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Some of my readers thought that our this blog is a spiritual blog filled with preachings, prayers Gods and Goddesses, and philosophical discourses, accompanied by some religious propaganda, which is not true. Those things, I shall handle separately. As available evidence uptodate does not provide adequate proof for the existence of God, I lean towards atheism (the word coined by me is: aguardianism (There is no guardian/creator-protector for this Universe). In the same way, for the problems of an extremely poor and highly over-populated country like India, I have identified 'Communism / Marxism / True Complete Socialism" as solutions, without parting with democracy. With these goals, I have planned to make a set 1000 posts at this blog covering not only atheism, TC Socialism, the Problems of Telugu language speaking people, and numerous other things ranging from Music to Herbal Medicine. Of late, my readers may find that there is a slow-down of posts here. The slow-down is not because there is a Writer's Block, but because I have been enamoured with educating myself in I.T. For the last some years I have been working on Javascript, and PHP Script. My work in PHP can be seen at, for which I have given links in the side bar. Now, the bug of Java 8 bit me.

I burnt some midnight oil in getting at least a little minimum skill in writing java 8 code, and compiling them into usable classes. I am an aficionado and connoisseur of Java 8, in the sense that I am not an expert/pundit in Java, but I am very enthusiastic about it, because it is platform-independent, unlike several Windows applications. In the process, I have visited many websites which contain tutorials of Java to study .java files. From this experience I find that there are many magnanimous netizens with generosity, volition, and willingness to share their experiences to new entrants and give their suggestions. I have benefited much from the study of Java codes available on Net. I must also express my gratitude to which a Great Treasure House of Open Source Software.

Though my preferences lie with herbal remedies, I have a cognition and perception that in case of emergencies, Modern Medicine (also called allopathic medicine by Homoeopathic Practioners), ought to be our last resort. I have already written, with some reasonable analysis, that using Homoeopathic medicines will be like 'wearing talismans', because homoeopathic medicines do not contain medical substances, because they are lost owing to excess dilution during succusion and trituration. I have already written a few blog poss about the risks involved in using mineral Ayurvedic remedies which contain heavy metals like mercury, lead and strong chemicals like sulphur. About Herbal medicines, we shall handle separately.

When we go to modern medical doctors and hospitals, we get charged heavily. We also get lot of prescriptions. We throw our money in dispensaries of the hospials / medical shops, and we ourselves swallow/get injected or make our relatives to swallo or get injected. I always felt that there is a need for our School and College curricula to contain some subjects/papers/chapters on pathology, patho-physiology, Pharmacology and phytochemistry.

Though numerous pdf medical dictionaries, and online medical dictioanries are available on net, there is need for a user customizable Medical Dictionary, which can be used OFFLINE, on ALL PLATFORMS and OS-es. PHP Scripts are browser based, and are suitable for online use. We can also use them offline, provided we have an apache server, installed. Then we must know how to store php script files and data files on localhost.

For creation/design of a user-customizable offline medical dictionary, I felt that Java 8 will suit most. Keeping this in mind, I have designed one Java 8 code, which can be compiled to generate a java class. Here it is:


The compressed file has been kept by me at SourceForge.Net for easy download. If you wish to download it and use it offline for NON COMMERCIAL EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES, here is the link: Click to download a zip file of the medic dicti class and text sample .

To continue.

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