Tuesday, January 12, 2016

646 Government of India should impose a ban on the use of word "settlers" for referring to people who moved from Residual Andhra Pradesh living in Hyderabad. भरत सरकार आंध्र प्रदेश से हैदराबाद गये हुओ श्रामिकों को सॆटिलर्स कहना मना करना। శేషాంధ్ఱ ప్రదేశ్ నుండి హైదరాబాదు వెళ్ళి శ్రమతో జీవిస్తున్న ప్రజలను సెటిలర్లు అని తెలంగాణ నేతలు పిలువకుండా నిషేధించాలి.

"Divide and Rule" used to be the policy of the British Colonialists of yore. What it is being continued by the National Level Political Parties and the Regional Political Parties of India? Are they our Brown Lords to divide us again?

With the elections to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation gaining their momentum, the political parties contesting GHMC Elections are engaged in the job of dividing people by exacerpating hatred already prevailing between the Telugu people living in Telangana and Residual Andhra Pradesh. We should always remember that 90% of Telangana people and 90% of Andhra People are "rekkADitE kAni DokkADani janam" meaning "people who cannot have their bellies filled, without going for work". In other words, they are laborers, albeit, may be looked-down-upon physical laborers, or mental laborers suffering from superiority complex.

In the definition of this ybrao-a-donkey, any person who cannot live one full month without going to some job WHETHER involving physical or mental labor (includes Software Engineers, I.A.S. / I.P.S. Officers also unless they have sufficient backup personal property), are laborers = SrAmikulu, kArmikulu (in Telugu language). It is a different thing that, Software Engineers, I.A.S. / I.P.S. OFFICERs, Corporate Managers, Bank Managers, etc. etc. have inflated egos. Once the members tribe of the Labor, irrespective of physical or mental, set aside their inflated complexes and egos, it becomes easy for the laborers of both Regions to unite. So, Laborers living in Telangana and Residual Andhra Pradesh Unite.

It appears that both the TRS, and the BJP-TDP front have reserved the Dy. Mayor's post for those hailing from Residual Andhra Pradesh (whom the parties called "Settlers").

The foremost thing necessary for the people living in Hyderabad, hailing from Residual Andhra Pradesh to do: They should refuse to be called "SETTLERS" . Who are the leaders of the political parties, to call some people "settlers" and seggreate them from other labor class? This should be made clear to the Leaders when they approach for votes.

To live in Hyderabad as equal citizens, is a right granted by the Constitution of India to all Indian Citizens. For availing of this right , laborers living in Hyderabad or Telanagana State, need no Passport or any special permission from KCR & Co. And KCR & Co. has no business or right to call people hailing from Residual A.P., "Settlers".

Leaders of Political Parties, particularly Left Parties should take up this matter of calling some people as "SETTLERS" and seggregating them from others, with the Government of India, and get necessary Ordinances / Enactments prohibiting such practices.

Messrs. KCR & Co. has promised protection to persons who shifted from Residual Andhra Pradesh to Hyderabad, calling them Settlers. The fact remains that KCR & Co. has no right to call people Settlers. It is the duty of the Government of India to provide protection to its Citizens, whether residing in Hyderabad or Mumbai or Malda. People should not expect or accept such promises of protections from hooligan groups like KCR & Co. or Chandra Babu Naidu & Co.

KTR (son of KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana) has ostentatiously announced that there will be no reservation for locals in IT jobs in Hyderabad. This is only a GHMC election stunt. After the GHMC elections are over, KCR & Co. will go back to its old practice of drilling and instigating Regional Hatred into the Heads of People.

There may be another reason for KCR & Co. announcing that there will be no reservations for Corporate IT jobs in Hyderabad. Reason: IT Companies operating in Hyderabad may not like to lose their Recruitment Freedom. IT Companies world over, IT Companies in India, IT Companies in Hyderabad are like Delhi Sultans and Moghul Badshahs, a sort of dictators of their own brand. They do not like Trade Unions to sprout and grow in their Companies. If Trade Unions germinate, IT Companies will go to any extent to nip them in bud.

IT Companies all over India will not hesitate to pay any amounts of bribes and kickbacks for continuing their dictatorial hold on IT Sector laborers. If that is the State of Affairs in IT Industry of Hyderabad, they will not hesitate to pay kickbacks to KCR & Co. for not imposing local reservations for Natives of Telangana into IT Sector. Their costing and pricing algorithms will include all types of bribes and kickbacks for various purposes.

Hence Hyderabad IT Companies and KCR & Co. are not be construed to be showing any special love to laborers (includes Software Engineers also) hailing from Residual Andhra Pradesh. Then what will be the corollary deduction from this? People of Telangana will lose much, particularly the Unemployed Engineers of Telangana will lose much, if they rely more on the words of KCR & Co., and do not improve their merits, skills and talents.

KCR & Co. also knows pretty well that new IT Companies will not come if such Telangana local reservations are imposed on them, unless additional land is made available more cheaply, or bribe/kickback rates are reduced.

To continue. सशेष. సశేషం.

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