Friday, October 14, 2016

817 (Part 1/10) Pros and Cons of Capitalist Health Care Economics, and Pros and Cons of (Truly Completely Socialist) Socialist Health Care Economics

Linked herein is a Government of United States Web-page which facilitates download of a pdf file containing a four page HealthCare glossary of terms associated with U.S. Government Health Care. In the context of the current fiercely contested American Presidential Elections 2016, my readers are well aware that both the Democratic and Republican Candidates are vying with one another in promising to dish out the heavenly nectars from the sky. We have already seen the eight years rule of Mr. Barack Obama, the present charismatic President of the United States, every one knows what he has dished out to the common citizens in United States.

The home web-page of declares as its prime functions/goals:-
Covering more Americans
Making Americans healthier by preventing illness
Coordinating better care & lowering costs
It also claims that 100 million Americans have already been covered. Well, I do not want to support or dispute it. Reason: "Coverage on paper" is different from "Actual Coverage" or "Field-level coverage" .


It will be sufficient to know from experience and history, that all the Capitalist Economics, and its branch the Capitalist Medico-Economics, all is trash. We can leave the American Citizens to believe that they live in a Medical Heaven, and let the American Presidential Candidates make them to believe that their Medical Heaven is being refurbished and renovated from time to time at least on a four year basis. Anyway, the U.S.A., the Europe, ANZ (Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania etc.) are all (relatively) under-populated countries, and probably the Capitalist Economy may suit them.

But the problems of overpopulated countries are totally different. I dare to include both Japan and China also in this list of countries of sufferers. Japan might have accumulated some large foreign exchange reserves by its export and industrial culture, but one gets an impression that the benefits of their development have not trickled down to their lowest strata. China may also be glossing over its accumulated huge foreign exchange reserves earned by making Global Monopolist Monstrous Octopus like Foreign Corporates and Foreign Institutional Investors, to spread their tentacles deep into China, and own Chinese swathes of land and build industrial empires. The end result is ghettos proliferating around sweatshops. We must always remember that though China professes to be a Communist / Socialist / Marxist country, it is none of them. We should not expect any Socialist Health Care System there which serves the ordinary citizens there.


Since, in a truly and completely socialist country, there will be no money and no private property, there can be no Hospitals which require payment of moneys. Nor should there be a need to buy some Health Insurance. CASHLESS TREATMENTS will be and should be an irreconcilable characteristic of a truly and completely Socialist Nation.

Once we concede that there will be no money, and no private property, there will be no private hospitals, no private doctors. Total Health Care should be free to all the citizens. PERFECT EQUALITY has to become the sole guiding principle in administration of Truly and Completely Socialist Health Care.

Question: India, in its Constitution declares itself to be a SOVEREIGN DEMOCRATIC SECULAR SOCIALIST REPUBLIC. Ostensibly, officially, India is a Socialist country. Is there any Truly and Completely Socialist Health Care System in India? How will you justify, the Special Treatment being given to Ms. Jayalalitaa, the Chief Minister of the Tamil Nadu State? Do you support the idea of a Russian Specialist being called to monitor her medical treatment?

Ans: Who said that India is Socialist? Who said that India is Secular? All that is trash. If India is truly and completely Socialist, at least as far as Health Care is concerned, the Chief Minister Jayalalitaa and a seriously ailing beggar on the streets of Chennai should get equal medical treatment. Will the Government of Tamil Nadu or the Government of India call a Russian/British/American Specialist from Moscow/London/NewYork to treat an ailing beggar? Ha! HA hA!

When Lenin ruled Russia or Stalin ruled Russia (erstwhile U.S.S.r), did the Government of U.S.S.R. extend EQUAL MEDICAL TREATMENTS TO LENIN/STALIN and the Common Russian Citizens of that Era?

It will be a Question of Facts. I do not have facts with me. I personally believe (till evidence to contrary comes to light) that U.S.S.R. might have been truly socialist for about a year after the Bolshevik Revolution. Lenin was also a sort of dictator. Kremlin was maintained, as a Royal Palace or a Royal Court, with all its appurtenances and paraphernalia of the customary Kings and Emperors. Obviously, the Russian Socialist Bosses might have received extra-special medical treatments far expensive and superior to the common Russian Workers of 1917.

There are some Telugu language proverbs worth quoting:-

1. cinta caccinA pulupu cAvadu. (Approx. English: Even after a Tamarind tree dies, its 'sour taste' does not die.).

2. pilla caccinA pIti kampu pOdu. (Approx. English: Even after death of baby, the accompanying odors of diapers and excreta will not go for some time). Capitalist, Feudalist Splendors will not go so easily, in spite of revolutions, seizures and strikes, tumults and upheavals, as long as the Workers fail to resist them.

A belief that a "Leader is supreme, above everybody, and he/she needs specialist treatment" is a Bureaucratic/Capitalist/Feudalist Relic. In a TC Socialist Society, "A Leader is first among equals, and nothing more".

If a Leader is to get treatment by bringing in a Russian Specialist, the beggar on the pavements of Mylapore or T Nagar, or Kodambakkam or Nungambakkam should also get treatment from a Russian Specialist. Or else, for none.

Question: By clamoring for anachronistic/obsolete/outdated Leftist / Communist/Marxist/Socialist systems, are you trying to flog dead horses?

Ans: Horses may die. Calf horses also get born. Even otherwise, we may innovate, and make newer bikes. If Communism / Marxism / Socialism can be treated as dead horses, what should we call Capitalism and Feudalism? Living Dragons? Chasing cobras? Hounding crocodiles? We have been bearing them since several Centuries. Can't we experiment with something else now? (To continue with more inputs. सशेष. సశేషం.)

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