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753 Is Shirdi Sai Baba a God? क्या षिर्दी शाई बाबा भगवान है ? क्या उलको हिन्दु मंदिरों में पूजा कर सकते हैं ? శ్రీ షిర్దీ శాయిబాబా దేవుడా ? ఆయన విగ్రహాలను హిందూ దేవాలయాలలో పూజించ వచ్చా.

Is Shirdi Sai Baba a God? Can he be worshipped in Hindu Temples, or in separate special temples? This burning question is doing rounds in the Telugu TV Channels. Every day, some saffron-clad monk is invited to the Studio, and interrogated by the anchors to obtain categorical replies. It appears that Shri Paripoornanda Saraswati of Kakinada seem to be a devotee of Satya Sai Baba. Both the Swaroopanandendra Saraswatis of Dwaraka and Visakhapatnam seem to question Shirdi Sai Baba's worship in Hindu Temples. There is also a mention of some Meeting of Monks taking place at Ujjain Kumbh Mela of Kshipra River, to discuss threadbare the whole thing and decide on the issue.

Tell categorically, without behaving like a cat-on-wall, whether Shirdi Sai Baba is a God?

ybrao-a-donkey's humble comments. वैबीराव एक गधे के विनम्र राय . వైబీరావ్ గాడిద వినమ్ర వాణి. You have every right to differ with me. I respect your right. आपको मेरे मत से भिन्न राय रखने के संपूर्ण हक है। मै उस अधिकार को परिपूर्ण रूप से गौरव देता हुँ. మీకు, మీ భిన్నమైన అభిప్రాయాన్ని కలిగిఉండే సంపూర్ణ హక్కు ఉంది. దానిని ఎంతో నేను గౌరవిస్తాను. However, pl. examine this donkey's views also. परन्तु एस गधे के दृष्टिकोण को भी अनुशीलन कीजिये. కానీ ఈ గాడిద దృష్టికోణాన్ని కూడ ఓర చూపుతో కంటజూడుమీ, క్రీగంట జూడమీ.

1. There is no definition of a God(dess).

2. There is no clarity whether humans can be worshipped as Gods, simply because they have performed some miracles during their life time, or they have made some silly sacrifices or unintended forced sacrifices. There is also no acceptable evidence of the performance of such miracles. They are only HEARSAY stories. Persons surrounding God persons, create stories, magnify them out of proportions, with a view to maintain the popularity of the pilgrim centre, and often they themselves have / had vested interests in maintaining the GOD status of the God person.

3. Innocent people, greedy people, timid people may accept anything under the sky as God(dess), without questioning. Stone, Plants, Animals, Rivers, Wall facing Arabia, Pulpits, humans, everything is prayer-worthy, as long as they get a mistaken impression that their desires are being fulfilled, that their fears are being allayed, that there is an alround perception of protection.

4. People, particularly proletariat (working class), non-sweating working class, need intellectual upgradation. They have to start using their brains and minds independently.

5. In blog-post No.701 (Click here to if you wish to study 701) , we have recalled how in erstwhile Soviet Union, soon after the Bolshevik Revolution, people converted their Churches into potato warehouses.

If true complete socialism is brought out by Indian Proletariat voters through their votes in General Elections to Indian Parliament, and if ballot revolutions take place repeatedly over at least 4 general elections continuously in two decades, probably our proletariat workers may also decide to decide proper roles for our prayer-houses of all religions. Of course, this is a dream and a fantasy.

6. Shirdi Sai Baba was just a human. He might have had some qualities of love etc. But, basically he was a person, who did not perform any work for his livelihood. In that sense, he was a burden on the society of those days. Besides, he misled gullible people into superstitiously believing him that he was a God.

7. Today, millions of Indians believe that Shirdi Sai Baba was a God, impressed by stories woven around him by fanatics or those who do the business of "God and the Religion". It will be very difficult to wean them away from their superstitious beliefs. Only an enlightened proletariat can do it.

In true complete socialism, the risks, fears, uncertainties, hardships which people face will be removed through Socialist Economies and Socialist Societies. Then there will be no need of CRUTCHES of Gods and God persons.

8. In the mean time, hundreds of thousands of Sai Temples have been built in India, occupying roads, adding congestion to the traffic. Sai Temples have become a source of livelihood to priests, traders, and mendicants.

9. There may not be anything wrong if Hindu Temples remove the idols and photos of Shirdi Sai Baba, being worshipped in their premises, NOT BECAUSE SAI BABA WAS A MUSLIM, but because, Shirdi Sai Baba was a human who lived only in 20th Century. He was just a mortal. It is immaterial whether he has performed, or not performed some miracles. Worshippers of Shirdi Sai Baba can either build separate temples for their perceived-God, or probably worship him with greater devotion in their homes, without much noise. Ultimately, in true complete socialism, all prayers and worships may have to be confined to homes, if proletariat repeatedly elected Parliament decides to convert prayer houses of ALL RELIGIONS into POTATO GODOWNS or RICE GODOWNS.

10. This is only a personal opinion of ybrao-a-donkey, expressed as loud thinking. Well, others can have divergent views.

Subject to corrections and deletions. A lot more is to be added. To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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