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564 Will Mr. Narendra Modi be greater than Bali, Karna, Sibi, Chandra and dadhIci? क्या श्री नरेंद्र मोदी महोदय बली, कर्ण, शिबी, चंद्र और दधीची से महानु होगा శ్రీ నరేంద్రమోడీ వారు బలి, కర్ణుడు, శబి, చంద్రుడు, దధీచి అందరి కంటే గొప్ప దాతగా మారతారా?

We shall hope that People of Residual Andhra Pradesh will not develop envy or hatred towards Biharis, for their fortune in getting Rs. 125,000 crore (Rs. 1.25 trillion) largesse from Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, in the form of special packages. Probably that bribe may be enough to wean away the the voting sheep of Bihar from the flocks of Lalu and Nitish. Or else, how to interpret this bountiful dole or bakshis from Mr. Narendra Modi? Earlier, on 25th July 2015, at the Parivartan Ralley Muzaffarpur, Bihar, he offered only Rs. 50,000 crore (1/2 trillion Rupees).

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Rulers of all parties and all Governments in India offering moneys and gadgets to voters by spending State Funds just before the notification of elections, is not NEW. In fact, Congress has perfected this art. Congress had done it, even during Indira Gandhi's reign. Then, at least some people expected Mr. Modi to be different from the Congress Rulers. But, unfortunately, Modi Chakravarti has belied all the expectations of his well-wishers and worshippers.

If Modi has the generosity to offer Rs. 1.25 trillion to Bihar, how mush he is going to offer to Bengal , when its elections will be due next year? Rs. 3 trillion? Are Biharis blue-eyed boys and Andhras beggars? क्या बीहारियों सौभाग्यशाली और शेष आंध्र भिखारी? బీహారీలు సౌభాగ్యశాలులు మరియు శేషాంధ్రులు బికారీలా?


"...What Mr Modi said during the election campaign is just a “chunAvi jumla --Amit Shah, President of B.J.P.”.

Poetic Glory of cEmakUra vEnkaTa kavi सत्रहवी शताब्दी तॆलुगु कवि चेमकूर वॆंकट कवि, के विजय विलास काव्य से एक पद्य. 17వ శతాబ్దపు చేమకూర వెంకటకవి గారి విజయవిలాస కావ్యం నుండి మచ్చుకి ఒక పద్యం. ఈ పద్యంలో కవిగారు తన పోషకుడైన అచ్యుత రఘునాథ రాయాలను ఇంద్రుడి చంద్రుడికన్నా గొప్ప వాళ్ళని చేసేశాడు.

అడుగుమాత్రమె కాక యంత కెక్కుడుగ నీఁ
జాలెనే యల బలిచక్రవర్తి?
యా వేళ కటు దోఁచినంత మాత్రమె కాక
కోర్కి కెచ్చిచ్చెనే యర్కసూతి?
తూఁగిన మాత్ర మిత్తు ననెఁగా కిచ్చ వ
చ్చినది కొమ్మనియెనే శిబి విభుండు?
కలమాత్ర మపు డిచ్చెఁ గాక కట్టడ గాఁగ
ననిశంబు నిచ్చెనే యమృతకరుఁడు?

వారి నే రీతిఁ బ్రతి సేయవచ్చు నెల్ల
యర్థులఁ గృతార్థుల నొనర్చునట్టి యప్ర
తీప వితరణికి, మహా ప్రతాప తిగ్మ
ఘృణికి, నచ్యుత రఘునాథ నృపతి మణికి?

aDugu mAtrame kAka anta kekkuDuga I-
jAlenE bali cakravarti !

A vELa kaTu tOcinanta mAtra kAka
kOrkike kkicchenE arka sUti

tUgina mAtram ittun anegAk icca va-
ccinadi kommaniyenE Sibi vibhunDu?

kala mAtramu apuDicce kAka kaTTaDA kAga
aniSambun iccenE amrita karunDu?

vArin ErIti prati sEya vaccun ella
arthulanu kritArthulan onarincunaTTi a-

pratIpa vitariNiki mahA pratApa tigma
ghriNikin acyuta raghunAtha nripati maNiki?

