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643 American Police are the Role-Models for the Police of all Nations. सर्व देशों को पुलीस के लिये अमॆरिकन पुलीस नमूना गुरुदेऴ बनते हैं। సర్వ దేశాలకూ అమెరికన్ పోలీసులు ఆదర్శ గురువులు కదా మరి.

This is a sad day for me. Belated of course, today (7th Jan. 2016) I have come to know that Mr. Ian Murdock, a doyen of OpenSource Computer Software, co-founder of DEBIAN flavor of LINUX Operating Systems, died on 31st Dec. 2015 (approx.), in the hands of San Francisco Police. For those who wish to read a very detailed news report about the mysterious death of Ian Murdock , here is the link: Click to go to website which contains the detailed news report. .
I am unable to recollect having seen any news reports published by Indian Newspapers English or Telugu from 31st Dec. 2015 to 7th Jan. 2016. If Deepika Padukone acts in a Hollywood Movie, it becomes a great breaking news for our Newspapers and TV Channels. But if a Great Freedom Fighter in the World of Computers passes away, Indian News Papers and Channels SEEM TO IGNORE, as if some dog or rat died. chI ! chI ! I may be wrong or blind. I have checked in newspapers like Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu, Times of India, and Telugu Papers like Eenadu, Andhra Jyothy, Sakshi.

The greatness of Ian Murdock, I cannot describe in one blog post. Of course, Mr. Murdock might have had some negative qualities not known to the outside world. But, yet, his contribution to the World of Computers, will entitle him to get at least a little condonation for lighter lapses like drunkenness, some civil mis-behaviors when inebriated. Definitely such negativities do not make him fit for police brutalities.

I may need at least 10 blog posts to write about his worth and contribution. I hope to do it after doing sufficient research.

Indians do not realise that Linux stands for FREEDOM in the INTERNET skies. Linux flavored Operating Systems, have by and large succeeded in breaking the monopoly of Bill Gates and Microsoft on the Computer World and the Internet. Poor countries like India should have been grateful for this great favour by Linus Torvalds (Founder of Linux) and his associates who are fighters for Free and OpenSource Software. We must recognise but for their presence, Mr. Bill Gates of Microsoft, and numerous others working on Windows, might have extorted billions of Dollars from Government of India, State Governments in India, Indian Corporates, Common People in India (Not that, they are not extracting now. They are relatively on a controlled scale because of the fear of Linux).

No wonder, Indian newspapers and TV Channels are blind to Linux.

Back to Late Ian Murdock: I use Ubuntu Operating System based on Linux. But Ubuntu is just a fork of Debian (i.e. OS obtained from Debian is modified by Ubuntu, under the OpenSource System, made more user-friendly). Debian OS is also excellent, but it is less-user-friendly in the sense that it is more scientific when compared to Ubuntu. Debian OS is also available free on internet. But somewhat larger in size, when compared to Ubuntu.

There are numerous linux distros on internet which are forks of Debian and Ubuntu. Murdock's another contribution to the Computer World is "deb" system of packing and distributing software through repositories. Debian Organisation itself is run with contributions and participation from software volunteers, and of course donations from users and people.

Whenever I go to Linux Repositories / websites such as SourceFourge to download some software FREE without donating anything, occasionally I feel ashamed for my inability to either donate monetarily or through participating in building software, except greatly appreciating them within myself, for their generosity.

I personally do not believe that souls exist. Hence, I am unable to say that "May the soul of Late Ian Murdock rest in peace".

Question: What will you say about the brutality of San Francisco police, which led to the mysterious death of Ian Murdock?

Ans: First of all, I wish to make certain things clear.

1. American Police and European Police are role models to Indian Police at least in the arena of brutality. But, Indian Police beat the American and European Police in one respect: Indian Police show their brutality only against poor people. They handle millionnaires and billionnaires with velvet gloves, provided the millies and the billies throw big bucks throughout the path. In case of Murdock, he was a millionnaire, if not a billionnaire. It is not clear, why the San Francisco Police were so brutal to him. Did they expect him to throw greenbacks? Didn't he throw?

2. Drunkenness is common in U.S. Whites and Blacks misbehaving while drunken, is also common. But, the American Police are notorious for ignoring the inebriated Whites, and showing their valor only on the Blacks and the Colored. Why did they show so much brutality against Ian Murdock, in spite of his being a White, and a milli-billi.

3. Of course, both the Democratic and Republican hopefuls for the American Presidency may ignore the brutality which was dished out to Ian Murdock, by the San Francisco Police.

4. The excuses given by the San Francisco Police for the possible death of Late Ian Murdock-- "he was drunk at the time of his arrest, and was injured when he banged his head accidentally", "...police received reports of a man trying to break into a house...." , "...injury happened when Murdock banged his head whilst struggling with officers in the back of a police car. ..." , "...hauled out of the car "to keep him from harming himself... " , "...banging on a neighbour's door, before being locked in jail...", -- are similar to the stories which Indian Police concoct when people die in Police Station Locksup, or when they shot criminals while being taken to courts for trials.

5. In his Tweets, Late Murdock was reported to have posted that Police have told him: "we're the police and we always win.". I do not know whether there are any Mutual-Exchange Training Programs between the Indian Police Officers and the American Police Officers. These words strikingly sound Indian. Anyway, we learnt all our methods during the last three Centuries only from our White Masters.

6. What do these tweets say:
"The female officer ripped off my underwear,"
"I guess that's not considered rape if you're not a woman being raped."

These two tweets indicate that something serious took place when Murdock was in Police Custody.

7. I (ybrao-a-donkey) do not wish to say that entire guilt should rest with the San Francisco Police, but there may be STRONG reasons to believe that their hands are not TOTALLY CLEAN.

We have to wait till the hidden truths emerge out.

In the meantime, somebody has to pray the Non-Existent God, for my early recovery from this catastrophe.

To continue. सशेष्. సశేషం.

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