Monday, February 16, 2015

423 Bidders buying Yuvraj Singh for Rs. 160 million in IPL-8, may not be paying their own money!!

४२३ जिस महाराज ने युवराज सिंग् को १६ करोड रूपये को खरीद किया, उस महाराज अपने जेब से पैसे खर्च नहीं करते।

౪౨౩ యువ్ రాజ్ సింగ్ ను ౧౬౦ మిలియన్ రూపాయలు (౧౬ కోట్ల రూపాయలకు) కొనే మహారాజులు స్వంత డబ్బులు చెల్లించరు.

There is every possibility of people's money (deposits made by people in public sector and private sector banks) being diverted in the form of withdrawals from loan limits for industrial purposes, and siphoning them off to pay cricketers.  Banks do not have proper mechanism or staff with guts, to check the end-use of loans by big industrialists.  Banks can only pester small farmers to bring fertiliser bills in evidence of buying them, while Corporates at their whims and fancies divert funds for their gambling activities.

Else,what reason this buyer of Yuvraj Singh can attribute for offering him Rs. 160 million, considering that he was a discard of World Cup India Team.  If the bidders were going to pay from their own resources, the bidders might have pondered at least once, before offering such hefty price for cricketers like Yuvraj Singh and Dinesh Kartik.

Gambling with own money is one thing and gambling with public property is another thing.

Banks should wake up and supervise their industrial loans vigorously.

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