Wednesday, June 8, 2011

001, Governor is not right in proroging the Assembly

001 గవర్నర్ గారు అసెంబ్లీని ప్రోరోగ్ చేయటం న్యాయమా?
Governor of Andhra Pradesh has prorogued the Assembly on the advice of State Cabinet. Fact: Most Legislatures in States, and the Indian Lower HOuse of Parliament Lok Sabha, meets for very few days in a year. Most of the Sessions are stalled by Members rushing to Well of the House, and prevent the House functioning, by raising slogans. To add to this Cabinets, at State Level, Governors fiddle with the functioning of the Legislatures. Consequently, serious Members in Legislatures rarely get an opportunity to speak.

చర్చనీయాంశాలు | గవర్నర్లు, చట్టసభలు

The Governor is not right in proroguing the Assembly, when a No-Confidence Motion moved by the Opposition is pending.

The Cabinet and the Speaker have not acted in good faith while recommending the proroguing the Assembly. They wanted to stall a discussion on the No-Confidence Motion.

Escaping the No Confidence Motion?
We could have seen on the floor of the Assembly what Mrs. Y. Vijayamma w/o Late Rajasekhara Reddy, the newly elected member from the Kadapa Assembly Constituency.

The No Confidence Motion, when put to vote, may have lost unless some large scale horse-trading is to take place.

One ostensible object of proroguing a legislature, is to send the members back to their constituencies for serving the people. What service the M.L.A.s would have given to the people in their Constituencies? I have never seen the M.L.A. of our Constituency during the last 40 years. They have their own businesses such liquor, real estate, hotels etc. to attend to, besides concentrating on the extractions and extortions from businessmen, contractors and Government Officials who approach for favors.

Anyway, the Governor has not done due justice to his salary and perquisites. Preserving democracy is the least little the Constituents expect from the Governors, which does not take many hours or days. They can spend their remaining time touring places of pilgrimage, and kneeling before babas and swamijis at the cost of the exchequer.

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