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507 How will Mr. Modi deal with this Indian billionaire? मोदी महोदय इस भारतीय बिलियनियर से कैसा डील करेगा ? మన చాయ్ వాలా ప్రధాని మోడీ మహోదయుడు ఈ భారతీయ బిలియనియర్ తో ఎలా డీల్ చేయగలడు ?

We must thank Ms. Namita Gupta for writing in Deccan Chronicle, dated 9.5.2015, that an Indian billionaire gave a tip of Pounds 5,000 in a Casino at Mayfair, London.

Readers who wish to read this article, which is worth reading by every Indian: Click to go to
...The casino personifies the best in private gaming, refinement and unique ambience of private salons. It is an exclusive gambler’s den for members, the elite few and for those that can afford to join, a luxurious gaming haven awaits. Within weeks of opening, the club, nestled in the heart of Mayfair, had visits from Daphne Guinness, Mick Jagger and Kate Moss. Recently, a £5,000 cash tip was left at a table by an Indian billionaire. ...

At Reddit, there is a comment by a "I am a professional chauffeur" with a screen name "OctaneN". Here he says that he received a tip of CHF 5000 (apparently Swiss Francs 5,000 about US$ 5,500), from the wife of an Indian billionaire. This link is more informative, and worth studying. It has about 500 comments. The linked web page shows top 200 comments. Some of these are worth reading. I could not read all the 200 comments, as I couln't find time. Here is link to it. Click to go to

I quote from it:
How long was the job? I mean, that's a pretty ridiculous type in just about any situation but was it like, "Drive me to the airport. Yes, good here's 5000 dollars." Or was it like, "sit in this hotel for two weeks and drive me anywhere in town on my whim?"

EDIT (answered below):Being on standby for a whole week is really annoying. I was in switzerland with an Indian billionaire and his wife (yep, those with the 5000CHF tip)

Being on standby for a whole week is really annoying. I was in switzerland with an Indian billionaire and his wife (yep, those with the 5000CHF tip) and all they said after leaving the car was "we'll call you when we need you". So i had no idea when to sleep, eat or even go to the restroom, because i had to stay ready and suited up for the whole day.

Question: Why do you say that the above Reddit comments are worth reading?

Ans: Because, these comments clearly demonstrate what is happening in the "World Capitalist Stage", and to some extent on "Indian Capitalist stage".

To see the photos of the top ten Casinos in the world, here is a beautiful link:

ybrao-a-donkey's humble perceptions वैबीराव गधे के विनम्र अनुशीलनाएँ और भावनाएँ వైబీరావు గాడిద వినమ్ర అభిప్రాయాలు


Who could be this Indian Billionaire? Obviously, the person might have been a business tycoon or an industrialist. It can even be Indian politicians (and their sons), cricketers, film stars.

Pounds 5,000 tip  at today's rate works out to  £ 5000 = ₨ 497,760.  Website useful for this type of conversions:

If a person spent Rs 500,000 on tip alone, how much would he have spent at Casino, Restaurant, Hotel Suites, transport, shopping etc. etc.  To my small lunatic mind, it appears as Rs. 50 million.

If we have to analyse, this analysis can have two branches of possibilities:

1. The Indian billionaire who gave Pounds 5,000 tip, is an Indian passport holder, Resident of India.  Is on a foreign trip either for business or on vacation.  Our Indian business persons say that they are unable to do business in India, because of high taxes, high interest rates.  They want Govt. to give cheap land, cheap power, tax holidays, low interest rates.  They bring PM and FM to their meetings and try to brainwash him for extracting these concessions, lest they should make a propaganda abroad that India is not a country good for investments.  The Govt. should try to identify the business person, and counsel him-her if they are spending their legitimate income and wealth (this is most unlikely).  GOI may be employing its Intelligence Bureau Agents to undertake surveillance on terrorists, and criminals.  Economic offenders can sometimes do greater harm to a country than terrorists.  Hence the GOI cannot remain blind spectator to its citizens becoming gaudy spenders abroad.  They can't throw away bills as bucks, even if they are hard-earned.

2. The Indian billionaire might have been an NRI or a PIO (Person of Indian origin).  He might have earned his income and wealth abroad, through either genuine means or dubious means.  Whatever be their methods of earning, they make an indirect representation that they belong to India.  As long as they do things ethically supportable, probably country will not suffer from their actions.  Suppose, their evil deeds come later, and some Western court of law imprisons them for some years, should the 1.3 billion Indians take pride for their actions?  Persons representing India, even simply as citizens, have a duty to protect the honor of the country by their ethically exemplary behaviors.

Jan Suraksha lies in bringing grave economic offenders under control and holding the honor of the country upheld at all times.

Jan Suraksha does not lie, in hard hitting on the heads of people with a baseball bat, in the form of hidden taxes (not giving publicity about levy of a near 15% service tax in a welfare  scheme is nothing but hidden hitting).

Our great Mr. Narendra Modi says that he has launched three social security insurance schemes for India's poor. If we look at the scheme closely, we find that the schemes hammer people in two ways:

a) State hammers Service tax even before the beneficiaries of the insurance get any benefit from the Security Scheme.

b) There seems to be a plan to divert the funds collected (Will run into billions, or at least hundreds millions) to Share Markets. Thus bonanza will be for the share markets! Not for the poor! Suppose after some years, the markets collapse, like the Saradha scam in Bengal, Sahara scam, Harshad Mehta's scam, Ketan Parekh's scam, who will save the poor?

c) Suppose the funds of the Jan Suraksha three schemes are diverted to Indian share markets, the money falls into the hands of the Indian businessmen throwing away Pounds 5,000 as tips, what will be the fate of the billion Indians?

d) Inflation is going to spiral. How the Government is going to protect the poor subscribers to the policies, from the perils of erosion of value of money?

(To continue & revise as may be necessary. सशेष. पुनः संस्करण करने का है। ఇంకా ఉంది. తిరగవ్రాయాలి కూడాను. సూచనలకు స్వాగతం.)

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