Monday, April 20, 2015

478 Artificial unanimous elections can never really revive or strengthen parties

In true Leftism and true demcracy, elections can never be unanimous.

This is because Indians have a tendency to hide their true feelings and restrain themselves from behaving naturally.

Conducting jamborees of parties and holding open elections can really serve no purpose in preserve internal democracies of parties.

We shall take the latest example of the election of Mr. Sitaram Yechury as the General Secretary of CPM (CPIM), at its Congress held in Visakhapatnam.

The election of Mr. Sitaram Yechury was a formality, because it was predetermined.

Though it is said that one Mr. Ramachandran Pillai from Kerala had come forward to contest, it appears that he was pressurised to withdraw his nomination in the name of party's unity.

In India rarely contestants come forward to openly file their nominations, against the blowing winds triggered by party bosses.   To overcome this, I suggest a better system:  Every member of the Party Congress can be treated as a contestant, without any need for his filing a nomination.   Membership Nos. and names of all the eligible contestants can be printed on ballot papers (now-a-days in this computer age it is very easy). and the voters can just tick against the number and name of the person whom they wish to elect as President / General Secretary.

Voting by show of hands or voice votes do no really bring out the intentions of the voters.   Secret ballot is the only way, if voters have to express their free consent.

As per the traditions of CPIM, Mr. Sitaram Yechury may work as its President for another ten years,  too long a period of stewardship.

CPIM may have to substantially change their Party's Constitution (bye-laws) to make them more truely democratic, rather than hypocritically democratic.

For CPIM, I view that this procedure will stabilise and strengthen the party.

Whatever I am writing here will apply to the forthcoming election of Mr. Rahul Gandhi as the President of Congress Party of which his mother, Ms. Sonia Gandhi is the President now.

Today's English & European vocabulary

Fait accompli

Something that has been done and that cannot be changed.  అప్పటికే అంతా అయిపోయింది, మార్చలేనిది. 

Accomplished, and nearly irreversible.
సంపూర్ణం, అనుపసంహరణీయము.

Example: The election of  Mr. Sitaram Yechury was not only a foregone conclusion, but also a fait accompli.

రహస్యంగా తీసుకున్న నిర్ణయాన్ని అతిగా ప్రచారంచేయటం వల్ల, శ్రీ సీతారాం గారి ఎన్నిక ఫెయిట్ ఎకాంప్లి అయిపోయింది.

ybrao a donkey's humble वैबीराव गधे के विनम्र राय వైబీరావ్ గాడిద వినమ్ర అభిప్రాయం

My heartfelt sympathies lie with Mr. Ramachandran Pillai, who was said to have withdrawn his nomination.  Mr. Sitaram Yechury, in my vision, would have become a great warrior, had he demanded for and faced a secret ballot, whatever it is worth.

తన నామినేషన్ ఉపసంహరించుకున్నారని చెప్పబడుతున్న శ్రీ రామచంద్రన్ పిళ్ళె గారికి నా హృదయపూర్వక సానుభూతి.  శ్రీ సీతారాం యేచూరి గారు, రహస్య బ్యాలెట్ కై డిమాండ్ చేసి, దానిని ఎదుర్కొని ఉంటే, ఆయన ఒక సత్ సంప్రదాయాన్ని నెలకొల్పి ఉండే వాడు.  అప్పుడు పార్టీకి జీవితాంతం ఋణపడి ఉంటానని ప్రకటించుకోవాల్సిన అవసరం తప్పేది.  పార్టీయే ఆయనకు ఋణపడి ఉండేది.

Now, I am tempted to compare Mr. Sitaram Yechury to Narendra Modi, both of whom captured their respective parties as a sort of hijack rather than as a genuine expression of  freewill from the grassroots.

(To continue.)

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