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694 Part 5 of JNU Affairs- Did Sitaram Yechuri give a business of US$70 billion to China?

An impression is being created that all the dirty people in India, are being created by JNU alone primarily, and some other Public Sector Universities in India. if 3000 condoms were consumed in JNU, can we say that all the condoms have been consumed only by students sympathising Marxism? Prior to election of Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar, ABVP leaders were said to be leading the JNU. JNU Students may be a composite mixture of different backgrounds. Besides, they learn from the Delhi Metropolitan Civilisation. Consuming 3000 condoms might have been a joint effort of all the students, both male and female. It is a part of the joint efforts of the nearly 15 million Delhi Citizens. University is only a sub-system, in the monstrous system DELHI.

We shall take a small quote from the Edit page dated 11th March 2016, of Andhra Bhoomi.Net, a Telugu Daily, and see how the information has been presented? Why the Daily could not present a balanced view?

"...న్యూఢిల్లీ జవహర్‌లాల్ నెహ్రూ విశ్వవిద్యాలయంపై ఇటీవల ఒక పరిశోధన జరిగింది. అందులో కొన్ని దిగ్భ్రాంతిని కలిగించే అంశాలు వెలుగులోకి వచ్చాయి. దాదాపు మూడువేల గర్భ నిరోధక కండోమ్స్ దొరికాయి. మాదక ద్రవ్యాలు ఇంజక్షన్ రూపంలో తీసుకొనే సూదులు దొరికాయి. గంజాయి వంటి ఇతర పదార్ధాలు యూనివర్సిటీకి సరఫరా చేయబడుతున్నాయి. కాశ్మీరు నుండి ఉగ్రవాదులు విశ్వవిద్యాలయంలోకి ప్రవేశించి తమ కార్యకలాపాలు నిర్వహిస్తున్నారు. ఏచూరు సీతారాం వంటి చైనా అనుకూల శక్తులను ఈ విశ్వవిద్యాలయమే ప్రతి సంవత్సరం ఉత్పత్తి చేస్తున్నది. ..."

Approx. English gist: "...Recently, a research took place on the JNU, New Delhi. In it, some astonishing details, have come to light. About 3,000 condoms were found. Drugs, and injection needles were found. Substances like Heroin, are being supplied to the University. From Kashmir, terrorists have entered into the University, and are carrying on their activities. This University itself is producing every year, forces biased towards China, like Yechuru Sitaram. ..."

ybrao-a-donkey's humble comments. वैबीराव एक गधे के विनम्र राय . వైబీరావ్ గాడిద వినమ్ర వాణి. You have every right to differ with me. I respect your right. आपको मेरे मत से भिन्न राय रखने के संपूर्ण हक है। मै उस अधिकार को परिपूर्ण रूप से गौरव देता हुँ. మీకు, మీ భిన్నమైన అభిప్రాయాన్ని కలిగిఉండే సంపూర్ణ హక్కు ఉంది. దానిని ఎంతో నేను గౌరవిస్తాను. However, pl. examine this donkey's views also. परन्तु एस गधे के दृष्टिकोण को भी अनुशीलन कीजिये. కానీ ఈ గాడిద దృష్టికోణాన్ని కూడ ఓర చూపుతో కంటజూడుమీ, క్రీగంట జూడమీ.

The above is a very small part of an Editorial in the Telugu Daily "", the Chief Editorial of which is Shri M.V.R. Sastry. The Daily is owned by the Deccan Chronicle Group, which is a Congress sympathiser.

We shall take up the issue of condoms, drugs, heroin, Kashmir terrorists etc. in separate blog posts.

We shall, for this particular blog post, take up the allegation that JNU is producing forces biased towards China, like Yechuri Sitaram.

Known Facts: China occupied nearly 36,000 sq.miles of Ladakh, NEFA (Arunachal Pradesh, present name) -Indian Territory in 1962 October. Nearly 20,000 Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives defending our borders. Entire Nation rose in Unity, contributed their might to the Defence Funds. Children, adolescents, youth, middle aged persons, very old persons, irrespective of their age chanted "China go back" sincerely, straining their vocal chords.

A faction of the CPI, was confused about China's true IMPERIALIST NATURE. They could not come out of their bondage to China, believing that China was a genuine Communist Nation. They did not realise that THE GREAT LONG MARCH itself was a big hoax. Like flies which were caught in a spider's web, they were trying to defend Chinese actions. CPIM (CPM) and other splinter groups which had some sympathies towards China had separated themselves from the pro-Soviet, pro-Congress CPI. It is all known History. Mr. Sitaram Yechuri, too might have emerged as a National Leader of CPIM from those China-Sympathy groups.

