Saturday, February 13, 2016

664 Both Central and State Govt. Police Stations should be established in all Indian Universities and Big Colleges

The visuals which we see on TV Channels, about the anti-National slogans given on the premises of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, on 8th Feb. 2016, in support of Afzal Guru, who was convicted by every Court from Trial level to the Supreme Court, for attack on the INdian Parliament, give a clear indication that alien Anti-National Conspirators are instigating the JNU Students. It is really a matter of shame for INdia, that this incident took place on a day, when the Nation was deeply distressed about the demise of the brave soldier Hanumantappa, struck by an avalanche on the Siachen Glacier. More so, because a few km. away from the JNU Student Union Meeting Place, a State Mourning was taking place for Hanumanthappa.

Mr. Rajnath Singh, Home Minister of India, is right when he said:
"...Protesting is a right, raising anti India slogans is not. ..."

It is strange that Mr. Sitaram Yechury, Mr. Raja, and Mr. Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy are supporting causes which have nothing to do Marxism or Socialism or Leftism, or even True Secularism. If their Student Union Leader Mr. Kanhayakumar has given Anti-National Slogans, under coercion, they should have explained the samething to Mr. Rajnath Singh, tendered an apology to the Government of India, on behalf of the erring Student Leader, and got him released. They should also have counselled the erring Student Leader.

If it is not the Leftist Student Leaders who have raised the anti-National Slogans, the Communist Leaders can ask for a high level Judicial Inquiry and an N.I.A. Investigation into the whole affair, because some L.E.T or ISIS or ISI Agents might have joined the crowd and hyjacked the whole Meeting, because the matter is very serious and danger to National Security and Integrity is involved. Even now, it is not too late. Left Leaders can make inquiries, and find out facts.

In this incident, there is a Lesson for students who have Sympathies towards True Socialism: When large-gatherings take place, alien unscrupulous elements may surreptiously join the crowd, and take control of the whole Meeting.

Lesson 1: Students with carefully checked "identity cards" should alone have been allowed into the Meeting.

Lesson 2: A Leaflet ought to have been distributed to all the participants, containing "Dos" and "Don'ts".

Lesson 3: "A Card of Warning" to the participants, those who violate Indian Penal Code, may undergo a risk of Criminal Prosecution under appropriate Sections.

Some suggestions to stem the ROT which has creeped into Indian Universities and Colleges.

1. Degree level, PG Degree level, and Ph.D. level courses need not be full time. Though at present most Colleges work only for 3 or 4 hrs. a day, remaining time is wasted by many students in unconcerned pursuits. Books are opened only during Exam. Season.

2. There is no need to give Scholarships to any student of any Course, any Section, caste, religion. Instead, all the students whether of Private Colleges or Govt. Colleges, should be given part-time work in a nearby Public Sector Undertaking / Organisation (as far as possible), or where it is not at all possible, at least a Private Sector Company. Hourly wages or piece-rate wages should be paid to them. This brings into the Students, a sense of dignity of labor, sense of pride and responsibility. They will not become parasites on the exchequer. The wages can be adjusted towards Fees, Hostel Charges, Library Charges, Uniforms, Cosmetics, Books, Tablets and Laptops etc. etc., and if any surplus is left can be paid to the Students at the end of the Course.

In this respect, we must keep in mind that India is a poor country. It will be immaterial for us what the Universities and Colleges in Rich Countries do.

3. If the students do not have skills to work at the Public Sector or the Private Sector Company, such skills should be imparted by engaging trainers.

4. The Part-time work given to the students should not only involve "mental labor", but also "physical labor".

MENTAL LABOR On the days Universities/Colleges function, they may get the minimum quota of "mental labor". On the days Universities/Colleges are closed, Mental Labor will have to be induced. The compulsory mental labor will enable the "brain cells" to absorb all the direct sugars consumed by the Students, and entering their blood stream.

PHYSICAL LABOR Works such as Mechanical Lathe work, Erection of Solar Panels, Erection of Wind Mills, Construction of Government Buildings, Flyovers, Roads, not entrusted to Contractors, etc. can be entrusted. The physical labor will enable the "muscle tissues" to absorb all the indirect sugars which starches and faty foods may contain. The students will live a healthy life, free from metabolic diseases like diabetes, high B.P. etc. They will get good sleep at the end of the day. They will not get addicted to alcohol or drugs.

5. Indian Penal Code, Patho-physiology, and Pharmacology should be made compulsory subjects, irrespective of the course.

6. Every University, big College should have a Central Govt. Police Station, and a State Govt. Police Station, with jurisdiction not only on the Institution, but also in the surrounding areas, to keep a watch on alien elements such as LET, ISI , ISIS etc. There should be sufficient number of CC Cameras. Both the Central and State Police should check all the visitors into-and-out of the University. Both should maintain Computerised Records of all the students, their guardians, their visitors. Both the Stations should study the Bank Accounts of all the Students, to examine if they are getting any foreign funds. Both should function simultaneously and independent of one another, and compete with one another. If disputes arise between Central and State Govt. Police Stations, Courts can decide who is right and who is not right. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Till the things stabilise, all Student Unions irrespective of affailiations to political parties including NSUI, NSU, ABVP etc. etc. should be banned. They may be permitted to operate after students get sufficient self-thinking and enlightenment.

To continue and revise this, with more proof.. सशेष. సశేషం.

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