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806 (Part 1 of two parts 2) Conflicts between English and INdia's Native languages; Crossword Puzzle No. ybcw 006

Mr. Aakar Patel and Mr. Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay are two journalists, who seem to have direct contacts with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Shri Mukhopadhyay wrote a biography of Shri Narendra Modi, titled : "Narendra Modi: The Man". Right now, the book is very popular. We have to wait and see, whether it will stand the test of time. DeccanChronicle.Com has published some of his articles on the rule of Shri Narendra Modi. We shall try to cover some of them, when we get time.


Shri Aakar Patel is another important author, who writes quite often in Deccan Chronicle.com, both electronic edition, and the print edition. On 4th Sept. 2016, we can see an article by him titled: "ENGLISH VS MOTHER-TONGUE A TOUGH QUESTION", just beside the Edit Page in the Print Edition.

Click to go to : http://www.deccanchronicle.com/opinion/op-ed/040916/english-vs-mother-tongue-a-tough-question.html

This article mainly dealt with two things. 1. R.S.S. Gujarat, objecting to English Medium teaching in Gujarat Schools. 2. Lack of interest in students of Madhya Pradesh to join Hindi Medium Engineering Course. Let us see some of his views as published in Deccan Chronicle:--

"...The question “which language India’s children should be schooled in?” is not an easy one to answer. Some years ago, when he was still chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi told me what his solution was to this problem, and I will tell you what he said. ..."

"...In Gujarat, the RSS has blocked teaching of English in government schools till Class 5, by when it is too late. Mr Modi’s solution, which he explained to me, was to have some subjects taught in Gujarati and others in English. If I remember it right, he was considering maths and science in English and history and geography in Gujarati. I thought it was an elegant solution though I do not know if he was not ultimately able to implement it, under RSS pressure. ..."

"...The question of language in schooling has been debated from before Independence. Rabindranath Tagore and Gandhi were of the view that schooling should be in the mother tongue. Tagore in particular felt that India’s children would not be able to develop their artistic talent and sensibility if they were schooled in a foreign language. Gandhi had, I think, more patriotic reasons for taking the same line. ..."

"...The second news story connected to this was from Bhopal’s Atal Behari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya. This Hindi-only university is struggling to attract students for its courses. A report said that this was particularly true for the engineering course. The students’ apprehensions were that they would not get jobs with such a degree. And they also were worried about taking a course taught where the engineering terms would be newly-coined Hindi words replacing basic English engineering terms they were already familiar with. Because of this only a dozen students have applied for the 90 seats that are available in Nagar (Civil), Vaidyut (Electrical) and Yantrik (Mechanical) streams this year. ..."

ybrao-a-donkey's humble views:

About the elegant solution suggested by Mr. Narendra Modi (teaching history/geography in Regional language, Mathes and sciences in English)
From 1962-63 to 1966-67, I studied at a "Multipurpose Higher Secondary School" from IX Standard to XII Standard. During the period, I received education in History, Civics, Economics and Geography, through the Medium of Regional Language. Mathes and Sciences were taught in English. As far as Mathes and Sciences were concerned my shifting from Regional Language (VIII std.) to English Medium (IX Std.), though caused some intial problems, ultimately I could adjust to the English Medium, over the period of four years, without any private tuitions in Teachers' Homes. The Mathes, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology learned by me during the period, helped me to understand the growth and progress of knowledge in this world.

Lesson from this experience: Better to start very early in English Medium. As my elementary education was in chaos and a pellmell, I started learning English alphabets only in VI Standard, and learned some basic vocabulary of English in VI-to-VII Standards. Changing the Medium in IX Standard, education during that particular year became a hard task, but there was no alternative.

About Economics, when I joined in B. Com. Course later in an Evening College, I had to start afresh for understanding the Curves and Graphs, Economic Theories from Samuelson Economics, and other Standard Economics Text Books.

Fortunately (in my personal views), the people of Residual Andhra Pradesh have accepted the harsh realities, that English is the only way through which they can communicate with the outside world. Hindi too is important, particularly when a person has to sell some goods and services to North India. In Marketing, using the buyers' language is very important.


Here is our Sixth English CrossWord Puzzle No. ybcw 006. To make the puzzle simpler, as an experiment, we have further reduced, the No. of Cells in the Grid to 9 x 9 letters. This time, after plotting the words in the Cells, we have 12 clues across, and 12 clues down. This setup seems to be neither too light, nor too heavy, to build and study English vocabulary.


1 A jet engine in which a turbine is used to drive a propeller. (9)
8 Weird, wild, arousing fright. (5)
9 hurdles (9)
12 Underwater Robotic Intelligent System. (4)
13 Small barrels. (4)
14 Distressed. (3)
15 1/100 of a Hectare. (3)
16 Assert, state, allege. (4)
18 Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome. (4)
19 Occasions which have not happened. (9)
21 Babyname, to mean 'God of Forests'. (5)
22 Temporarily stopped. (9)
1 Tens of hundreds. (9)
2 Dwellers. (9)
3 Wagers. (4)
4 Babyname to mean 'light'. (3)
5 Gather. (4)
6 Gained the skills again. (9)
7 Endowed with, owned. (9)
10 Bold. (5)
11 A bird of Nycticorax family. (5)
17 Gather a harvest. (4)
18 Short for the State of Pennsylvania. (4)
20 Compete with one another. (3)


1 turboprop (9)
8 eerie (5)
9 obstacles (9)
12 Uris (4)
13 kegs (4)
14 sad (3)
15 are (3)
16 aver (4)
18 Pres (4)
19 nonevents (9)
21 Taine (5)
22 suspended (9)
1 thousands (9)
2 residents (9)
3 bets (4)
4 Ora (3)
5 pick (4)
6 Relearned. (9)
7 Possessed. (9)
10 Bravo. (5)
11 Egret. (5)
17 Reap. (4)
18 Penn. (4)
20 To vie. (3)

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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