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804 English CrossWord Puzzle No. 4, and some rants about India

YB Crossword Puzzle No. ybcw 004 बैवी क्रास् वर्ड पजिल नं. ००४, వైబీ క్రాస్ వర్డ్ పజిల్ నం. 004

This is our fourth crossword puzzle. As usual, we have obtained the grid, and the vocabulary using the qxw package in Linux, and then exported both the blank, and solved images to png files. Then, we have combined both the blank and solved images into a gif animation file, having a loop-over interval of 20000 milli seconds (20 seconds). That means, solution will be visible after 20 seconds, and revolve at an interval of 20 sec.

1. Layers (6).
7. Controlling lever, usually operated with a foot (5).
11. Too early (8).
12. Exist (2).
13. Laboratory in short (3).
14. Travelling Allowance (2).
15. Lecherous looks (5).
17. Worship leader of a mosque (4).
18. Respectable, Venerable (3).
21. High and elevated in Arabic. An Arabic name.(3).
22. Short for trade mark(2).
23. Gaseous state of intestines (7).
26. light fawn color, resembling the color of unbleached linen (4).
28. Babyname, meaning noble, champion (5).
30. Babyname, to mean 'clear', 'famous' (5).
31. Study hurriedly before examination (4).
32. Journals (7).
35. Emergency Room, in U.S. (2).
37. Unit of Energy (3).
38. Bitumen (3).
40. A green vegetable (4).
42. French babyname, to mean 'dear one', 'darling' (5).
44. Alcoholics Anonymous (2).
46. Short for linear (3).
47. Not she (2).
48. Teetotaler (9).
50. A planetoid. A Canadian Goddess (5).
52. buries in a bed, incorporates in some hardware/software (6).

1. Break up (5).
2. Bound, confine, limit (7).
3. Biblical name. Short for Rebecca, to mean Fourth (4).
4. Morning (2).
5. Response to tit (3).
6. India-Pakisthan border, near Wagha (5).
7. A State in a country (8).
8. A clinical test to measure brain waves, Electro Encephalo Graph (3).
9. Second son of Adam and Eve (4).
10. Ulcerative boil and skin eruption (6
18. Wished-for child (5).
19. Rigorous Imprisonment (2).
20. Editor (2).
23. Solo song (4).
24. Two million city in Brazil (4).
25. body severed from its head (5).
27. Beg. (5).
29. American INdian(7).
30. People of Czech Republic (6).
33. Los Angeles (2).
34. Angry (5).
36. Tirade (4).
43. Royal Australian Navy (3).
45. Purpose (3).


A Nation or a Province / Prefecture / State / County which wastes its resources can never prosper.

Most States in India are extremely impoverished, where people can never LIVE nor can DIE. It is an existence of bondage, misery, starvation and suffering. Yet, people in India never feel sad about their deprivation.

Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Residual Andhra Pradesh, in India, has last month spent nearly Rs. 25 billion (Rs. 2,500 crore), on a River Water Festival called 'krishNa pushkarAlu', a twelve year bathing ritual in the River Krishna. Though some of the amount was spent on Public Works on the River Banks, such as for restoring ghats (rows of stairs), etc. , much of the amount was wasted. A rich country like Australia, Canada, Denmark or Norway-Sweden, does it, we need not grudge.

To understand the condition of poor in India, one or two examples of August 2016 will serve as a live demonstration:

A tribal person in Kalahandi District of Orissa had to carry the deadbody of his wife on his shoulders for 10 kms., as he could not get an ambulance from Hospital in a nearby Odisa town to his village. click to go to

A father in Madhya Pradesh took his pregnant daughter on a bicycle carrier for 10 kms. to admit her in a hospital. Click to go to

Residual Andhra Pradesh does not lag behind in this type of live examples. Mostly, they do not get reported, because Media in Andhra Pradesh are engaged in blowing trumpets to the Ruling Party, with a hope that the Government will allocate them a few thousand yards/few acres of land in Andhra Pradesh Capital Region. There is an exception, Sakshi TV Channel, and Sakshi Telugu Daily. But, they are on the other extremity. Their promoters themselves are facing CBI Investigation for massive corruption.

According to News Reports Residual Andhra Pradesh State Government has sought permission of Government of India , for seeking a World Bank Loan of Rs. 7,000 crore (Rs. 70 billion or nearly $1.2 billion). But it appears that the Central Government has permitted Govt. of A.P., to apply only for Rs. 3,500 crore ($600 million).

Mr. Narendra Modi's Generosity to Vietnam

During his recent visit to Vietnam, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi is reported to have offered a loan of $500 million to Vietnam, as a friendly gesture. Vietnam has long back parted away from the path of Communism. Its citizens, a la the Citizens of India, have developed / are getting trained in Western habits of Conspicuous Consumption, such as eating MCDowels Foods, as if they are fed up with local foods.

Had Mr. Narendra Modi given this $500 million to Residual Andhra Pradesh, and carefully monitored the proper end use of funds, by opening an escrow account with Reserve Bank of India, to be operated jointly by the Central and State Governments, there will not have been, any need for Andhra Pradesh to run to World Bank.

India and China seem to be suffering from a misconception that Nations can be tempted to join their bandwagon by offering loans. China and India seem to be competing with one another. China's situation is different. India's situation is different. India does not have a strong BOT, BOP. India is not a strong Nation in Exports of Goods. It has already fallen in a foreign investment trap (just like external debt trap). It is temporarily enjoying peace of mind, owing to depressed crude prices. Once the OPEC countries resolve their disputes and start curtailing Oil production, and the Oil pricees firm up, India will again run into difficulties.

TAIL PIECE धुम केतु తోక చుక్క

Our Rev. Chandra Babu Naidu has allocated 200 acres at a nominal rate in Amaravati, the New Capital Region of Andhra Pradesh, to a University of Tamilnadu, by name "SRM University", for an ostensible purpose of setting up their Campus in the New Capital Region. Nobody knows, what were the hidden considerations which went into the deal. Now, one Shri Pacha Muttu, the Promoter of that SRM University is facing probe in Tamil Nadu for collecting nearly a billion Rupees promising Medical Seats.

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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