Tuesday, November 25, 2014

397 Abhinava Sitayanam

397 अभिनव सीतायण
397 అభినవ సీతాయణం

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's "dharmapatni" (Western Civilisation does not know this culture, or this term.  Hence there is no English word for this.  Hence I am unable to use it), Mrs. Jashoda Ben's travails, when we read in newspapers, our hearts get filled with anxiety, if not grief.

हमारे प्रियतम प्रधानी महोदय श्री नरेंद्र मोडी महाशय के धर्मपत्नी की चिंतांओं को हम अखबारों में पढने कॆ समय में,  हमारे दिल और मस्तिष्क दोनों व्याकुल होने का संभावना मुझे आ रहा है।

మన ప్రియతమ ప్రధాని శ్రీరామచంద్రతుల్యుడు శ్రీ నరేంద్రమోడీ గారి ధర్మపత్ని శ్రీమతి జశోదా బెన్ గారి బాధలు చూస్తుంటే, గుండెలు తరుక్కుపోతున్నాయి.

Links to read the news reports:


Hindi: http://www.jagran.com/news/national-jashodaben-files-rti-about-her-security-cover-11806206.html

తెలుగు http://www.andhrajyothy.com/Artical.aspx?SID=54997&SupID=31

ybrao a donkey's humble opinion वैबीराव एक गधे के विनम्र राय వైబీరావు గాడిద యొక్క వినయపూర్వక అభిప్రాయం (నాతో మీరు ఏకీభవించనవసరం లేదు.  You need not agree with me.  मुझ से आप मुझ से सहमत होने का जरूरत नहीं है।).

1.  The problem of Mrs. Jashoda Ben appears more to be ethical, rather than legal.  Somebody seems to have misdirected her to RTI.  May be some legal-minded fellow.   Though, nobody can predict with cent percent exactitude what can happen to anybody in future, whether security is made available or not, I personally feel that her life is not endangered.  I may be wrong.  Reason:  She worked as a teacher in  remote Muslim dominated villages, and locals knew that she was wife of Mr. Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat.  There were no security guard arrangements for her life which were openly known, as the wife of the CM, while there were bulletproof cars and Chambers for her husband, Mr. Narendra Modi.    She lived in a one room tenement without a toilet.  She shaped many poor young children into future fruitful citizens.  She was respected by villagers.  At no point of time, there was no threat to her life.

Her, reported doubt now expressed that, just as Ms. Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own guards, she could have a life risk from her guards, seem to be not on sound lines.  Hence, approaching Supdt. of Police with RTI application does not appear to serve any meaningful purpose.

The only restriction on her seemed to be that she should not speak to Media.  She had got very very rare opportunities to speak to media.  Somebody was apparently preventing her from approaching Media to ventilate her miseries.

Her grievance that while her guards move on cars, while she has to use public transport despite being PM's wife, does not seem to help her case.  If she were (is?) really interested in cars and luxuries, she could have raised this question in 2002 itself, when her husband became the Chief Minister of Gujarat.  Already 12 years have elapsed, without any Chief Ministerial luxuries.  Now, there will be no logic craving for cars, as prime period of life was already past (we do not have a right to call it 'wasted').

I personally feel that there is a strong need for her to write her autobiography.  Nowadays, even if she does not have skills of an author, it does not really matter.  What skills does Mr. Sachin Tendulkar have to write his autobiography.  It will be suffice if she narrates, and co-author will write.  But she may have to study the draft thoroughly and prevent  the prospective co-author and the publishers from sensationalising the issue for making quick bucks.   She can at least start her own blog.

3.  Admirers of Mr. Narendra Modi say that his patriotism and commitment to the RSS was the reason for his keeping aloof from his wife.  Let us join them in admiration.   But one question, still lurks.

Freedom fighters of pre-1947 neglected their families in their anxiety to serve the Nation.  My own maternal grandfather did it and lost 60 acres of fertile land in the process.  He died before freedom.  My maternal grand mother fended their three daughters and three sons left by the husband, by working as a kitchen servant in the houses of rich persons, as she could not get a freedom-fighter's pension, as my grandfather did not go to jail.

When we come to the cases of those freedom fighters who were alive after freedom, if they and their wives survived in spite of deprivation and hardships, after the freedom, -- they lived happy family lives, whether as poor or as rich (depending on their financial position and Govt. support etc. etc.).   That means a conjugal reunion, rejuvenated  their joy.  A similar event should be possible even in case of Mr. Narendra Modi.  Now that he has become P.M., and is reportedly piloting this country into the cosmic trajectory of development, a reunion will definitely help both the case of Mr. Narendra Modi and the Indian Nation. 

4. Now, Mr. Modi has grown to a gigantic size, so patagonian and titanic, that nobody can dare to advise him, on delicate matters like this.  Even in the earlier avtars also, I am not sure, whether he had any personal advice or counseling from elders like RSS SarSanghchalak, or Mr. Vajpayee or Mr. Advani - the advice they might have given on their own volition or when sought by Mr. Narendra Modi.

Only AkASh VANi (Not All India Radio) should counsel him, just as the Voice from the sky guided Dushyanta, Shri Ramachandra et al making them to reconsider their decisions.

4. Supreme Court may have to suo motu  take up the task of issuing appropriate guidelines for the physical and emotional protection of Mrs. Jashoda Ben, as a part of protecting Indian women from perceived apprehensions and real fears.  This cannot be left to executive decisions at District, State and Central levels, because they have to decide on the security of a person of the 3rd highest level in the protocol (After President of India, Vice President, --PM and his family come third).   We cannot expect the Prime Minister himself to decide on this because there will be a conflict of interest.  Central Cabinet cannot decide on it because they are not independent in the true sense of the word 'independent authority', because the appointments of Cabinet Ministers are at the mercy and prerogative of the Prime Minister himself.

Supreme Court can take assistance from psychologists, psychiatrists, amicus curiae, Special Investigation Teams, CBI, etc.

5.  It will be reasonable for Indian Citizens to expect that Mr. Narendra Modi has to make a rethinking on the status of Mrs. Prime Minister and the third citizen of India (she is not just a retired Govt. teacher, and a woman abandoned by her husband to her fate and to the whims of bureaucrats).   It will be reasonable to expect that he will not treat her as an avoidable nuisance, howsoever busy he may be visiting great countries of the world and, meeting great leaders of the world, hosting and being hosted by them, meeting great industrialists, film stars, cricketers and who else not of this country.

This is just some loud wishful thinking.

(May need revision to checkup whether hurts sentiments of anybody.  Incomplete.  To continue.)

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