Okay, as wished by the Andhra Bhoomi, we shall admit that Mr. Sitaram Yechuri is a China-slave-bhootam (devil, ghost) produced by JNU. They and other Communist Leaders all deserve to be branded as Traitors, charged with sedition, and shot in fake encounters. Now, here are some questions:

China has not stepped back even an inch from the 36,000 sq. miles it occupied. In the occupied territory, it has built a Highway, to connect with Pakisthan. There are reports that China is also building a Railway line into Pakisthan, through the Occupied Indian Territory. China issues "Stapled Passports for Indians from Kashmir visiting China". This obnoxious practice, it seems to have discontinued. very recently after great Indian efforts.

China continues to show Ladakh, and entire State of Arunachal Pradesh as its own Territories in all its maps. Chinese Armies make frequent incursions into Indian Territories. China makes frivolous and nasty statements about Arunachal Pradesh.

China continues to obstruct the admission of India, as a permanent Member into the Security Council. It forgets its past history, when India supported the admission of China into the Security Council.

China fully arms Pakisthan, and trains the Pak Army , Navy and Airforce, though Pakistan sends Islamic Uighur (Uyghur) Terrorists into China. China does not take into cognizance of the terrorist character of Pakisthan.

China is trying to wean away Nepal from India, by creating discontentment in the landlocked kingdom.

Irrespective of political parties, how many Prime Ministers, Central Cabinet Ministers, State Chief Ministers, MPs, MLAs, visited China, with begging bowls to invest in India? By begging China to invest in Indian businesses, are they not inviting China to invade Indian Factories and take them over? If Chinese become owners of Indian factories, should Indians work as Security Guards at Entrance, to salute their Chinese Masters?

How many Indian Industrialists and Business Magnets visited China, and invested Indian Funds in China? By doing that, they are exporting the Indian Wealth to China, and strengthening it, while impoverishing India.

Today India's trade with China is about $70 billion. Indian Trade deficit is about 30-40 billion dollars. That means India buys about $ 50 billion worth goods from China, while China buys from India goods worth only $ 20 billion. Is it not a fact that we are gradually losing our capabilities to produce even simple things like pant pieces, leaving aside laptops and smartphones?

Who formed a Country-Group called BRICS? (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). Did Sitaram Yechuri produced by JNU create this ? Who attends the Summits of this Group? Does Sitaram Yechuri attend?

Did Sitaram Yechuri, produced by JNU, manage to generate all this Trade Deficit?

Are not our Prime Ministers, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Foreign Ministers, Chief Ministers, crazy of China (includes Macau !) ?

It may be necessary to extend due diplomatic courtesies to a Neighboring country, its Head of State, and Head of Government. But, should that mean, we are obliged to give them a business of $70 billion, and enrich them, at the cost of our own domestic industry, and our livelihood occupations?

On the other hand, students in a University, tend to be immature. They need counselling. Besides, hailing from poor families of backward States like Bihar, they will be exposed to numerous temptations placed before them as baits by organisations like LET, ISI, Isis. It is the duty of the State to keep a secret watch on every activity going on Universities, on every person studying and working in Universities, and counsel the students in a paternalist benevolent manner, using persuasion. After every effort fails to correct them, the BrahmAstra of Charge of Sedition, Incarceration etc. should come, with solid evidence, and not just based on doctored video-tapes.

Now, what charges are to be made against our Presidents, Prime Ministers, Central Cabinet Ministers, State Chief Ministers, MPs, MLAs, Indian Bureaucrats, Indian Businessmen, who forget about the sacrifices made-and-being made by our soldiers defending our territories in Himalayan Glaciers, and every year gift a business of US$ 70 billion to China in a gold plater? Are they dES bhaktas, or dEs drOhis? Are only students of JNU, dES drOhis?

It is not my idea to find fault with our beloved Prime Minister. What I wish to clearly say is, that Government of India may have to reorient itself and its policies towards China. Again, I do not wish to say that we should enter into a conflict or war with China. I mean to say, that we should be alert and cautious. If we ourselves are NOT clean, what is the use of blaming China or Pakisthan? We should not get panicky, and rub wrong people at wrong points at wrong times with abrasives.

Tailpiece धूमकेतु తోకచుక్క

Subject to substantial Revision, additions and deletions. To continue and revise this, with more proof.. सशेष. సశేషం.


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