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559 Did Mr. Harish Rao, and his Uncle KCR establish an IS State or Pakisthan in Telangana? क्या श्री हरीष राव और उनके चाचा कॆसीआर तॆलंगाणा मे एक ऐस स्टेट या पाकिस्थान को स्थापित किये? శ్రీ హరీష్ రావు గారు ఆయన మేనమామ కెసీఆర్ గారు తెలంగాణలో ఏదైనా ఐస్ స్టేట్ ని గానీ పాకిస్థాన్ ను గానీ సుల్తానేట్ ను గానీ స్థాపించారా?

Shri T. Harish Rao, nephew of Telangana Khalifa Shri KCR, does not know the Constitution of India, which entitles any Indian to be a leader in any Indian State, not to speak of an A.P. leader being a leader in Telangana or Hyderabad. In today's world, NRIs and PIOs abroad are developing ambitions to be Presidents of U.S.A. or Prime Ministers of U.K.  Even in the last Century, Mr. M.N. Roy (Manavendra Nath Roy) from India, became a global level Communist leader in Soviet Russia.

Mr. Harish Rao seems to be suffering from hallucinations that he is ruling an IS State or Pakisthan, and that Hyderabad is Islamabad. Hyderabad is not Islamabad. Mr. T. Harish Rao does not know what will be his own fate in Telangana, when Mr. KCR becomes old or passes away. Who will succeed him? K.T.R., Kavita or Harish Rao? What happened to Shiv Sena after the demise of Bal Thakre in Maharashtra? Uddhav Thakre succeeded Mr. Bal Thakre and not Raj Thakre. It is not a single instance. It is not only an Indian practice. It is a global practice, that sons when they succeed their fathers, may kick off Uncles and Cousins, as they are suspected as Challengers for the dictatorship at any time. It happened in North Korea, very recently.

శ్రీ హరీష్ రావు గారు, వారి మేనమామ గారైన KCR గారు, తెలంగాణ లో ఏదైనా సుల్తానేట్ నో, లేక ఐస్ స్టేట్ నో నెలకొల్పారో లేక దానిని తమ పాకిస్థాన్ గానూ, తాముండే హైదరాబాదును ఇస్లామాబాద్ గానూ భావిస్తున్నారో ఏమో తెలియదు.

Mr. Harish Rao, is a Minister in Telangana State, and nephew of Mr. K. Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR), the present Chief Minister of Telangana State.

శ్రీ హరీష్ రావు వారు, తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం లో ఒక మంత్రి వర్యులు. శ్రీ కె. చంద్రశేఖర రావు, తెలంగాణ ముఖ్యమంత్రి గారి మేనల్లుడు కావటం వల్ల, KCR బంధు ప్రీతి వల్ల శ్రీ హరీష్ రావు గారు ఆ మంత్రిత్వ కిరీటాన్ని ధరిస్తున్నారు.

He is reported to have commented as under, on August 7, 2015.
AP leaders will always be tenants in Hyderabad and they have to move sooner or later.

భాగ్యనగరంలో ఉన్న ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ నాయకులు ఎప్పటికైనా హైదరాబాదును ఖాళీ చేయాల్సిందే. ఇక్కడ వారు ఎప్పటికైనా కిరాయిదారులే . వారు ఇప్పుడైనా, మరికొద్ది రోజులకైనా వెళ్లిపోవాల్సిందే.

ybrao-a-donkey's humble views. I shall not insist that you agree with me. वैबीराव एक गधे के विनम्र वचन. आप मुझ से सहमत होने के निर्बंध नहीं है। వైబీరావు గాడిద వినమ్ర అభిప్రాయాలు. నాతో ఏకీభవించమని మిమ్ములను వత్తిడి చేయను

Telangana leaders of Congress, BJP, CPI, and CPM Parties have a moral duty to correct the HATE LANGUAGE of KCR & Company, while the Union Home Ministry has a legal duty to counsel the Telangana Government.

If Home Ministry neglects its legal duty because of lethargy, or for some other political reasons, then it will be guilty of creating another Bhindranwale or Hitler in Telangana.

If leaders of other parties in Telangana State, neglect their moral duty of discouraging political propaganda of creating Regional Hatred, then they will in future be at receiving end of some other Hatred Campaign from the same KCR & Co.

By this time, leaders of non TRS parties ought to have learnt sufficient number of lessons of the consequences of encouraging KCR & Co's Regional Hatred Campaigns.

Tomorrow KCR & Co. can say that all Reddy leaders or all Kuruma leaders have to quit Telangana.

 Some other day, KCR & Co. can say that all SCs and ST leadrs should leave Telangana.

On another day they can say that only leaders from Siddhipet or Mahaboobnagar or Karimnagar should be CMs and people from Nalgonda or Khammam, should not be CMs.

After all KCR & Co. is famous for changing and twisting its tongue in several ways at lightning speeds. For example, Mr. K.C.R. promised to make a Dalit Leader, the First Chief Minister of Telangana. What did he do? He made himself CM, made his son Minister for a key Department, nephew another Minister in another key Department, made his own daughter an M.P. Got rid of one original TRS Dalit leader on some pretext, invited a TDP traitor into Cabinet and made him Dy. Chief Minister. The job of a Dy. Chief Minister has become worse than a petty clerk.

Another example: KCR promised to merge TRS in Congress, if Sonia Gandhi gave Telangana State.  He ditched her, after she gave Telangana.

Telangana people elected as Chief Minister only for five years.  They have not yet made him a Life Time Chief Minister.   After four years, what will happen in Telangana, nobody knows.  Even a Marathi person or Mr. Owaisi can get elected as Chief Minister.  In this mundane world, only CHANGE IS PERMANENT.  EVERYTHING ELSE IS TRANSIENT.

Besides, the prosperity of Hyderabad developed with the combined efforts and funds of Central Government, people of India, people living in and around Hyderabad, can be only transient, as already said CHANGE IS PERMANENT.  EVERYTHING ELSE IS TRANSIENT.  Now, Hyderabad will have floating population only from 10 Districts instead of 23 Districts.  That means gradually, VAT collection will go down.  Markets will get contracted.  Growth will not be as steep as it used to be.   What is happening to the City of Detroit, the Great Centre of Car Making in USA?  There are no buyers for large Real Estates in Detroit and the Municipal Corporation has become bankrupt.

Hence, it will be in the fitness of things if Messrs. KCR, KTR, Kavita, Harish Rao, shed their hatred of people living in bordering Districts.   They should also shed their arrogance.  Reasons:  It harms the people, particularly the POOR PEOPLE OF TELANGANA.   The real Campaign ought to have been: Workers of all States, Unite!  Not : People of Telangana, Hate people from your neighboring Districts.

(To continue. और लिखने का है। ఇంకా వ్రాయాల్సింది ఉంది.

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