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422 President of India, and Prime Minister of India are not cock-fight gamblers!

Photo courtesy (Gov. of USA).
422 क्या भारत के राष्ट्रपती प्रणब मुखर्जी, और प्रधान मंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी मुर्गा लडाई जुएबाज हैं

౪౨౨ భారత రాష్ట్రపతి శ్రీ ప్రణబ్ ముఖర్జీగారు, ప్రధానమంత్రి  శ్రీనరేంద్రమోడీ గారు కోడి పందాల జూదగాళ్ళా

சேவல் சண்டை.

16th 17th 18th Century European settlers in United States of America used to revel  in cockfights and its associated gamblings.  They used to allocate some black slaves for rearing / breeding fighter cocks, and such skillful slaves were given some leeway of freedom when compared to other black slaves who do not have such skills.   My readers who want to study some succulent episodes on this habit of Americans of colonial lore/yore ,  can study Alex Haley's famous novel 'Roots' which is a semi-autobiographical account of the author, and substantial research has gone into that book, by Alex Haley who spent his time and energies on digging out the slave trade from Western Coast of NW AFRICA to Europe and United States.

Back to India, it has great gambling history starting with YudhishThira (Dharma rAj) gambling his wife, brothers and kingdom in dice, though not in cock fights.  In 13th C. circa Andhra Pradesh, we had another minor mahAbhArata involving cockfights among warring-brothers, which led to Palnati yuddham battle, and a catastrophe in Palnadu area (present Guntur District).

Are Indian cricketers fighting cocks?

When cocks fight, their owners, patrons and gamblers revel by making big noices, to encourage the cocks.  The cock-fights are not backed by simple bets like some coffee or tiffin.  Millions of Rupees are wagered on the cocks.  Organising cock fights in Andhra Pradesh is some millions of dollars business, supported by Indian Parliament Members, State legislature members.   The prosperity and ramapacity of this business इस धंधा के उग्रता और अनियंत्रिता  has been ABUNDANTLY proved beyond doubt in the 2015 Pongal Season in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, in spite of the intervention of the Supreme Court.  In fact, the cockfight gambling mafia has used the apex Court order to their advantage.


The Indo Pak World Cup Cricket Matches are not cockfights.   Besides, the match which India has just won is only one among several league matches.    Cricket is one among several sports.  This particular sport is a visage of the colonial era.  Winning or losing a match should not involve any national prestige.  Revelling youth (धूमधाम करने वाले युवता) may lose sight of this wisdom, because of their immaturity. 

But, how can President of a country and its Prime Minister lose their wisdom and congratulate a team, of one particular sport, in a particular match?  Wins and losses in games and sports do take place in a routine manner, and there is nothing at stake.  Congratulating one's own winning team, at a particular moment of Indian history, when the relations between India and Pakistan are extremely strained, is in my humble view very very foolish.

The I.A.S, I.F.S., I.P.S.. Officers advising the President and Prime Minister should have counseled their political bosses appropriately, even if it may result in job loss or a North East Posting to such mis-adventuring bureaucrats.

Today's classical instrumental music आज के शास्त्रीय वाद्य. संगीत ఈరోజు శాస్త్రీయ వాద్య సంగీతం

South Indian Music tune (popularly called Carnatic Music) has well-organised and neatly structured classification system, when compared to Western Music, North Indian Music (Hindusthani Music).

North Indian Music does not bother much about tunes (rAgAs) of dual tone notes, such as two rishabhas (c# and d), two gandharas(d# and e), two madhyamas (f and f#), two dhaivatas (g# and a) and two nishadas (a# and b) in the same octave.  The Hindusthani Music simply calls such use of anya svaras as 'misr' (mixed) and entertain them, as long as they do not miss in melody.  But, there is no effort, to scientifically organise them.  

Salagam is a parent tune (janaka rAga), bearing mELakarta No. 25, which uses both c# and d, g# and a, while omitting the traditional gandhars (d# and e) and traditional nishads (a# and b).

Ascendant (ArOhi or ArOhaNa): c, c#, d, f#, g#,a, c'.  Descendant:  c',a,g#,g,f#,d,c#,c.

आरोही स, कोमल रिषब, शुध्ध रिषभ, तीव्र मध्यम, पंचम, कोमल धैवत, शुध्ध धैवत, तार षज्ड.  अवरोही तार षड्ज, शुध्ध धैवत, कोमल धैवत, पंचम, तीव्रम मध्यम, शुध्ध रिषभ, कोमल रिषभ, मध्य षड्ज.

ఆరోహణ, మధ్య షడ్జం, శుధ్ధ రిషభం, చతుశృతి రిషభం, ప్రతిమధ్యమం, పంచమం, శుధ్ధధైవతం, చతుశృతి ధైవతం, తార షడ్జం.  అవరోహమ తారషడ్జం, చతుశృతి ధైవతం, శుధ్ధధైవతం, పంచమం, ప్రతిమధ్యమం, చతుశృతి రిషభం, శుధ్ధ రిషభం, మధ్య షడ్జమం.

As usual, you can see the western notation for this at my blog


 Real life experience, semi-autobiographical.  Whenever, I go outstation, to my son's houses, sometimes, I carry my flute with me as a part of my luggage, to carry out my early morning practice there.  As my flute is somewhat bass, it is slightly longer than common flutes, and it naturally protrudes from bags.  Such protrusions, rarely other passengers bother about.  

Recent depiction of flute playing in one Telugu film Gopala Gopala in which Hero Pavan Kalyan is hero, seems to have generated some interest in flutes and dancing to steps.  In one railway station, a youth of 20 years, a student asked me about my flute out of curiosity.  He took it and tried to make some sound out of it.  Because of lack of practice or preliminary knowledge, or owing to an unwillingness to make sufficient effort, he could not produce any sounds.  He forgot to remember that Pavan Kalyan was holding flute and dancing as per director's instructions, and that it will take several months , if not several years, to master a musical instruments, particularly the INDIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.   Then he asked me:  

'How many days, it will take to learn flute?'

I: About three months, to get basic fingering.

He: Can't we learn in 15 days?

I could not reply.


I found him wearing a locket in his neck, exhibiting it conspicuously.  About it, he proudly said:  I quote his words, though not exactly, but approximately.

 'On the occasion of the valentine day,  one girl gave me.  You see, it has three parts.  The gold part (gold plated) , she said is herself.  There is picture of a silver blade on it (may be silver coating or some other coating).  This silver blade is myself.  Of course, this blade will not cut.  The third part of the pendant is made of iron.   It represents the people around us (family or society, or whatever the word 'others' may mean).   I too wanted to present in reciprocation, to that girl.  The locket which I selected for presentation went out of stock.  It costs about Rs. 500/-.  The shopkeeper said that he got 60 such pieces from his supplier.  All the 60 pieces were exhausted by the time I went to the shop with the money.'  

We have seen how the President of India and the Prime Minister of India have made fools of themselves.  You have also seen, how the Indian youth are becoming lunatics with valentine days, without knowing what love actually meant, which goes beyond all gifts, dances and presents.  Those who wish to study such true love which goes beyond marriages and sex, can read Late Balivada Kanta Rao's novel by name SAMPANGI. (LAVENDAR), if it is available, now-a-days.

Subject to further editing, keeping in view the feelings of readers.

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