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463 How wisely Dr. Brahma Reddy spoke and how foolishly Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister speaks!

463 How wisely Dr. Brahma Reddy spoke and how foolishly Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister speaks!

Hindi: 463 Dr. Brahma Reddyji kitna vivek pUrit bhAshaN kartE hai, aur Andhra Pradesh ke vazir i Azam kitna AlOcanA SUnya bhAshaN kate hain?

Telugu: 463 Dr. Brahma Reddy gAru enta vivEka pUritam gA mATlADAru, Andhra Pradesh mukhya mantri gAru enta dArSanikata mariyu AlOcanA rahitam gA mATlADutunnAru?

A small open meeting attended by about 100 persons was held recently at AvagAhana Office (An N.G.O.), Arundelpet Main Road, Guntur recently.  Dr. P. Brahma Reddy of Jana vignAna vEdika addressed the gathering.  The subject was health and doctors.  Among the ten topics very ably and lucidly covered by him, one topic was about the evil of soft drinks which hurt both health and pockets.  Whatever he spoke was really practical and beneficial to the society, and even if 10% of it goes into the minds of 10% of the audience, both they and the society will be benefitted immensely.

On the other hand, let us see how Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu spoke in the presence of Ms. Indra Nooyi, at Sri City (Chittoor District), Residual Andhra Pradesh, 65 km. distance from Chennai:

...With the plant and the company sourcing strategy, local farmers would benefit as we would make it a hub for sourcing mango pulp...

Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu may not know, or knowingly ignores that fizzy drinks manufactured by Coca Cola and Pepsi contain Carbonic Acid and Phosphoric Acid, both of which are extremely harmful to health of people.  Phosphoric Acid takes away Calcium in bones, making bones brittle, resulting in osteoporosis.  High  Sugar content in soft drinks increases the risk of diabetes even in adolescents and youth.  Besides, studies on chemical analyses of the soft drinks show that they contain pesticide residues beyond the permitted maximum levels.

Mr. Naidu will not get any income from Pepsi plant at Sri City at least for some years to come, because he will give all concessions under the sky to the Pepsi Unit.  On the other hand, his Government will have to pay some billions of Rupees for Arogya Sri claims and Health Card Bills of thousands of people.

Mr. Naidu speaks highly of employment generated by Pepsi.  But same employment opportunities can be generated by coconut gardens which cultivate coconut fruits, and generate employment to thousands of coconut water sellers.  Pepsi will not set up any coconut water based soft drink manufacturing plants.

Mr. Naidu speaks of employment generated for mango fruit growers.  Soft-drink making MNCs will be more interested in making Cola drinks, other fizzy drinks, bottled drinking water, rather than fruit pulp based products.

Though at present for the purpose of getting concessions they evince interest in fruit pulp, basically they have least interest in fruit pulp.    After all, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu has no time to go to Pepsi plant and every day and find out whether they are really buying mango pulp and using it for making real pulp based drinks.

Real fruit pulp based drinks are not as profitable as imported cola concentrate + water + sugar + Phosphoric acid drinks.  Real pulp based mango drinks made by MNCs will be prohibitively expensive than actual mango fruits and people will not buy Real pulp based drinks.   Even if they buy real fruit pulp based drinks at high prices, it will be nothing but looting of people.  Only corrupt Govt. Officials, cheating businessmen, landlords who benefited from A.P. Government's  STate Capital City selection and nouveau riche will be able to buy such drinks.

Ms. Indra Nooyi was reported to have said:

“...For more than 25 years, PepsiCo has been investing in India. As we move forward into our next 25 years, the commitment is stronger than ever...”

She should also have revealed how many billions of Rupees every year they have been repatriating abroad, in the form of dividends.

Ms. Nooyi was reported to have said:

“...Our team has managed to conserve more water than we use in order to make our products....”

This seems to be an empty boast.  The audience present there should have asked her to prove her claim.  Of course, Mr. Naidu will not ask.

Some diseases which we can get from soft drinks:

Fatty liver disease.
Hypocalcemia (Deficiency of Calcium.  Osteoporosis.  Low bone mineral density.  Bones become brittle.)
Type 2 diabetes.
High systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
Tooth erosion.
Increase in Serum Uric Acid.
Kidney stones.
Chronic Kidney disease.
Heart burn and acid reflex.
Heart disease.
Gastrointestinal distress.
Elevated levels of insulin. 
Premature ageing.
Reduced capabilities of neutrophils to engulf bacteria.
Caffeine addiction.
Metabolic syndrome
Soft drinks have pH level of 2.5.   Low pH level means high acidity.  Eg. Battery acid: pH 1.  Pure water pH= 7.  A pH of less than 4 means high acid content in blood and is dangerous to health.

Do you want more diseases?

For those who want proof:

Hundreds of websites are available on the internet about the soft-drink generated diseases.  Some are Government sites and some others are sites of NGOs.  For a sample, here is one link of American Government's Health Organisation


Ms. Nooyi will please disclose:

How much American Pepsi Parent Organisation contributed to Health Research and Medical Aid, for reducing soft-drink generated diseases in American population?

How much Pepsi India and its associates, franchisees are have contributed to Health Research and Medical Aid, for reducing soft-drink generated diseases in Indian population?  How much they propose to contribute now!

Can Ms. Nooyi give an assurance:

that they will not use High Fructose corn syrup (HFCS) for sweetening their drinks and use only fructose fruit pulp?  No.  This will be an irksome question for her.

Why did the shareholders of American Pepsi elect Ms. Nooyi as CEO?  Is it because Indians are great Managers?

Definitely not.  It is because they expected her to capture the Indian Soft-drink Market with a population of 1.3 billion people!!!

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