Wednesday, February 18, 2015

424 Should film actresses sit beside us if our Shiva worship on Maha Shivratri day is to become fruitful?

For those who believe in sacredness of festivals, Mahashivaratri is a very sacred festival.

The object of the festival is to approach and stay very close to the Lord Shiva, throughout the day and night.

But our politician cum contractor from Visakhapatnam, has splashed hundreds of thousands of bucks for a cultural bash at Ramakrishna Beach, Visakhapatnam.

One gets an impression that the politician's PROs are very efficient, that they sent all the required photos to all major English and Telugu newspapers and got them published at prominent places, in prominent pages.

All the newspapers have obliged him.  Whether it is paid news or free publicity, God alone knows.

One among such photos, is an image in which the politician was sitting in the first row, along with yesterday actresses and temporarily faded politicians Jayaprada and Jayasudha, with layers of at least one centimeter of make-up.

One derivation we can make from these ways of the world:  Mind will not get stabilised on Lord Shiva, unless there are film actresses sitting beside.

Today's medieval Telugu poetry
An ex tempore verse attributed to Great Telugu poet Tenali Ramakrishna

In Roman script
stutamati aina Andhra kavi dhUrjaTi palkula kEla kalgenI
yatulita mAdhurI mahima?  hA telisen, bhuvanaika mohanO-
ddhata sukumar vAra vanitA janatA Ghana tApa hAri san-
tata madhurAdharodgata sudhA rasa dhArala grOluTam jumI.

The patron king Krishna Deva RAya used to conduct seminars of poets, on the days he was not invading other Regions or he himself was not visiting prostitutes .  During one such seminar, the great Shiva devotee poet DhUrjaTi was recite him poetry from his book 'Sri kALahasti mahAtmyam'.  King found that DhUrjaTi's verses were very sweet.  He asked the other poets in the assembly: How did this unmatched grandeur of sweetness has come to the praiseworthy poet DhUrjaTi.

Poet Tenali Rama krishna rose and said that he knew.  He attributed the reason for the sweetness of DhUrjaTi's poetry as: The got his sweetness by drinking the nectar from the lips of the delicate prostituting beauties of this world.  Everybody laughed it out.  This is because, most of the poets of those days were regular visitors to prostitutes and suckers of nectar from their lips.

HINDI Devanagari script
स्तुतमति यैन आंध्र कवि धूरजटि पल्कुल केल कलिगॆनी
यतुलित माधुरी महिम ?  हा तॆलिसेन् भुवनैक मोहनो-
ध्धत सुकुमार वार वनिता जनता घन ताप हारि सं-
तत मधुराधरोद्गत सुधा रस धारल ग्रोलुटं जुमी.

స్తుతమతి యైన యాంధ్ర కవి ధూర్జటి పల్కుల కేల కల్గెనీ
యతులిత మాధురీ మహిమ ? హా తెలిసెన్! భువనైక మోహనో
ద్ధత సుకుమార వార వనితా జనతా ఘన తాప హారి సం
తత మధురాధరోద్గత సుధా రస ధారల గ్రోలుటం జుమీ !!

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