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841 Those who are interested to read this DainikBharat news can read it!

Those who are interested to read this news, may read it, at their discretion. Photo is also thanks to them. Link for those who wish to see Click to go to

ybrao-a-donkey's humble comments: No comments. Everything depends on evidence, and facts. We cannot draw hurried conclusions, Nor, can we ignore, news reports.

The has added a caption to the news reading as under. I do not have sufficient expertise to translate this into exact English. But, it seems to indicate that Mr. Narendra Modi is not a child/adolescent when he got married. He seems to look like an adult, at least physically.:--
क्या सचमुच नरेंद्र मोदी ने बचपन में जशोदाबेन को छोड़ा था

कुछ चूर्ण छाप भक्त ये शेयर कर रहे है की नरेंद्र मोदी और जशोदा बेन का विवाह बाल विवाह था तो वो भक्त जरा इस फोटो को देख के बताये बाल नरेंद्र और जशोदाबेन इसमें बच्चे है या पुरे जवान है ?

The marital relations between Shri Modi and his wife Ms. Jashoda Ben, prima facie may be their private affairs. We need not take undue interest. At the same time, He is our parama guru (supreme teacher/preacher/discourser). This news report will at least serve as a 'filler', in an otherwise dull and dreary lives of our citizens, standing in ATM queues outside and inside crowded atm rooms, with or without eyes filled with tears, but definitely with sweat in our armpits, in spite of this being winter season, as many Banks are switching off their a/cs in ATM Rooms, may be to save power.

The news was dated 29.10.16, already nearly one month. I am unable to find even a single comment, at the Dainik Bharat. We can know, how careful and discreet, our readers have become.

When will Telugu newspapers / TV media wakeup? Probably they may be exercising extra discretion, on a slippery track.

Added on 30.11.2016, Another link worth studying.

Click to go to: The author of this writeup is, as per Lakshmi Chaudhry. The title of this article is: "Fantasies of Jashodaben: Leave Narendra Modi's wife alone". This article was published on 11th April 2014, i.e. before the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections and Mr. Narendra Modi became our beloved Prime Minister of INdia, and Ms. Jashoda Ben became the country's Second Lady / Third Lady as per protocol.

Indian Citizens have already left her. Mainstream Media too has abandoned the issue. Mainstream media's priorities revolve around Ms. Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, on how they wear their slit-skirts at different TV Shows, and Film Festivals.

ybrao-a-donkey: Supporting or criticizing what Ms. Lakshmi Chaudhry wrote, depends on Readers' and Netizens' beliefs, and opinions. Different authors can have different opinions, and Readers can also interpret in their own ways.

Ms. Lakshmi Chaudhry can have a fresh look, because the situation has changed, since then. In 2014 April Ms. Jashoda Ben did not approach RTI Authorities.


As an INdian Citizen of Free India, Ms. Jashoda Ben is entitled to her own passport. The Passport authorities seem to be denying her, her legitimate right of getting a passport, ON FLIMSY GROUNDS. She seems to be tapping the doors of RTI authorities, but her efforts seem to be getting futile. Ms. Lakshmi Chaudhry, can now in 2016, highlight this genuine problem of Second Lady/Third Lady of INdia, as per protocol. The Passport laws appear to be draconian. Why should a married woman submit her marriage certificate / marriage declaration for getting a passport? My readers are welcome to clarify.


We have seen the photo of Ms. Hera Ben, mother of our beloved Prime Minister, exchanging her demonetized notes. Media gave good publicity for that photo. Doesn't Ms. Jashoda Ben have any demonetized notes? Doesn't she stand in any atm queues? Why Media is shying away from news about the Second Lady/ Third Lady of India, as per protocol?

Equal entitlement for publicity

If publicity for our beloved PM's relatives is go be given at all, it is to be given equally. Why special treatment to our beloved PM's mother, and Cinderella treatment to our beloved PM's dharma patni?

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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