Tuesday, November 22, 2016

838 Where is the place for weeping or shedding tears or getting emotional? If Mr. Narendra Modi weeps again and again, people will not believe him.

Where is the place or time for weeping, or shedding tears? I have great respect towards Shri Narndra Modi, Prime Minister of India. If a Prime Minister weeps or sheds tears too frequently, people may lose faith either in their leader, or if their faith in their leader is unshakable, then they will lose faith in themselves. It will not be good for a Nation like India. In any area of activity, extremities can be dangerous. In mid 2014, we had our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, kneeling down and prostrating at the entrance of Indian Parliament, as a token of great reverence to the august institution. During these two and half years, we have the same reverent Shri Narendra Modi, abstaining from the Indian Parliament, on some pretext or other. This ybrao-a-donkey's humble grouse, whatever he has said to his own BJP Party leaders , he could have repeated to the Lok Sabha (India's Lower House) and the Rajya Sabha (Upper House), gallantly, and allowed the opposition to release their steam out at the top of their voices, like a pressure cooker's gasket release system. It is not clear why he is afraid of facing Parliament?

Here is a link to a 2012 speech by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat: Click to go to http://www.narendramodi.in/i-am-looking-forward-to-the-day-when-americans-will-be-in-queue-for-an-indian-visa-4952. We shall have a quote from it:--

I am looking forward to the day when Americans will be in queue for an Indian visa. E-passport is not far away. But I am not sure when the Central government will do that. If the Centre allows me I shall digitize all passports within a year.

To this a reader by name Shri Ritulal Jain, commented on 14th Nov. 2012:-

Dear Sir, We are too impressed by your thought and vision that we can't wait to see you as our PM. India badly need the person like you who has spine to bring drastic changes in India. We all should work hardly to make India so prosper like it was earlier. We would like to see India again as "SOne ki Chidiya" and only you have the vision to make this true. JAI HIND.

Shri Narendra Modi, and the 1.25 billion Indians have fulfilled the desire of Shri Ritulal Jain. Now, we are in 2016. 2 1/2 years have already elapsed. We could not so far see the Wonderful India, when Americans will be in queue for an Indian visa. Where are the Americans standing in queues for Indian visa?

Instead, we see 1.2 billion Indians standing in serpentine queues just to draw Rs. 2,000/- their own money from Bank ATMs. At some places, people in queue are being mercilessly beaten or verbally abused by guards. Are we beggars when we try to enter our own Bank? Even beggars, like cats when confined in a closet, will revolt when beaten. Here is a link to a video which shows a policeman beating people in queue, to enter a Bank, during its working hours, to draw money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JgsclLwDnQ. We should be grateful to Mother India, that her sons have immense patience and endurance, in spite of trying circumstances.

For those who wish to read this news report: Click to go to Samacharpuls.Com, dated 22.11.2016.


THIS HAPPENED AT JAGGAMPETA VILLAGE, EAST GODAVARI DISTRICT, ANDHRA PRADESH STATE. Source kind courtey: Prajasakti Telugu Daily, 23rd Nov. 2016, first page.

Approx. English translation from Telugu langauge

peLLi panulu pUrti ayyEdi yelA? How to complete the wedding preparations? (narration by the sufferer at Jaggampet, in 1st person:

...My wife went to Kuwait for livelihood. On Dec. 1 (may be 2015), she sent Rs. 70,000/- for my son's marriage expenses. The money sent by her, got deposited, in Jaggampet State Bank of India, to my account. I could not draw the amount , as large denomination notes have been demonetized. ATMs are not working. When I go to Bank, they are placing 1.25 lakh (1,25,000) restrictions. As the marriage is getting nearer, I am unable to decide what to do. ...

As per the Prajasakti's news report: RBI'S RULES, TO DRAW MONEYS FOR MARRIAGES

1. Should submit application to Bank Manager, seeking release of Rs. 2.5 lakhs (Rs.250,000) for marriage.

2. Only parents, or the bride/bridegroom alone should withdraw.

3. Evidences should be shown, not only wedding card, but also proofs for wedding hall's rent, catering arrangements etc. etc.

4. Breakup of amounts being paid for different purposes, account should be shown for the Rs.250,000/-. (Later, an amendment was made providing for some relaxation, of raising the amount to Rs.10,000/- (breakup should be given for amounts exceeding Rs.10,000/-.)

ybrao-a-donkey: HAA HAA, understood! Mr. Gali Janardan Reddy, a former BJP Leader and Mining Tycoon in Karnataka, is reported to have performed the marriage of his daughter, spending about Rs. 5.7 billion! Not Rs. 70,000/- or Rs. 2,50,000/-! After much public criticism, there is an Income Tax visit to the house of Shri Gali Janardan Reddy, to make inquiries. The Income Tax Authorities may be begging him to furnish some information.

There is an 2016 anachronistic and obsolete proverb in Telugu language. Today, this proverb may look like gender-discriminatory: "yEDcE magavADinI, navvE ADa dAnnI namma kUDadu." Engl: (People should not) not believe a man who weeps, and a woman who laughs. I do not know the chemistry of male-laughing, female-laughing, male-weeing, female-weeping, with their varying Estrogen, Testosterone- androsterone levels, which may again depend on age, marital status, genetic inheritances of persons involved.

We, humans, are not expected to be stoics (stones), according to my belief. Hence, there is NOTHING WRONG with some occasional weeping and laughing. But, this fun of right of laughing and weeping is for ordinary hoi pollois like us, and not to Great Leaders, hailed by other Great Global Leaders. BESIDES FREQUENT LAUGHING OR WEEPING / SHEDDING MAY IMPAIR THE CONFIDENCE LEVELS OF AUDIENCES, OR BLUNT THE RECEPTIVITY OF THE TARGET POPULATION.

To continue सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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