Prosody used in this verse: This verse is in the Telugu prosody called sIsam. A sIsam verse comes with four LONG feet (double length) of its own. It will also be supported by a lighter verse of 4 feet of shorter length called tETa gIti or anther verse called ATa veladi (MEANING: DANCING DAMSEL. Actually the word "veladi" refers to a girl who comes for a price (vela=price). But that meaning is no longer valid. Hence Dancing Damsel).

This particular sIsam (I do not know the meaning of sIsam. Popular meanings such as a glass bottle, lead metal, do not match the meaning for a meter of a verse. Hence this ignorance) has a tETa gIti tail. This sIsam verse has tETA gIti (meaning of tETa gITI: Crystal clear verse) as its supplement.

Approximate English gist. This verse is from the second Chapter (dvitIyA ASvAsam) of 17th Century's Telugu poet cEmakUra venkaTa kavi's work "vijaya vilAsam". The poet received his patronage from a South Indian king by name Achyuta rAya raghunAtha nAyaka. As per the common custom of poetic yore of his days, Cemakura Venkata Kavi was indulging in hyperbolic praise of his patron. The poet is comparing his patron to great charity donors of Indian Mythology: 1. Emperor Bali. 2. Mahabharata king Karna (King of Anga and , close friend of duryOdhana). 3. Emperor Sibi. 4. Moon. According to the poet, all these people pale into insignificance when compared to the generosity of King Achuyata Raya.

Bali risked his kingdom and life, by promising and fulfilling his promise of giving three feet of land to a brAhmana dwarf boy called VAmana (vishNu in his vAmana incarnation). Here poet venkaTa kavi says that Bali gave just what was asked by vAmana and not more. What is the greatness in giving what the seeker asks? More ought to have been counter-offered.

Arka means sun. sUti means son. Arka sUti means Sun's son i.e. King Karna. Karna has great reputation for his charitable dispensation. Arjuna's father Indra went to Karna and asked him for his chest-armour covering and ear rings (with which Karna was believed to have been born with). Karna gave them away, by severing them form his body with a sword, in spite of knowing that, the extreme charity will spell his doom, and in spite of fore-warning by his father Sun God. Poet Venkata Kavi says that Karna's charity was just giving whatever comes to his mind at a particularl time. He does not give to the extent that the seekers' desires are full extinguished.

Emperor Sibi was approached by Chief of Demy Gods- Indra, and the Fire God Agni. Indra was disguised as a falcon. Fire God was disguised as a pigeon. Falcon was chasing the pigeon. Both reach Sibi, in such a manner that Sibi was tempted to offer to save the pigeon. In return for foregoing his food i.e. the pigeon, the falcon asked for the own flesh of Sibi himself. Then a balance was brought, and Sibi went on cutting his flesh and putting in one pan of the balance, while in the second pan, the pigeon stood, to facilitate weighin. Finally Sibi's charity won. The poet is in order to exaggerate the largess of Achyuta Raghunatha Raya, has tried to belittle the munificence of Sibi. The poet says that Sibi offered his flesh, matching only to the weight of the pigoen. Nothing more. He didn't offer all of his flesh.

The fourth foot of the SIsam verse refes to the Moon God. amrita= nectar. karuDu=one who makes, or one whose rays are nectarlike, i.e. moonlight. Moon God does not shower moonlight everyday. He showers only on some days, during some parts of the night. Timings and Quantities are limited, BUT not boundless.

The four line supplementary verse declares Achyuta Raghunatha Raya as peerless and unrivaled.

