Thursday, June 30, 2011

002 Except Dinesh Reddy, all others are muffs? 002 శ్రీ దినేష్ రెడ్డి తప్ప మిగిలిన వారు మొద్దులా

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy, has chosen Mr. V. Dinesh Reddy as the new Director General of Police.

The C.M. has ignored many Officers who are Seniors to Mr. Dinesh Reddy, appearing in the list prepared by the Screening Committee.

Mr. K.R. Nandan - 1975 batch
Mr. P. Gowtham Kumar - 1975 batch
Mr. Balwinder Singh - 1976 batch
Mr. A. Shiv Shankar - 1977 batch
Mr. Umesh Kumar - 1977 batch
Mr. V. Dinesh Reddy - 1977 batch.
All, at present, have equal ranks.

It will be apt, if Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy discloses the reasons for his choosing Mr. Dinesh Reddy overlooking all others. After all, all others are not muffs. Otherwise, they should have fallen on the wayside, without reaching the level of DGP. Otherwise, the Screening Committee would not have recommended their names.

Telugu People will be justified, if Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy does not give any reasons, in presuming that he gave preference to a person of his own 'Reddy' caste. The CM. is a Reddy. The Home Minister is a Reddy (Ms. Sabita Indra Reddy). The D.G.P is now a Reddy.

At least 30% of Ministers in the Andhra Pradesh Cabinet are Reddies.

What message does this action of Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy convey?

All others except Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy, Ms. Sabita Indra Reddy, and Mr. Dinesh Reddy are muffs.

There will be litigation again, of course.

Added on 28.6.2014

Unhappy for not extending his term, Shri Dinesh Reddy joined YSR Congress Party, and lost his election.

Added on 03 Jan. 2016

The Reddy Kingdom has gone. The Kamma Kingdom has come. The Kapus want to become Kings. Film Actors are honing their swords.
To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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