Friday, November 18, 2016

837 India is a Great Country. Andhra Pradesh is a Great State. Where else, we can find wives dragging/pulling their husbands on hospital ramps?

India is a Great country. Andhra Pradesh is a Great State, building its World Class(?)Capital with the help of Singapore, Japan, China, England, Russia, who else not! First, initial reports indicated that the woman in the photo was denied a stretcher in the Government's Hospital, Guntakal, to bring her husband to the First Floor. Anything is possible not only in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, but also in the whole of India. As TV Channels have raised a hue and cry, the Health Minister of Andhra Pradesh ordered an inquiry, led by Anantapur District Collector, Mr. Kona Sridhar. According to the later news reports, after the inquiry, it is said that the husband was drunk. The couple had a quarrel in the hospital. When the husband was drifting down the ramp, the woman pulled him up, probably for medical treatment.


The Internet is full of links to the news, videos, photos. But here is one link, for the initial report:-

Link for the video: Click to go to youtube

Link for the initial report: Click to go to One quote from this report, a very important piece of evidence/ statement:

"I told them that I will go pushing him, if they give me the stretcher or wheel chair. But, they did not show any mercy on us", she complained. She said she decided to take him to the doctor by dragging only after waiting for more than an hour.


Click to go to Report dated Friday, 18 Nov, 2.51 am

We shall have a quote from this:
The inquiry revealed one Srinivasachari was brought to the hospital after he complained of abdominal pain. He apparently had a wound on his left foot and was drunk when his wife, Srivani, brought him to the hospital. Since many other old patients were waiting in the out patient wing, the on-duty doctor asked the couple to sit in a chair in the corridor.

"... Suddenly, the couple started quarrelling and the woman started pulling him away from the crowd, the probe revealed. ..."

As he began to falter, she started dragging him on the ramp and some passersby caught the scene on their mobile phones and someone eventually posted it on Facebook. It was promptly picked up by television channels.

"... Interestingly, the woman Srivani also gave it in writing that she was only trying to catch hold of her husband who was tripping on the ramp. ..." (With inputs from PTI)

ybrao-a-donkey's humble submissions

1. Why did the woman change her version, when the Dt. Collector inquired.

In the initial report, we can see Ms. SriVaNi telling: "I told them that I will go pushing him, if they give me the stretcher or wheel chair. But, they did not show any mercy on us" , she complained. Why has this statement got omitted after Collector's inquiry? Did she deny having said that?

In Andhra Pradesh, patients' relatives revolving around ward boys to get stretchers, and begging them to come to their aid, is a common occurrence. But the incidents do not come to light. For example, in Guntur, One person was working as SURROGATE WARDBOY for another person, taking Rs. 5,000/- per month from that wardboy who was absenting himself taking rest at home. He demanded Rs. 250/- from relatives of a patient, to bring stretcher and shift the patient.

Has somebody tempted/induced/forced Ms. Srivani to change her statement given earlier?

The names of the above patient "Srinivasachary", and his wife "SriVani" , by their names appear to be Brahmins by caste (i.e. Priests caste). In Andhra Pradesh, by tradition, Brahmins are teetotallers. Alcohol is a taboo among Brahmins. Addicts are frowned down upon.

Andhra Pradesh Government is very keen on maximising Excise-Income, by selling liquor, everywhere by issuing new Permits, licenses for Permit Rooms, liberal licenses for Bars. Our CM seems to want to sell liquor even on beaches, and beat Goa in this respect. No wonder, some Cobra Wines will establish their liquor plant in the Capital Region of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is very fond of Brahmins. He established a Special Brahmin Welfare Corporation for them, and allocated Rs. 100 crore to it as initial grant. He takes lot of guidance from Priests and Temple Teachers. Probably, our beloved Chief Minister, can do one yeomen service to Brahmins: He can subsidise liquor prices to Brahmins.

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are among the Top-Liquor Consuming States in India. In Non-Vegetarian foods also Andhra Pradesh ranks among top States.


To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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