Wednesday, April 13, 2016

721 Mr. Sanders will have to turn the page and learn the work. He can look back to Abraham Lincoln.

2016 American President Elections. Mr. Bernie Sanders, rival to Ms. Hillary Clinton to get Democratic Nomination, cannot any longer delay his reply to Time.Com, which has raised some important questions about acceptance of High Dollar funds from Lobbyists, Pressure Groups. Here is a link to the How Convention Costs Put Bernie Sanders in a Bind- by Zeke J Miller @ZekeJMiller 12th Apr 2016. (Click to go to Time.Com.) .

Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders has scored political points off his rival’s high-dollar fundraising, while lambasting the influence of the “a handful of billionaires, their super PACs and their lobbyists” in the American political process.

But should he win the Democratic presidential nomination, Sanders stands to be the beneficiary of the same largesse he targets on the campaign trail.

Sanders has not responded to repeated questions from TIME over several months about whether he would ask the Democratic National Committee to stop raising money from federal lobbyist money or PACs if he is the nominee, as well as whether he would return corporate funds solicited for the convention.

The gist of the question will lead to a dilemma: If Mr. Sanders gets Democratic Nomination, will he avail of the High-Dollar funds raised by Ms. Hillary Clinton from Corporates and Lobbyists? All the time, he has been criticising his Rival, that she is mobilising funds from Corporates and Lobbyists.

In other words, the dilemma is practising, what is preached.

Without high-dollar funds from Democratic National Committee, it appears as though Mr. Sanders cannot fight the super-rich Trump. If Mr. Sanders uses the high-dollar funds, he will become cheap in the eyes of the voters.

When I discussed this predicament of Mr. Sanders, with a friend of mine, he suggested that Mr. Sanders should turn the page and learn the Work. By "turn the page", he meant that Sanders should turn the pages of history and find out what Mr. George Washington, Mr. Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Franklin Roosevelt et al had done, when they faced crises.

According to me, among the three Presidents mentioned above, I could not believe that Messrs. George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt could face a funds crises. They might have fought their electoral battles on equal play-fields. Mr. Abraham Lincoln might have faced this problem, but I am unable to trace any historical records.

But, the Gettisburg Address of Lincoln showed his courage of convictions. and his preparedness to face challenges, including a Civil War. Now, Mr. Bernie Sanders will not face anything like a Civil War situation, but, there is a danger of Mr. Trump outmanoeuvreing him.

The problem with Mr. Sanders seems to be, though he is making facades of a "Socialist" and a "fighter against the Wall Street", he seems to have already compromised on the issue, though he is not announcing it to the outside world. In the 240 years of American History, none of the American Presidents had to fight that type of a Virtual Civil War, which can lead to more far reaching consequences than the Real Military Civil War of the Lincoln Days. If Mr. Sanders decides to face the Corporate World with a straight sword, he will become the First American President to become the Champion of the people in gutters.

Had Mr. Sanders foreseen such possibilities, he ought to have started his preliminary campaign itself as a very very low cost Campaign. At every stage, he ought to have cut expenditure by 75% of the normal spendings.

But, one thing appears to be true. He did what which the previous Campaigners never bothered about. HERE is a quote from which reports that Bernie Sanders paid overtime to Marshal Town Police for the security arrangements. (Click to go to go to

IOWA (VFB) — When Presidential candidates come to town, local police departments spring into action to ensure not only that candidate’s safety, but the safety of the public and everyone involved. Substantial time and resources are spent planning and executing such events, which if not reimbursed by the campaigns, must be covered by local taxpayers.

"...I think a lot of people just assume that those costs are being reimbursed, and they aren’t," Marshalltown, IA Police Chief Mike Tupper, told me over the phone Tuesday afternoon.

"...I am happy to report that Bernie Sanders paid."

"...Not only did Sanders pay, 'He actually asked up front how much, and he paid those costs, which makes him the first candidate to do so in my 23 years [of law enforcement in Iowa].' Not only did Sanders pay, "...He actually asked up front how much, and he paid those costs, which makes him the first candidate to do so in my 23 years [of law enforcement in Iowa]. ..."

Hence, we need not doubt the sincerity and integrity of Mr. Sanders. Yet, there is a problem. If he accepts Corporate Funds, after winning Elections, he cannot harden his stance towards them. His softness, will make him a piece of butter for the Corporate knives.

Apart from Electoral funding, even if there is no need of electoral funding, Heads of State and , Heads of Government cannot today avoid the Corporates altogether, until TRUE AND COMPLETE SOCIALISM is implemented in TOTO. Even after execution, the Heads will have to face the problem of providing Essential needs i.e. food, clothing, shelter, education, health care to the citizen. As long as Socialist Nations can produce all their needs in STATE SECTOR, WITHIN THE COUNTRY, the Socialist Citizens will be happy.

But, for numerous reasons such as crop failures, natural calamities, political upheavals in neighboring countries, every country whether Socialist or Capitalist is bound to face domestic shortages, which are to be met through imports.

If Socialist Citizens can live happily, limiting their demands and needs to the bearest, a Socialist Nation can survive. But the neighboring Capitalist countries will not allow a Socialist country to exist. It will be an eyesore for them. There is no place for "contentment and satisfaction" in Capitalist countries. Nor they can tolerate such "contentment and satisfaction" which does not exist in their own countries, to exist in Socialist countries.

Anyway, let Mr. Sanders cross the first post, i.e. win the Democratic Nomination.

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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