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503 Part 2 of "Grow hair in maternal uncle's ears" भाग २ क्या मामा के कानों में बाल अंकुरित हुआ तो काफी है ? భాగం 2 మేనమామ చెవిలో వెంట్రుకలు మొలిస్తే సరిపోతుందా?

Is Hero Shivaji's fast really fruitful? क्या हीरो शिवाजी के आमरण निराहर दीक्षा फलप्रद हुआँ ? హీరో శివాజీ గారి ఆమరణ నిరాహార దీక్ష ఫల ప్రదం అయిందా ? In continuation of post No. 438 Will it be sufficient if hair sprouts in the ears of maternal uncle? क्या मामा के कानों में बाल अंकुरित हुआ तो काफी है ? మేనమామ చెవిలో వెంట్రుకలు మొలిస్తే సరిపోతుందా? Click if you want to read

Honestly speaking or writing, Telangana or Residual Andhra Pradesh are not States which deserve a Special Status, like the Arunachal Pradesh. Telangana and Residual A.P. States fall in the average category of development. If the claims of T and AP are to be entertained, out of 29 States in India, 20 States deserve to be given Special Status, in which case the very objective of giving Special Status will be defeated. Of course, for political reasons the previous UPA Govt. might have granted Special Status to one or two undeserving States. Removing their special status is also not practicable because such removals will lead to claims of triggering political vendetta. It will also engulf new flames of Regional Politics. Best thing seems to be, to continue Status quo ante.

The people of Residual Andhra Pradesh also, originally did not ask for Special Status. Offering Special Status to Residual A.P., without closely examining whether it is really possible without harming national integration, was the conspiracy of the BJP and Congress, both of whom were intent to win over Telangana. All the National BJP leaders claimed credit for successfully dissecting United Andhra Pradesh, by providing for Special Status to Residual A.P. In the process, they not only ditched the people of Residual A.P., but also fell into a ditch dug by KCR & Co.

People of Residual A.P. were not against the bifurcation of the State. Mainly, for this reason only Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy could not win his 2014 elections, with the Samaikyandhra slogan. The People of Residual A.P. were against the unjust Division imposed on A.P. The unjustness arose because Hyderabad City was developed using billions of Rupees of both Central and State funds, apart from the private funds of people of both the areas. In other words, Hyderabad City is a National Asset and not the Private Asset of Residents of Hyderabad or Karimnagar or Warangal. The people of Residual A.P. correctly foresaw (Kiran Kumar Reddy too) that KCR & Co. was going to win, and that he was going to unleash series of steps to drive out people of Residual A.P. from Hyderabad City. Events subsequent to the Division also prove that these apprehensions were not unfounded. KCR has clearly pronounced his mind to drive out what he called "AndhrOLLu" (See blog post No. 324 where his speech to Telangana Officials was reproduced in full Click to go to .

How the Big Goddess and the Small God fell in the ditch dug by KCR!

Leaders of Residual A.P. met Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi several times (some times they could get an interview of the big Goddess and small God, and sometimes, they could not get). The big Goddess and the small God, simply became deaf and blind. They wanted to satisfy only T Congress leaders, and merge TRS into Congress, even if people of Residual A.P. are condemned to hell. It is how the Big Goddess and the Small God fell in the ditch dug by KCR & Co. Did KCR merge TRS in Congress? No! To satisfy KCR, they sacrificed the goat i.e. Seemandhra, through a butcherous bifurcation.

Dynastic Prince Rahul Gandhi forgot about democracy!

Today, Rahul Gandhi, is trying to trace the coins he lost on the grounds of Residual A.P. Without knowing his blunderous callousness, he is blaming that he made Kiran Kumar Reddy as CM by mistake! Rahul's real mistake was imposing a CM from Delhi. Democracy requires that M.L.As have to elect their leaders in their own Legislative Party Meeting. Had Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi allowed the Congress M.L.As. to elect their own leader in a secret ballot, today, this need for fake remorse would not have arisen.

Of course, Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi with their 40 MPs cannot bring Special Status to Residual Andhra Pradesh, while their ex MLAs and ex MPs at field level make some noise.

When it comes to the leaders of Residual A.P., there is little to be said because most of them have turned out to be realtors and businessmen, engaged in money-making, obtaining co-operation from the TDP and Central BJP. Their role was always that of serfs to Delhi bosses, even before separation.

Now, Hero Shivaji has ventured on a fast-unto-death, which lasted about four days as expected, after which the Police broke it and got him admitted in Hospital, everything happened as expected. In the process, Mr. Shivaji also got some publicity.

We know that Center will not move an inch, even if all the parties in Residual A.P. start a movement. At the most, they will design more deceptive plans and impose on the people.


What should concern us the most, are the- waste of Police time, Revenue time, and the Media time, Hospital Doctors' precious time, by Hero Shivaji's fast. For attending to an unnecessarily become-sick patient Mr. Shivaji, Doctors have to neglect at least ten genuine patients, or handicap / partially close some OP Dept., or some other ward. Police, instead of using their time on preventing crimes, had to spend their time guarding Mr. Shivaji, and controlling his crowds. Media instead of collecting more serious news relating to poverty, drought, agricultural marketing etc. had to attend on the progress reports of Mr. Shivaji's health.

There is actually no need for indefinite fasts-unto-death now, which are anyway going to be halted by Police.

Such fasts had great value, in the freedom movement, because at that time, there was a need to employ every possible weapon to irk the British rulers. Now, there is no such dire need.


One Numerologist by name (Mr.) Nehhru B.E. (Mech) claimed on a TV channel, in his sponsored program that he advised on numerological matters to Shivaji, and advised him not to use the spelling Sivaji. We, the readers may not know, the actual spelling of the real name of Sivaji, and the correct spelling we have to use. Our apologies to him for mis-spelling his name. We do not know what spelling, the Great Maharashtrian Hero of 1674, Chatrapati Sivaji (Shivaji? or Shivajee?) would have preferred to spell his own name. Though Britishers had during Jahangir's tenure, already established their Fort in Surat, we do not know clearly the nature of interactions between Chatrapati Sivaji and the East India Company, Surat. Our TV Nehhruu B.Tech (Mech)'s Numerology is based on English spelling. Why numerology does not work on the number of Telugu letters, Marathi letters, Hindi letters in a name: శివాజీ 3 letters. Why should Telugu people change their names?

Late Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, may be turning in his grave (if souls exist and if they are imprisoned in graves-- of course, souls do not exist, to turn themselves in graves), to know that in 21st Century, there would be another Nehru with a different English spelling Nehhru , assuring gullible viewers that everything would be alright if they change the spelling of their names, or write their names 22 times everyday, or cut their names e.g. Boddapati Sundeep Kumar, just to Sundeep.

I get a feeling that I am living in ErragaDDa pAgal khAna. Of course, KCR & Co. will not allow me to stay there and get treatment, if he comes to know that I am an "AndhrODu", as he had made up his mind to reserve all the seats in the lunatic azylum, only to those who were born in Telangana before 1956.

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