Golwalkar or B.R. Ambedkar or Karl Marx or Mahatma Gandhi, obsessions with any one particular teaching, that those teachings alone are correct, and others are absolutely incorrect, can lead to conflicts between followers. We can't get perfect black or perfect white scenarios. There are bound to be gray areas. Even Manu Smriti has some merits and some demerits.

Unfortunately, oppression of the "losers in wars" by the Winners, condemning the losers to the outskirts of villages, and confining them to abominable occupations, went on in India for several Centuries. Only during the 20th Century, particularly after 1947, we have made a beginning to correct all such historical blunders. In the implementation part, several errors have taken place and are taking place. But, we are on the right path.

But, as I have already pointed out in many of of my blog posts, complete redressal of Grievances of the Oppressed Classes is possible only through True Total Socialism and Equalism. Complete redressals are not possible through half-hearted measures such as Reservations, preparation of separate Budgets, somebody becoming President of India or Governor of a State or a CJI. They are like palliatives and placebos, ointments and pain killers.

Fortunately, we have democracy in India, with adult suffrage. Since 80% of India's population are de-facto poor, are practising abominable occupations, not sufficient even for subsistence, are facing extreme risks of poverty-disease-insults and death, whatever be their caste, all such people ought to have voted for Parties which support true Socialism and Equalism. But, it is not happening. At least 75% of this 80% oppressed poor of India (which includes the Native Place and Native State of Bihar) i.e. 60% of the total voters, are voting for bourgeoisie parties, bringing them into power. For example, the Communist Party of India (CPI), to which Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar belongs to, contested a number of seats in Bihar. But did the dalits, and others who represent the Oppressed of Bihar support, CPI? Why didn't they elect at least 10 MLAs?

IN his first speech, Mr. Kumar pointed out BJP came to power with only 31% vote. But, it is common in Indian Elections. Congress too came to power with around 1/3 of votes polled, only. If CPI or CPM come to power either at Centre or in any State, there also it will be only with 1/3 of votes. There are several reasons for it. Hence, there is no use of blaming BJP for it.

It appears that, Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar chose to do his Ph.D. Research at JNU, on African Studies. I greatly appreciate that he had chosen to study the problems of African Countries and the African Peoples. In fact, I have my self, some years back spent sometime studying the problems of African Peoples, by collecting information on African Poverty, and publish at my blog Link: Click to go to Africayb.blogspot.com blog of ybrao-a-donkey. I could not continue it, as I thought that my focus should be getting Atheism and Marxism for Indian Society. Unless, Indian voters upgrade themselves into True Atheists, True Socialists and True Equalists, it cannot become a Joyful Nation. Until then, Indians cannot really help African Poor.

The key problem area which I have identified in motivating Oppressed Classes to vote for Leftist Parties, is Poor People have

1. no time. Their entire day's time is spent on eking out their livelihood.

2. no money. Their entire earnings are spent on basic needs.

3. Running political parties and contesting elections involves huge expenditures.

4. Organisation of Public Meetings and Rallies are beyond the means of the Poor.

5. Indian poor are extremely indebted. For various needs such as medical expenses, funerals, weddings, education fees, etc., they are under great pressure to borrow.

6. Indian poor have become slaves of "expensive habits" such as smoking, alcohol, First-day Cinema viewing, downloads of audios and videos. (If rich people become slaves of bad habits, and throw away their bucks, it is irrelevant for the purpose of the cause of the Poor). When the Election day comes, they get pressures from money lenders to repay their loans. Facing insults from money lenders, the Voters find "selling vote" as the only solution for their problem. The top priority is to push the monstrous "money lenders" at least for some days.

All these problems cannot be solved through University Student Unions, and raising slogans.

Afzal Guru, Yakoub Momen, Maqbool Bhat etc. cannot be our top priorities.

Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar tried to compare the "Soldiers laying down their lives, while defending this country", with "farmer suicides". These two are "uncomparables". Both are top Priority Areas, of equal priority. Bourgeoisie Parties raise these issues, depending on their Vote-Bank Needs. For example, if Mr. Modi goes to Vidarbha, and if Congress is in Power in Maharashtra, he will raise the issue of Farmer Suicides. Rahul Gandhi will visit a BJP State and shout about Farmer Suicides. CPI to which Mr. Kumar belongs, and CPM are also not exceptions.

