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805 English CrossWord Puzzle No. ybcw 005,, and musings on Supreme Court Judgement on Land Acquisition


Here is our Crossword Puzzle No. ybcw 005. This time, we have reduced the grid size to 10 x 10 cells, to reduce the workload from the puzzle. For these 100 letters, we have 53 clues- 28 across, and 25 down. We have tried to eliminate the 'two letter words'. Some repetitions were found from the previous puzzles ybcw 001 to 004. This seems to be unavoidable, as filling the grid is done on 'random' basis, by the Linux qxw package, generating the crossword puzzles. We have one flexibility. We can edit the source dictionary 'American English'. In case of Ubuntu, it is stored at /usr/share/dict/AmericanEnglish file, which is a txt file. We can add / delete entries from this file. But we have to use 'sudo' password to open text editors such as gedit, geany. In qxw, in Autofill, there is one option, to add our own dictionaries. We can create some new dictionaries such as medicdicti, herbadicti in our home or Desktop Folders, and add to the autofill/dictionary menu. We can also add other language dictionaries such as Danish, French, German, Italian. Probably, we can also use some utf-8 languages. But, these additions made in the qxw autofill, will only be temporary. In a way the 'temporary' addition is an advantage, in the sense that we can temporarily add more and more dictionaries, such as Sports Dictionaries for creating a Sports Crossword, Film Dictionaries for Film CrossWords. In otherwords, we can create Specialised Crossword Puzzles in specific subjects.

1 Quantity with magnitude and direction. (6)
6 do. (3)
8 Currency of India. (5)
10 A photography enthusiast. (10)
14 Babyname, to mean 'son of Samuel'. (9)
15 A Church dress. (3)
16 German babyname 'little one'. (4)
18 reis (4)
21 Suffer from sickness or some other malaise. (3)
22 Floating & flying aircraft. (9)
25 Planner. (10)
26 Curses. (5)
27 Response to tit. (3)
28 Accelerate. (6)

1 American philanthropist, founder of Vassar College. (6)
2 One which breaks into pieces, eg. bread. (8)
3 A ballet skirt. Also a South African Leader. (4)
4 Chose. (5)
5 Wind. (4)
7 Attached label, ticket. (3)
9 A language in Ireland. (4)
11 Healthiest. (6)
12 A plant scientist. (8)
13 Loosens a knot. (6)
17 English babyname, meaning 'noble stone'. (6)
19 'Space Above and Beyond', a T.V. Serial. (4)
20 Spanish baby name, meaning 'shining light'. (5)
23 Creator God par excellence. (4)
24 Gets old. (4)
25 Short for satellite. (3)

CPM does not seem to have learnt anything from the Supreme Court quashing the 2006 Singur Land Acquisition made by the Left Front Bengal Government led by CPM, to hand over the land to Tatas, for erecting a car factory. At that time, Ms. Mamta Banerjee, Trinamul Congress Party Boss, (2016: CM of Bengal), went on a 26 day fast, on behalf of the displaced farmers. click to see .

For those who wish to download the Supreme Court Judgement, a pdf: Click, to read online/download

ybrao-a-donkey's personal view:-

CPM went wrong in their forced land acquisition at Singur, because they were siding with the industrialists, to deny an intensely cultivated land to farmers. Soon after the Supreme Court Judgement, CPM ought to have apologised to the Bengal farmers and the Indian Nations, and ought to have promised to guard against recurrences. The Left Leaders seem to have an ego, apart from nursing a misconception hitherto a manic only to bourgeoisie parties and Governments, that rapid industrialisation heralded only by private industrialists alone can generate employment. "Private employment" as a solution to the problems of unemployment and poverty, is misguided and a fallacy.

Opportunity has arrived in the form of Supreme Court judgement, to enable CPM to correct its historical blunders and ways. But, the egoistic CPM Leadership seems to have failed to take up the cue.

Referring to the comment of Surjya Kant Mishra, CPM Secretary, Bengal, one can only ask: "What is going to be the difference in INdia, between a Bourgeosie Party and a Leftist Party?"

Is Supreme Court Industrialist-unfriendly, or Industrialist-friendly?

Ans. Neither. Supreme Court Judgments tend to depend on fancies of the Judges sitting on the Judge, this of course, Collegium may not agree.

Almost all the State Governments, and the Government of India, seem to believe in massive Land Acquisitions, maintaining land banks, and handing over huge swathes of lands to private industrialists either direct, or through the technic of SEZs (Special Economic Zones, IT Parks (Information Technology Parks), Industrial Corridors.

Now, the bourgeoisie Governments of the States, with the help of the industrialist-friendly Central Government, will try to make new laws, issue more ordinances, to nullify the outcomes from the Supreme Court Judgement.


The Government of Residual Andhra Pradesh acquired hundreds of thousands of acres of land from farmers, directly under Land Acquisition Procedures, and also through armtwisting the farmers through Land Pooling Scheme.

Supreme Court Judgements unfortunately tend to be non-repetitive, unstable. Non-Singur farmers, Farmers of other States in India, should not build much hopes.

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.


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