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718 Part 1/10 of pros and cons of introducing prohibition in India भाग १/१० भारत में मद्य निषेथ लागू करने में समस्याओं के अद्ययन భాగం ౧/౧౦ భారతలో మద్యనిషేథం అమలు చేయటంలో సమస్యల పరిశీలన

Trigger for this blog post: An article by Shri Akar Patel in Deccan Chronicle.com, about the introduction of prohibition in Bihar by Mr. Nitish Kumar. Title of the article is: PROHIBITION IS A FAILED IDEA. For those who wish to read this article, here is the link: (Click to go to the article of Mr. Akar Patel in Deccan Chronicle.Com.) . Continuation of my post No. (Click if you wish to read 717) .

Mr. Akar Patel has sufficiently covered the "anti" side of the enforcement of Prohibition.

In my post No. 717, I wrote that Mr. Akar Patel has to do some "para griha pravEsh (literal meaning: enter the houses of others) to realise the intensity of the sufferings of Indian Housewives and mothers, at the hands of their husbands and sons who demand for money to buy liquor, and do not hesitate to kill them, if money is refused, or money could not be produced. Hence, failures or no failures, all the State Governments in India, and the Central Government should make sincere efforts on a war footing to overcome the daemon of Alcoholism.

I have also already mentioned that "Prohibition is not a Brahminic demand". 90% of suffering mothers and wives are not Brahmins ! Though of late, alcoholism is increasing in Brahmins, yet, whatever be the reasons, alcoholism is still RELATIVELY less in Brahmins, particularly the Brahmins of the South India. If prohibition is sabotaged or not enforced strictly, Brahmins will also lose, but they lose less, whereas the sufferings of mothers and housewives of all castes, particularly non-Brahmin castes, do not get ameliorated.

One unfortunate development which I have been noticing of late is, alcoholism has become rampant among professionals such as doctors, lawyers, IAS-IPS Officers, etc., and the so-called intellectuals such as Judges-both of higher and lower judiciary, Professors, College and High School teachers. They are, in fact, supposed to guide the Indian Society. In Telugu language, there is a proverb: "kance yE cEnu mEsina" English "If fence itself feeds on the crop", who will protect the crop?

Mr. Nitish Kumar, does not seem to have done sufficient home work.

Declaring that "Prohibition is introduced in the entire Bihar" and seizing all the liquor bottles in shops in a frenzy, will not serve the cause of Prohibition. A lot of groundwork is to be done.

Example: Prohibition results in loss of employment to workers of distillaries, wineshops and bars. Suddenly all those working at these places will be on the road. Of course, Bihar Government will not have resources to pay compensation or monthly subsistence to these people. Bihar is a cane and sugar producing State. That means we have to show market to the raw spirits and ferments produced in Bihar, for sale outside its boundaries.

One solution:Since, many other States in India, have not yet introduced prohibition, Bihar Govt. can probably permit the distillaries to to produce liquors, with "forward integration", to produce bottled, packed end products, and export to neighboring States, some of which may be experiencing liquor shortages. Though this may sound "unethical" (discouraging local people consuming alcohol, and encourage unfortunate residents of other States to drink more). But, even if the Bihar Government and the distillaries in Bihar desist themselves from doing it, foreign liquor Companies will vigorously market their beers, whiskies, wines, vodkas, ales, runs, gins in the Rest of India.

In other words, till total prohibition is introduced all over India, including ban on import of liquors, Bihar will be justified in exporting liquors made in Bihar to other States.

Bihar Distillaries and wine traders can also be permitted to export liquors to Europe, North and South Americas, South East Asia, above all China with whom we have an adverse Balance of Trade.

In my humble view, future of Bihar will depend on developing their export capabilities, products, and skills, - both to Rest of India, and to International Markets.

Nothing can really be achieved, just by passing some laws, which are loosely enforced.

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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