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489 Is KCR a Peter Drucker or a Warren Buffet? क्या केसीआर् एक पीटर ड्रक्कर या वारॆन बफॆट है ? కెసీఆర్ గారు ఒక పీటర్ డ్రక్కరా లేక ఒక వారెన్ బఫెటా ?

Decccan published in its Sunday tabloid edition, Page 23 "neta's natter", an indication of our leaders' capabilities.

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"An interaction for a few minutes over a cup of tea is enough to assess whether an investor who is coming to the Telangana State to set up industries is genuine or fake. That is basically what Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao conveyed to investors during an event in Zaheerabad recently. Rao said 'An investor, landing in Shamshabad airport would be received by a protocol officer, who would bring him directly to the Chief Minister's Office. "I will interact with him for 10-15 minutes over a cup of tea. This small exercise is being done by me, to find whether the investor is genuine or fake. These days fake fellows are also approaching Government with an eye on land and other incentives. To avoid this, I planned this interview exercise,' he remarked which evoked laughter at the venue."

Question: Why are you trying to bring Peter Drucker here?  यहाँ आप पीटर ड्रक्कर के नाम क्यो ला रहे है?  ఇక్కడ మీరు పీటర్ డ్రక్కర్ పేరు ఎందుకు తెస్తున్నారు?

Ans:  This anecdote, narrated by authors Robert Heller and Alistair Schofield at their Management site, in 2005, as a part of obituary to Late Peter F Drucker   will explain.   For those who wish to read this very apt obituary, click the link: .

In the days of yore, General Electric Company used to be one of the top Corporations in the world.  For some period, Mr. Amold Weinstock, a Manager of great calibre used to be its boss.  In the obituary, the authors recall their lunch with Mr. Drucker  (Management Philosopher) and Mr. Amold Weinstock (GEC).  I shall quote last para, from it:

       "...I can’t resist one anecdote of my own. I took Peter to lunch with Arnold Weinstock, then still Britain’s most famed manager. The conversation was mainly historical, but when we were in the lift, Peter came right to the point. “When he leaves the company, sell the shares!” When later Weinstock did leave, the once-great General Electric Company lost virtually all its value. As a prophet, too, Peter Drucker had no peer..."

Here we can see the sagacity (intellectual acumen सूक्ष्म बुध्धी సూక్ష్మ బుధ్ధి) of Late Drucker very clearly.   During a lunch, he could detect, correctly predict, that GEC would lose its value once Weinstock left.  And it happened.

ybrao a donkey's view वैबीराव गधे के विचार వైబీరావ్ గాడిద గమనించింది

To decide whether a person is genuine or bogus, our Mr. K.C.R. does not require
even such long time as that a lunch requires.  For him a chai pe charcha (a tea time talk of say 10 minutes) will be sufficient. 

एक आदमी को असली या नकली तीर्मान करने के लिये हमारे के सी आर् को उतना लंबा समय विलंब जितना लंच को होना , नहीं जरूरत है।  हमारे महा मेधावी को सिऱ्फ चाय पे चर्च समय दस मिनट काफी है।

ఒక వ్యాపారవేత్త లేక పారిశ్రామికవేత్త అసలో నకిలీయో తేల్చటానికి  భోజనానికి పట్టేటంత దీర్ఘ సమయం అక్కర లేదు.  మన మహా మేధావి కె సీ ఆర్ గారికి చాయ్ తాగటానికి పట్టే  పది నిమిషాలే చాలు.

Who is greater, between Drucker & KCR?  ड्रक्करी और कॆसीआर दोनों में कौन महा मेधावी ?   డ్రక్కర్ మరియు కెసీఆర్ లలో ఎవరు గొప్ప ?

KCR is greater.  कॆसीआर् ज्यादा महानू मेधावी है। కెసీఆర్ యే గొప్ప.
Shall finish tomorrow.

(To continue & revise as may be necessary. सशेष. पुनः संस्करण करने का है। ఇంకా ఉంది. తిరగవ్రాయాలి కూడాను. సూచనలకు స్వాగతం.)

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