Hindi script:
अडुगु मात्रके काक अंतकु नेक्कुडुग ई-
जालॆने बलि चक्रवर्ति

आवॆळ कटु तोचिनंत मात्र काक
कोर्कि कॆक्किच्चॆने अर्कसूती

तूगिन मात्रम इत्तुनने गाक इच्च व-
च्चिनदि कॊम्मनियॆने, शिबि विभुंडु.

कल मात्रमु अपुडिच्चॆ काक कट्टड काग
अनिशंबु निच्चॆने अमृतकरुंडु

वारिन एरीती प्रति सेय वच्चु नॆल्ल
अर्थुलनु कृतार्धुलनु ऒनरिंचुनट्टि अ-
प्रतीप वितरिणिकि महा प्रताप तिग्म
घृणिकिन् अच्युत रघुनाथ नृपतिकि?

ybrao-a-donkey's humble views. I shall not insist that you agree with me. वैबीराव एक गधे के विनम्र वचन. आप मुझ से सहमत होने के निर्बंध नहीं है। వైబీరావు గాడిద వినమ్ర అభిప్రాయాలు. నాతో ఏకీభవించమని మిమ్ములను వత్తిడి చేయను

This poet Shri Chemakura Venkata Kavi, forgot to mention about the Great Sage dadhIchi who gave away his bones to Demy-Gods to enable Indra obtain his Vajra weapon from it. ఈ మహాకవి శ్రీ చేమకూర వెంకట కవి గారు, దధీచి మహాముని గురించి వ్రాయటం మర్చి పోయినట్లున్నారు. దధీచి మహాముని, ఇంద్రుడికి వజ్రాయుధం తయారుచేసుకోటానికి తన ఎముకలనే దానం చేశాడు. తన దేహాన్ని త్యజించి తన ఎముకలనే ఇచ్చేశాడు. శ్రీరఘునాథ నాయక అచ్యుత రాయలు ఆపని చేయలేడు కాబట్టి, వేంకటకవి వదిలేసి ఉండచ్చు. కానీ మన నరేంద్రమోడీగారు బీహార్ (ఆయన మాటలలలో బీమారూ అంటే రోగిష్ఠి అముకుంటాను) ప్రజలకోసం తన ఎముకలను కూడ ఇచ్చేస్తారేమో. ఈవిషయం శ్రీ వంకయ్యనాయుడు గారో లేక శ్రీ అమీత్ షా గారో చెప్పాలి.
We should now ask our Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mr. Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu, to describe the immeasurable chivalric magnanimity of Mr. Narendra Modi. Shri Venkaiah Naidu has great reputation as a camatkAri and coiner-of-words. We shall wait and see.  ఇపుడు మనం మన పట్టణాభివృధ్ధి మరియు పార్లమెంటరీ వ్యవహారాల మంత్రి, శ్రీ వెంకయ్యనాయుడు గారిని శ్రీ నరేంద్రమోడీ గారి

Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu is waitiing with a begging bowl. So far, he could not get a suitable date of appointment with Mr. Narendra Modi. PMO is dilly-dallying. When the meet materialises, how much this beggar will ask and that benefactor will give, we shall wait and see. How much will Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu ask? How much will Modi give? Will Modi condescend down to give an appointment to Babu? There will be no elections in Residual Andhra Pradesh till 2019.

How much did Lalu and Nitish ask Mr. Narendra Modi, for Bihar? Is Mr. Modi's lofty heroic splurge voluntary? श्री लालू और नितीष महाशय कितने करोड पूछे, और श्री मोडी महाशय कितने लाख करोड दिये? శ్రీ లాలూ గారు, శ్రీ నితీష్ గారు ఎంత అడిగారు, మోడీగారు ఎంత ఇచ్చారు. అడగకుండానే బిందెలతో వర్షించారా?

These are only promises. Though the Mr. Modi has not promised any billions or trillions of the people of Andhra before the 2014 elections, he had made tall promises. But, nothing materialised. Will something really materialise for the people of Bihar?

(To continue. और लिखने का है। ఇంకా వ్రాయాల్సింది ఉంది.

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