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693 Part 4, of Kanhaiya Kumar is on Slippery Steps कन्हय्या कुमार रपटीला मार्ग में जाते जाते, जाते, फिसलन सीठियों पर नाच रहा है। కన్హయ్యా కుమార్ జారుడు మెట్లపై నృత్యం చేస్తున్నాడు

By a sheer quirk of fate of incidents, Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNU Students Union Leader, hailing from a poor family of Bihar was catapulted to an artificially raised celebrity status. In today's India of Moolah, a person without lucre, cannot stabilise himself. A person who can shower currency, even where a sprinkling is needed, can alone survive and shine. Surrounding persons may lend money to a poor person for sometime for their own personal reasons, but it will come only with strings, and with a high price, monetary or otherwise.

We shall start with some links, which indicate the slippery grounds on which Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar is standing, while fighting his case of Sedition.

1. Link: Click to go to' .

For complete details of the incident, Readers will pl. see the Deccan Chronicle link above. The DC news also contains the girl's side of the happenings, her anxieties.

ybrao-a-donkey's provisional observation: The atmosphere is excessively polluted now. Before anything can be written honestly about this, normalcy has to come back. Prima facie, Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar seems to have erred, in case he called the complaining girl a psychopath, and warned her of dire consequences. It will become a sort of verbal assault, and threat.

Another question which may have to be looked into: Whether the proctor who investigated the girl's complaint, and fined Kanhaiya Kumar, Rs. 3,000/-, DID HE HEAR THE KANHAIYA KUMAR'S SIDE OF NARRATION ? Did he follow the maxim "Audi Alterim Partem? (Hear the other party)"? If so, what was the explanation furnished by Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar? Whether any witnesses were examined from both sides?

The Proctor should have sent the complaint to a Police Station of an appropriate jurisdiction for registration of a case, investigation, if Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar violated Indian Penal Code. Whether Mr. Kumar has violated Indian Penal Code or not will depend on facts of the case, and the statements of the witnesses. The Proctor has not apparently followed the due process. Levying a penalty of Rs. 3,000/- on a poor dalit student, whose mother's monthly income is just Rs. 3,000/- seems to be on a high side. This type of unilateral actions by Proctors, University Authorities can lead to genuine grievances of bias against "dalit" students.

About urinating at a Public Place: This is a part of National Culture of India. It has been going on since Centuries. This habit is not limited to only students. And urinating to walls is done not only by ASF students of the Communist Beliefs, but also by students of all beliefs, including Hindutva. This habit has to get corrected, by counselling through mass communication media, by organising meetings of students and inducting civilities and politenesses into their minds. It cannot be done in one day. Additional toilets will have to be built both for gents and Ladies at all likely places where an urge to urinate is likely to arise (just like accident-prone spots on a National Highway). I must say that Ladies suffer a lot in this respect, because where toilets are not available, they cannot urinate or defacate in open, whereas men can do by custom. Their urinary chambers, might have evolved over Centuries to accommodate more and more urine, depending on exigencies. But, we must recognise that they are the worst sufferers in this respect, when compared to men.

SOME PERSONAL EXPERIENCES YBRAO-a-donkey, NOT entirely irrelevant

I visited Delhi as a Tourist in 1978, while I was returning from a Training at Chandigarh. For Delhi Local site-seeing we boarded a Tourist bus run by a Private Travel Agency. They have packed a very tight sight seeing schedule, to be completed from morning to evening, with very short halts at different tourist spots.

After seeing Red Fort, and the "FRONT" side platform from which Prime Ministers make their Annual Independence Day Speeches, one or two passengers in our bus, started feeling an unstoppable urge to urinate. They said they can't wait long. Then, the guide who was conducting the Trip, showed a part of the tall wall of the Red Fort and asked them to urinate. That particular wall of the Red Fort was already dirty and wet, which meant that some Tourists and Citizens might have already urinated there. Adding two more persons didn't make any difference. Note: This happened in 1978. Things might have changed in Delhi, by 2016.

This happened a few years back. I was travelling in an RTC Bus, passing through a semi-urban place called "Pedanandipadu" in Guntur District. When this incident took place, I have become old, and developed a urinary incontinence (unstoppable urge to urinate, though only a few drops of output). In good old days, A.P.S.R.T.C. (Andhra Pradesh State RTC) Buses used to stop in Official Bus Stations with Toilet Facilities. Now-a-days, for marketing reasons, they have developed a habit of taking passengers at Market Chowrastas, and started avoiding regular visits to the Official Bus Stations which are situated in outskirts. I, suffering from a constant urge to urinate somehow, requested the Conductor and the Driver to take the bus to the RTC Bus Station, so that I can visit the toilets. Unfortunately, they did not oblige. They have their own compulsions.

Then I got down from the bus on the road itself, and searched for a place where I can ease myself. There were shops continuously. There were cart vendors. It was very hard to find a place to urinate. After some search, I found a somewhat semi-dry lake, in which buffaloes were swimming. The lake and its four banks have benches. For some years, it seems to have been well maintained. It was a Panchayat drinking water tank, which they may be filling from Nagarjuna Sagar Canal. There was some open place on the big road's margins. Since, buffaloes were swimming in the Tank, I wanted to take some risk of bad-behavior, and urinate on the road margin, though it is adjacent to the tank. The moment I unzipped my pant, a person came shouting, and started abusing me with profanities. I apologised to him, but he did not accept. He continued shouting . I zipped my pant, and left the place. His shouts, I heard for another 200 metres. After walking further 400 meters or so, I reached the Official Bus Station, went to the formal urinals and completed my task. Later, I board another bus, bought a fresh ticket, and continued my journey.

Link: Click to go to

The above Deccan Chronicle news contains the indignation of Kanhaiya Kumar, and his respectable friend. At this particular moment, I can only add that things have not changed in hundred years, since the days of Swami Vivekananda till 2016. We shall take this up in the forthcoming blogposts. In the meantime, those who know Telugu language can read Late Balivada Kanta Rao's novel "Sampangi".

For any issue, there will be two sides. The same is the case with male-female friendships, and how the society looks at friendships.

Subject to substantial Revision, additions and deletions. To continue and revise this, with more proof.. सशेष. సశేషం.

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