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529 Part 3 of Clarifications on atheism. yoga भाग १, निरीश्वर वाद, योगा, के विषय में कुछ स्पष्टीकरण. నిరీశ్వరవాదం (నాస్తికత్వ), మరియు యోగా విషయంలో కొన్ని స్పష్టీకరణలు.

World language English in Roman script: प्रपंच भाषा अंग्रेजी, रोमन स्क्रिप्ट में। ప్రపంచ భాష ఇంగ్లీషు రోమన్ స్క్రిప్టులో.

The question "Does God really exist?" is thousands of years old.

Answer for this complex, disputed, ethereal, sticky, tricky, question lies in the definition of the word "God".

There are several threads of multi-twined-yarn, in this grand rope of the word "God".

The foremost two threads, we shall take up.

1. Question प्रश्न ప్రశ్న : Whether God as a "Super-human force exist?".

Answer जवाब జవాబు:   Human, has not as on date, conquered all the forces not only in this expansive universe, but also even on this congested earth. He-she (humans) are on the way of conquering nature (a component of the superhuman force, call it God or by any name). Probably they will succeed. People living in the 21st Century may not live to see it. Hence, it will become worthwhile to say that superhuman forces exist, and one of the attributes of God as a superhuman force holds good as on today. Once humans, with the help of science and technology conquer all the superhuman forces on Earth (conquering Universe comes later), this attribute of God as a superhuman force will have to pave way to something else.

Question प्रश्न ప్రశ్న : Whether God can punish us, reward us, save us?

Answer जवाब జవాబు: No proof of such capabilities or dispositions of God. On the other hand, proofs of a negative answer, we can get abundantly. Best very recent example: 23 people went from Vizianagaram in the Northern-most tip of Andhra Pradesh , about 700km far, to Tirumala situated in the southern most tip of Andhra Pradesh, with all faith and sincerity. The Head of the family was the owner of the vehicle, and he himself was driving it. Every one of them might have prayed to Lord Venkateswara with great devotion, with a hope that they will get optimum rewards, least punishments, and full safety. 

But what happened? While returning, the vehicle fell from the bridge of the Dhawaleswaram Barrage into Godavari River, and 21 people perished. Only one boy survived.

Question प्रश्न ప్రశ్న: Is God pray-able? Is God worship-able? Is God feed-able? Is God wash-able and bath-able? Does God receive communications? Does God respond to such communications? Which language does God speak, or understand?  Does God have sex?  Why does n't God in some religions is called "He", "Father", and yet He does not have a wife, and the humans who are his sons, do not have a Mother?

Answer जवाब జవాబు: No proof of God's pray-ability. No proof of God's worship-ability. No proof of God's feed-ability. No proof of God's wash-ability and bath-ability. No proof of God's receiving communications. No proof of God's responding to communications.

Gods cannot hear or speak languages. Of course, preachers will, always say that God is omniscient and knows all languages. But the same preachers run the prayer houses, and most prayers are made in Latin, Arabic-Persian, and Sanskrit. Preachers seem to believe and propagate that God listens better and more, if prayed in Arabic or Latin or Sanskrit, and for that purpose, priests are engaged, paying hefty amounts.

Question प्रश्न ప్రశ్న:   What is the purpose of this blog post?

Answer जवाब జవాబు:   I felt that there is a need to clarify into our approaches and thinking. Atheism seems to concentrate more on proving and spreading the fact that there is no God. Suggested clarified approach: Although a God(dess) in the meaning of a superhuman force may exist (or may not exist), he-she does not exist in the meaning of a receiver of human feedings, kneelings, prayers, prostrations, salutes, and worships. It will be futile to pray/worship any force of Nature, Universe calling them as God(dess), whether using idols as tools, or without using tools, turning to a pulpit or a wall.

Question प्रश्न ప్రశ్న Can we apply this to sUrya namaskArs also?

Definitely. Sun is a very huge gaseous sphere. We may get energy, light from that gaseous body. Our survival itself, may depend on the sunlight and sun's rays, umpteen things like photo-synthesis. Yet we cannot call a gaseous average sized body in the cosmos, as God, personifying it. There is no need or question of prostrating before the gaseous star, imagining it to be a God by name "Sun".

As a form of physical exercise, sUrya namaskArs may be good. But the name sUrya namaskArs becomes irrational, whether such physical exercises are performed facing the Sun, or indoors.

However, to perform Surya namaskars simply as physical exercise or physical exercise + prayer to personified Sun God, can be left to individuals.  Better, if the State does not make it a controversial topic, by trying to impose it.    Nobody forces people to buy cell phones or download porn videos.   Yet millions of Indians and millions of people of the world do it, quite voluntarily, because they get some pleasure in it.  If they can find same kind of joy in doing Surya Namaskar's, it will be well and good. 

Conclusion:  People's' Choices between Surya Namaskars and mobile porn essentially depend on hitam (what is good and secure for them) and priyam (what is liked by them- whether good or not).

(To continue सशेष ఇంకా ఉంది.).

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