Thursday, April 14, 2016

723 Mr. Bernie Sanders should have the courage to say that he will close down Wall Street

Mr. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Rival of Ms. Hillary Clinton, for the American Presidential Democratic Nomination 2016, declared himself a Socialist, and promised huge outlay on Health Care and Free College Education. To finance the outlay, he plans to raise taxes on Wall Street Speculators. One immediate question which arises is "Do the Wall Street Speculators remain silent if Mr. Sanders raises taxes on them?". They will play their own games to browbeat the ideas of Mr. Sanders. All over the World, Governments pay Health Care costs from pooled Tax Incomes collected from all the Citizens, which include Corporates, but does not target them specifically. Vox.Com has published a Survey Report which indicates that supporters of Mr. Bernie Sanders may not pay more than $1000 as additional taxes. The title of the Report is: "Most Bernie Sanders supporters aren't willing to pay for his revolution".

For those Readers who wish to study the News Report here is the link: (Click to go to . Here is a quote from the News Report:

But in order to pay for his proposed programs, Sanders needs to increase taxes on virtually everyone in America. So if you're a voter, the question is simple: Are you willing to pay more taxes for his proposals, like nationalized health care and free public college tuition?
How much more?

When we polled voters, we found most Sanders supporters aren't willing to pay more than an additional $1,000 in taxes for his biggest proposals. That's well short of how much more the average taxpayer would pay under his tax plan.

If the Administration of Mr. Bernie Sanders (if at all selected by Democratic Party as its Candidate, and if at all elected by the American Voters as President), and if Mr. Sanders ventures to tax the Wall Street Speculators, and they puncture his his ideas mercilessly, like the previous American Presidents, Mr. Sanders will either have to tax common people and spend on Health Care or , remain mum, and retire coolly after four years.

Where all the common people or poor people have to bear the burden of Health Care and College Costs of other American Poor who may need them, that will become only a sort of Insurance, which is based on all the people sharing the risk of some people and compensating them in case of loss. Those who undergo health loss, or those who have offsprings undertaking higher studies, will gain at the cost of others who do not suffer health loss or do not have College going children. This type of Insurance is a British and American business technique. Common people as a class will have nothing to gain through such methods.

In Telugu language, there is a proverb: "kAkulanu koTTi gaddalaku vEyaTam". Its approx. English gist is: Beat the crows, and feed the eagles. Beating somebody, and with the booty, feed somebody else.

In India, at All India level, a method similar to the above is followed: Introduce or raise some cess, on an essential commodity such as petrol / diesel, or an essential service like telecom. This Cess is called SBC Svachh Bharat Cess. It has been introduced in the 2016-17 Budget. It may come into force in November 2016. Or an additional Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) is levied on Corporate Dividends, for those tax payers who get a dividend exceeding Rs. 10 lakhs (Rs. 1 million).

In India, at the level of States (Provinces), the State Governments usually raise Taxes on Liquors or raise Registration charges for Immovable Properties. Or raise the land value for calculation of land value, for calculation of Stamp duty and Registration Fees.


Everybody knows that all Stock Exchanges are Highly Respected Gambling Houses. Stock Brokers are the sacred Bishops, Arch Bishops and Cardinals of the Religion of "World Economic Religion". Wall Street is no exception. It is the World's largest gambling house.

It is not clear, to what extent the Wall Street Speculators rob the American Citizens. Suppose, the Wall Street Speculators rob the Rest of the World Speculators, and enrich themselves, the American Citizens may not feel the pinch. If raised taxes can be collected from the Wall Street Speculators for Health Care and Free College education, the American Citizens will definitely welcome it.


"Rob the World and feed the American Citizens" cannot be called ethical, from the point of view of this World. But it can be ethical by American standards. An American President has to serve only American interests and American needs, this may, well suit to be theme for Trump but not for Sanders.

But if Mr. Sanders can take to "True and Total Socialism" to his heart, he has to take a global view of the global poor. The best thing for him to do will be, to CLOSE DOWN THE GAMBLING DENS, i.e. the Wall Street itself.

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