In his speeches, in certain respects, Mr. Kumar has similarities with Mr. Aravind Kejriwal. People of India, the Voters of Delhi, Mr. Anna Hazare, Mr. Prashant Bhushan, Mr. Yogendra Yadav et al. have already learnt some lessons from Mr. Kejriwal.

It is likely, that Mr. Kumar may also go the way of Mr. Kejriwal.

Question: What is your final suggestion?

Ans: The plate of Mr. Kumar will be full, next two years, attending courts, Police Stations, making speeches, addressing Media persons.

It will be better, if Mr. Kumar finds time, and makes some effort to complete his Ph.D. in African Studies. In future, he may not get this opportunity.

As long as Ms. Irani is the HRD Minister, it is unlikely that she will stop her efforts to saffronise Govt. Universities. Besides, all the Governments in India, of all Parties, are hell bent upon privatising Higher Education. As far as I can recollect, Mr. Sujana Choudary, once asked Indian Universities to find their own resources, and not to expect funds from GOI.

Hence, it is unlikely that Mr. Kumar will get employment in Indian Universities, not to speak of Foreign Universities.

First, Mr. Kumar has to find dependable part-time employment for himself. Remaining time, he can devote for upgrading the Indian Poor Voters.

I have not myself studied in any Day-College full-time, not to speak of studying in prestigious Universities like JNU. My acquiring four degrees and four diplomas, with one All-India top rank, one University level Gold Medal, every course was done in Evening Colleges or through Distance Education Courses. Studies help us to acquire skills. Some of the about 97 subjects I tried to study, a few of them have really helped me in getting a reasonably correct understanding of the problems of Indian Poor, apart from real life personal experiences in Poverty. Of course, time was also wasted on some useless subjects such as Micro Economic Theory, Demand Curves etc (I do not believe in the Western Economic Theories).

The days of Public Sector Employment in Educational Sector, seem to be nearing their fag end.

The Paradox is, the Poor themselves are not interested in studying their own problems. They want immediate solutions, without their own active participation. They want Cash.

TAIL PIECE धूम केतु తోక చుక్క

The use of "SatyamEva jayatE" both by Mr. Narendra Modi and by Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar are just slogans. SatyamEva jayatE literal meaning for the benefit of non-Indian Readers: Truth alone Triumphs.

As far as World History (which includes Indian History) goes, there is no proof of Truth alone succeeding over "untruth". Sometimes, "truth" succeeds. Sometimes "untruths" succeed. It is not even ALTERNATING or CYCLICAL or ROTATIONAL like seasons. Colonialism, Slave Trade, World Financial Markets, Law Courts, why pin point this, or that !

A winner will always give the slogan "satyamEva jayatE", showing his two fingers in "V" angle of Victory, even if all his actions are nothing but bogus ! Losers will throw the blame on something else, and renew their efforts, whether they are really fighting for "Truth" or not. Hence "SatyamE JayatE" has become a cliche and jargon owing to overuse.

Packing is more important today, than the contents of the package, intrinsic value(s) of the contents. Attractively packed, even untruths can circulate as TRUTHS (satyam), and can get acceptability for the maxim "satyamEva jayatE".

The maxim that some people may be cheated at some places, on some occasions, and that people cannot be cheated all the times at all places, may not ALWAYS APPLY, at least in short and medium term. In long run, truth may, sometimes, emerge victorious. In Telugu, we have a proverb: "nijam nilakaDa mIda telustundi నిజం నిలకడ మీద తెలుస్తుంది.". Approx. English: Truth will be known, over a stable period of time. (We cannot know the truth in a hurry. Sometimes, we have to wait).

But, in long run, we shall all be dead. For example, Robert Clive did the greatest crimes in India in the 18th Century, on behalf of the East India Company. He gifted copiously (to) the British Royalty of his period. They were also made happy. But, will U.K. accept the truth, and refund all the treasures robbed and sent to England, by Clive? Same thing applies to Wellesly, Dalhousie. Then, where is the SatyamEva jayatE, even in long run?


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A lot to write. This is incomplete.

Subject to substantial Revision, additions and deletions. To continue and revise this, with more proof.. सशेष. సశేషం.


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